How Each Myers-Briggs Type Deals With Motivation

How Each Myers-Briggs Type Deals With Motivation

Finding motivation can be difficult for everyone, especially on those days when you are feeling extremely blocked. Some people find it much easier to propel themselves forward, while others might struggle to find the right inspiration. Here is how each Myers-Briggs type is most likely to deal with finding motivation.


INFJs are often unmotivated by things that appear meaningless to them. They might struggle with certain social constructs, such as school. This is not because the INFJ is not intelligent, they are often very capable of doing well in school. They simply might struggle to pay attention to subjects they are not interested in, especially if they don’t have anything inspiring them to succeed. An INFJ who feels like it is important to their loved ones that they do well in school, might have the desire to push themselves. They certainly do not want to disappoint the people they care for, especially if those people are supporting and loving towards the INFJ.

INFJs often need to get themselves moving in some way physically, if they are feeling a lack of motivation. They might need the support of loved ones, to help them feel inspired. If they have people who are willing to ask them what is wrong, and help them dive into the emotions that are holding them back- the INFJ is likely to find ways to push themselves forward. Encouragement is much more helpful to an INFJ than criticism, since they are often already hard on themselves.


ENFJs are natural motivators, and rarely suffer with lack of inspiration. They are constantly pushing themselves to get things done, in a way that is actually extremely impressive. They are often motivated by their desire to help and care for their loved ones. ENFJs are extremely giving people, who love to make others happy. They will often take on many tasks, juggling all of these different things at once.

If an ENFJ seems to lack motivation, it is likely because a lot of negative things have happened in order to drain them emotionally. The best way to help an ENFJ get back their motivation, is to show them support and encouragement. They need their loved ones to help them heal from whatever painful things they have been going through. The ENFJ is likely there for their loved ones whenever they need them, so during these times they need to feel that warmth in return. Just being supportive and understanding, is one of the best things for the ENFJ.


INFPs can often suffer from lack of motivation, mostly because they live inside of their own minds. They are extremely imaginative people, with an excellent amount of creativity. They can often lack the ability to make things happen from their dreams and creative ideas. INFPs are more focused on imagining, than they are on taking action. The inner mind of an INFP is a rich and magical place, but they can sometimes find themselves trapped there, without any motivation to make their creative ideas a reality.

A great motivation for INFPs, is having someone that they actually want to share themselves with. If they feel like they have someone who will be excited to see their creative works, then the INFP will be much more eager and motivated to get things done. It can also be a great motivator to find other people who share the same struggles. Simply realizing and accepting themselves, is a great help for INFPs. Finding a way to motivate themselves for the more boring daily tasks, is simply something that comes in waves for the INFP.


ENFPs can struggle with motivation when they find themselves bored with something they are presently doing. They enjoy exploring new ideas and new possibilities, which can cause them to become frustrating if they are forced to do the same thing for too long. Because of this ENFPs might struggle in school, simply because they find themselves disinterested. When it comes to subjects they enjoy, the ENFP will probably thrive and be the best in the class. They are intelligent individuals, they simply do not spend their time doing things they do not enjoy.

A great way for the ENFP to remain motivated, is by switching up their tasks. Having a few projects that they can switch back and forth from, can really help prevent them from becoming too bored. Having plenty of hobbies and things that they enjoy, is also helpful to keep the ENFPs active mind entertained.


INTJs are always striving to better themselves, and the world around them. This is a natural motivator for them, and can often help them push past a slump. They do however, have the occasional period where they find it hard to get themselves going. They have rather active inner minds, which can distract them from accomplishing their goals. The fact that INTJs are extremely goal oriented individuals, often helps them to push forward. They are constantly learning and researching new topics, in order to feed their minds and keep themselves busy.

INTJs are self-motivators, and often do not require the help of others in order to keep themselves going. Sometimes all they need is the right amount of time spent in their heads, in order to figure out their next move. INTJs will become more frustrated with themselves if they remain stagnant for too long, and this is often enough to inspire motivation.


ENTJs are often very motivated people, who are constantly striving to accomplish their goals. They desire to be successful, and often take on many tasks at once. They are hardworking and intelligent individuals, which is often enough in itself to keep them motivated. Competition can be an excellent way to help an ENTJ who is stuck in a rut. They are motivated by wanting to constantly better themselves, and grow as individuals. If they are presented with healthy competition that they are excited about, the ENTJ will quickly pull out of their slump.

Sometimes and ENTJ who has gone too long without addressing their own emotions, might struggle a little to motivate themselves. In this case, they need to take time to think through what they have going on in their lives. Figuring out what is really wrong, can often help them accept their problems and push themselves forward.


INTPs often lack motivation, and might struggle with it throughout their lives. They are very intelligent and creative individuals, but struggle with taking action. They will often have notebooks filled with different ideas, and each of those ideas are likely to be very impressive. The INTP simply struggles with a desire to move forward on these plans, and will often overthink them to death.

The INTP can also struggle with motivation, because they become bored with things rather quickly. They need to feel their mind constantly being stimulated, which can be difficult. Their intelligent and rich inner minds, actually hold them back from getting tasks done sometimes. A great way to help the INTP motivate, is by teaming up with someone they can trust. If they have someone who is great at taking action, it can help inspire them. Meditation can also help INTPs to clear their minds, and find out the next step that they need to take in order to motivate themselves.


ENTPs are enthusiastic and charismatic people, and can often seem like they are constantly moving forward. ENTPs are eager to try new things, and hate staying still for too long. They do however, suffer from a lack of motivation when it comes to certain required tasks. They are often great at finding fun and exciting new things to try, and will jump head first into a hobby that they feel passionate about. ENTPs might struggle when it comes to performing certainly monotonous daily tasks, and may even fail to do them altogether.

The best thing for an ENTP is to have people around them who can keep reminding them the logical importance of such tasks. It isn’t always easy for them to push through it, but when they realize that their more enjoyable activities cannot occur unless they get those things done- it will make it easier for them to push through.


ISTJs are often easy to motivate, especially when it comes to required daily tasks. They might struggle more when it comes to pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones. They enjoy practical activities, and will often remain focused on a schedule. If they have to do something that is far outside of their normal activities, they might struggle a bit to motivate themselves. ISTJs are intelligent people, and if they know that something needs to be done- they are amazing at pushing themselves to accomplish it.

If an ISTJ is feeling unappreciated and like their efforts are not making progress, it can sometimes cause them to fail to self-motivate. They simply need to know that they are doing well, and have enough positive feedback in order to keep them pushing forward. If the ISTJ does receive criticism, it needs to be constructive in order for them to make the proper changes.


ESTJs are usually very motivated people, with a natural drive to push themselves forward. They are constantly trying to get things done, and actually enjoy accomplishing tasks. They are natural providers, and will do whatever it takes to take care of the practical needs of their family and loved ones.

If an ESTJ is not feeling motivated, it is likely because their efforts are not getting them anywhere. If they feel like their loved ones are not appreciating them, they can sometimes feel down on themselves. They really just need someone to push them, and give them a good jumpstart forward.


ISFJs are great at performing daily tasks, and actually do great at getting things done. They might struggle to motivate themselves in order to be super driven individuals, especially if they need to be cutthroat in order to do this. ISFJs usually do not find it appealing to force themselves to feel motivated, since they actually really enjoy the simple things in life. ISFJs love being around their family and loved ones, and spend a lot of their times providing for the needs of those closest to them.

If the ISFJ feels like their family is in need of something, this will really help to motivate them. They are more inspired by others, than they are by some internal need or desire.


ESFJs are usually very good at getting things done, especially when it comes to making their loved ones happy. They enjoy taking care of the needs of the people closest to them, and will do whatever it takes to make others happy. ESFJs are hardworking people, who will often take on many tasks in order to impress those around them.

ESFJs might struggle if they feel like their efforts are not being noticed, and might hit a real low point. Feeling emotionally overwhelmed, can really weigh on the ESFJ after a while. What they really need in order to move forward, is to have the support of their loved ones. They need the people closest to them to make them feel loved and cared for.


ISTPs often struggle with motivation, especially when it comes to things they do not want to do. They simply find that pushing themselves towards a goal that is not really their own- is extremely pointless. ISTPs would much rather spend their time diving into hobbies and things that they enjoy. It might appear to others like they lack motivation, but they simply prefer to spend time alone figuring out their next move. When it comes to boring tasks, the ISTP might find themselves waiting until the very last moment to get things done. This usually works fine for them, since they will push themselves to finish the task well enough, even though it is last minute.

Trying to force an ISTP is actually the worst way to motivate them. They need to feel like they have the decision is their own, and like the people around them are not pressuring them to do it. If it is important to someone they care for, that is often a decent motivation for an ISTP.


ESTPs are very hardworking people, who push themselves to be successful. They do sometimes struggle with motivation, and might find themselves putting tasks off until the very last minute. They will however, get things done to excellent standards most of the time. They are often very successful people, and this desire to reach their goals is a great motivator for the ESTP.

Understanding that it is the practical thing to do in order to progress in towards their goals, is all the ESTP really needs in order to move forward. If they are emotionally overwhelmed, it can sometimes cause them to struggle though. The ESTP simply needs people around them to show them support, and help them push forward.


ISFPs are relatively laid back individuals, and because of this they often struggle with motivation. They spend a lot of time by themselves, diving into the things they enjoy, like reading or listening to music. ISFPs can sometimes struggle to motivate themselves in order to get daily tasks done, especially if it is something they truly dislike doing.

ISFPs would rather spend their time enjoying themselves, which can make motivation a struggle for them. They will definitely struggle to motivate if they are feeling criticized by others, and will do best if they have loved ones who show them support and encouragement.


ESFPs are fun-loving people, who prefer to be happy and remain positive. They will often save things until the last minute, and might even do this because they enjoy the excitement. They will get things done when they realize they have to, but they might complain about it along the way.

ESFPs are best motivated by a firm push, since they are often great at using their charisma to get out of things. They need people who can help them get things done, without becoming distracted by the ESFPs entertaining personality.

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