Why You Deserve Love According To Your Personality Type

Everyone is worthy of love, but we each have our own unique qualities that makes us lovable. Here is why each personality type is deserving of love.


INFJs are some of the most empathetic people out there, and because of this they are greatly deserving of love. INFJs are constantly focused on the needs of others, and truly want to make a difference in the world around them. The fact that INFJs are so acutely aware of the emotions of others, makes them extremely compassionate people. They dislike seeing others in pain and are always trying to do what they can to make them happy. This kindness and innate desire to make the world a better place, makes INFJs wonderful companions. Anyone who cares so much about the state of the world around them, truly deserves to be loved.


ENFJs give everything they have to their loved ones, and this is a big reason that they are completely deserving of love. They are constantly searching for ways to make other people happy, and always tend to the needs of their loved ones. ENFJs are aware of the emotions of others, which makes them want to do whatever they can to please people. This constant desire to help others, is truly a wonderful thing. Where others are cold and cruel, ENFJs are warm and giving. They dislike seeing other people unhappy, and will rarely turn their backs on someone in need.


INFPs are extremely deep and sincere people, and this makes them entirely worthy of love. They are not attracted to anything shallow, and are only drawn to depth and truth. INFPs search for the most real things to surround themselves with, and strive to be honest people. INFPs have a strong sense of inner morals, which is part of what makes them such good and deeply caring people. They desire to do what is right, and strive to make a real difference in the world around them. This constant need to fight for what is right and to stand up for injustices, makes INFPs completely worthy of love.


ENFPs are extremely passionate and affectionate people, and this makes them very worthy of love. They give so much of themselves, and jump head first into everything that they do. ENFPs enjoy making others smile, and will often shower people with affection. If someone they care for is sad, then they will do whatever it takes to cheer them up. ENFPs live their lives with passion, and prefer to take chances instead of remaining stagnant. This ability to jump into things even when they are afraid, is truly something to be admired. Because of their warmth and incredibly passionate souls, ENFPs are certainly deserving of love.


INTJs strive to understand the world around them, and want to remove as much ignorance from the world as they can. This desire to help people gain more knowledge, is definitely something that makes them deserving of love. INTJs dislike ignorance, and become frustrated when people lack the proper information to get things done. If people are willing to listen then INTJs rather enjoy helping them learn and understand things better. They enjoy seeking out knowledge, and are always curious about the world around them. This innate desire to understand everything better, makes INTJs incredibly intelligent and driven individuals. They are surprisingly helpful to others, especially when people are seeking out sincere advice. INTJs enjoy being someone that others can go to when they are confused and need to gain a grounded perspective.


ENTJs are not afraid of taking control of any situation, and will often step in and fix the problems that other people cannot. ENTJs are not afraid to take on a lot of responsibility, which is something that makes them entirely worthy of love. In certain situations where other people might be afraid to take charge, ENTJs have complete faith in their ability to get things done. They work hard to accomplish their goals, and will push past their fear of failure in order to take care of the important tasks at hand.


INTPs are great at helping other people understand ways to fix their problems- this is just one quality that makes them entirely worthy of love. They are intelligent individuals and are truly great at understanding a logical way to solve the problems that other people face. INTPs can often see the various potential outcomes, and will be good at helping people point their lives in a good direction. If people are willing to listen to the INTP without becoming offended, then they will definitely gain a lot from this experience. INTPs are logic minded people, but they are also deeply caring individuals- which makes them more than worthy of receiving love.


ENTPs are imaginative people, constantly diving into new ideas and exploration. Their ability to push people outside of their comfort zone, makes ENTPs very worthy of receiving love. They are constantly searching for something new and exciting, pushing themselves past their own limits. ENTPs are also great at helping other people step outside of their comfort zones. The way ENTPs push people, often helps others to grow and develop into better versions of themselves. This is a truly wonderful quality that the ENTP possesses, which makes them more than worthy of being loved.


ISFJs are very caring people, who devote their lives to caring for the needs of others- this giving nature makes them completely worthy of love. ISFJs are wonderful and warm people, who seem to never stop giving to those around them. They often neglect their own needs, just to make sure that the people close to them are cared for. ISFJs are hard-working people, who will do just about anything for the people they love most. The way that ISFJs care for others makes them entirely worthy of love.


ESFJs are constantly focused on the needs of others, which makes them completely worthy of love. They have a natural awareness of other peoples emotions, and are always trying to please the people around them. ESFJs care very deeply for others, and often forget to focus on their own needs because of this. The fact that they are constantly worried about the needs of others, and their ability to sacrifice their own joy for their loved ones- makes ESFJs entirely worthy of being loved.


ISTJs are reliable and trustworthy individuals, who always strive to tend to the practical needs of those around them- this makes them unbelievably worthy of love. ISTJs are the type of people who will always be there for others, and will be completely honest with their intentions. They are reliable individuals, who stand by their word and do not go back on their responsibilities. Many people flake on the hard work that should be done, but ISTJs can always be counted on to take care of the job.


ESTJs are always capable of providing for the practical needs of those around them, and are willing to take charge of any situation- this makes ESTJs more than worthy of love. They are excellent leaders and will always do what it takes to take care of important business. They are not the most emotional people, but they are always working hard to take care of their loved ones. ESTJs want to provide for others, and find it very important to be efficient.


ISTPs are very laid back individuals, and will often be good at bringing clarity to others- this makes them entirely worthy of love. They have a knack for solving problems, and keep a calm head even in the most stressful situations. Their ability to keep their cool makes ISTPs great people to have around in a crisis. They often enjoy their independence, and will not smother people or attempt to force them into something they don’t want to do. This is an amazing quality, which makes ISTPs great people to be around.


ESTPs care very much for those closest to them, and are always trying to impress them in some way or another. This desire to live up to their loved ones expectations, makes ESTPs more than worthy of love. They are adventurous people, who strive to make everything enjoyable and fun. They know how to get the most out of the moment, which makes them exciting people to be around. ESTPs desire to make life filled with adventure, is an extremely lovable quality.


ISFPs try to see the good and the beauty in everything, which makes them extremely worthy of love. ISFPs are the people with sensitive hearts, who always strive to be good and sincere. Their kindness makes them extremely worthy of love, and also wonderful people to be loved by. They are gentle hearted individuals, who simply want to do their best to follow their inner moral beliefs.


ESFPs are warm people, who strive to make everything fun and exciting- this makes them entirely worthy of love. They are always ready to have a good time, and enjoy being able to make other people smile. This sense of joy and excitement, makes ESFPs great people to be around. They dislike dwelling on the negatives, and are often great at helping other people escape reality from time to time. ESFPs are definitely caring people, and really just want to make life enjoyable.

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