How Each Myers-Briggs Type Falls In Love

Falling in love is much different than being in love, as most of you probably already know. The journey that you take on the way into love can be a tricky and sometimes terrifying one, but it is always wrought with powerful emotion. Each Myers-Briggs type behaves differently when they are falling into the thralls of romance, and here is how we believe you will react based on your personality type.


INFJs have standards and internal beliefs that represent what love means to them personally. They aren’t ones to jump head first into romance, they are more cautious and analytical when it comes to their feelings. They know how to see the good within someones heart, which can get them into trouble sometimes. The INFJ takes time to truly fall in love, although they may fall into “crush” rather quickly. Love is entirely different for them and takes much more patience to develop. When the INFJ finally does fall in love, they fall hard and sincerely. They take their feelings very seriously and develop a bond with their romantic partner that they do not intend to sever. It takes a lot to push the INFJ away once they have truly fallen for someone. The INFJ may take time to allow themselves to fall, but once they do, it quickly becomes serious.


ENFJs love people deeply and throw themselves into their feelings entirely. When an ENFJ begins to fall for someone it is often because they have taken the time to learn everything about that person. They often are less fearful than their introverted counterparts and will embrace their feelings with an open heart. They do become a bit nervous if it seems like their feelings are not being reciprocated, but they will often push past that. ENFJs want to love with their whole heart, which often means the process of falling is a passionate and exciting one.


INFPs are sometimes nervous about openly expressing their feelings towards someone. They may not express that they are falling right away, but they certainly feel it instantly. They often get a “feeling” about someone, and may even say that they know rather quickly that they will fall. The INFP who is falling in love, simply wants to immerse themselves fully and completely in the depth of their emotions. They want to surround themselves in the person they love and become wholly theirs. Their feelings will often remain inside their hearts and minds for a long time before openly expressing them.


ENFPs are never hesitant about their feelings, especially when it comes to falling in love. The ENFP often knows instantaneously how they feel about a person and can quickly read the signs that they are about to fall. When they find someone they feel intensely about, the ENFP becomes eager and passionate about their feelings. They jump head first into love, without looking back or considering the potential pain it might cause. They would rather be open about their feelings than regret a single day holding themselves back. ENFPs will often embrace their fear and become excited about the butterflies that they feel.


INTPs are often rather cautious about their feelings and may be nervous to dive in head first. They will take things slowly and are often driven by their wild curiosity. They will find themselves wanting to learn as much as they can about the person they are interested in. The INTP will ask questions and attempt to research the inner workings of their love interest. They will often be extremely hesitant to make the first move and will spend more time trying to understand the person they are falling for, than they will actually initiating contact.


ENTPs will openly begin asking questions and do whatever they can to “figure out” the person they are falling for. Once the ENTP finds themselves interested in someone they will not be hesitant to dive head first into their feelings. They fall in love fast, as long as the person keeps them continuously intrigued. ENTPs enjoy a bit of a challenge and like to be able to fall in love in a passionate and exhilarating manner.


INTJs are much more guarded and logical about their approach to love. Before allowing themselves to fall they will often want to be sure that the person fits into their specific checklist of wants and needs. This is not intended to be a cold process, but rather one that requires understanding of the person they are interested in. They want to be sure that things can truly work, since the INTJ does not take falling in love lightly. They want it to be true when they finally do allow themselves to fall. INTJs may not fall quickly, but they do fall rather hard.


ENTJs do have a secret romantic side that comes out when they fall deeply in love with someone. They are passionate and intense individuals, who enjoy being able to soak up all that life has to offer. When it comes to falling in love the ENTJ will often calculate the situation beforehand, but once they find themselves intrigued by someone they become lost in what that means. The ENTJ lives every part of their lives searching for things to invest in fully, and they are no different when it comes to love.


ISFJs can be somewhat guarded and are often hesitant to fall too hard for someone. They will often take in everything about the person and will want to learn about their needs and desires. ISFJs love making others happy and will want to be sure that they can provide for someone that they love. ISFJs will be hesitant to fall in love with someone if they do not share their personal goals and desires for life. ISFJs are often patient when it comes to love and will wait for the other person to make the first move.


ESFJs fall in love slowly at first, with a sense of hesitancy as they attempt to understand the other persons intentions. Once the ESFJ finds themselves intrigued by someone, they fall rather hard and passionately. They do not fall for every person they meet and often find themselves more reserved with the process of falling. Once the ESFJ begins to fall though, it is much too late for them to back out of it. They become wrapped up entirely in what the other person represents and will become extremely serious about their feelings.


ISTJs are very reserved in every aspect of their lives and this includes falling in love. They are much more precise and intent when it comes to their feelings for someone. They will often have a specific checklist of things that they want and need to gain from a relationship. They want to be sure that they are compatible with someone before they decide to let themselves fall in love with them.


ESTJs are people who know exactly what they want from life and from a relationship. When the ESTJ sees someone that they could fall in love with, they do this hard and fast. They can often see very clearly that they want someone immediately, and will not hesitate to make their intentions known. The ESTJ may see their feelings as a challenge and will work hard to show their love interest exactly what they have to offer.


ISTPs are more calculated when it comes to falling in love and want to be sure that the person they are interested in shares the qualities that they admire in someone. ISTPs may not be extremely expressive about their feelings, but they are very serious about them. When they fall for someone it is often very powerful and they do bring a sense of excitement to the process of falling in love.


ESTPs are very intense about their feelings and will often fall in love with a strong sense of excitement. They will fall for the person who makes them feel nervous and anxious about them. ESTPs dislike feeling bored or stagnant and love is just another thing to supply their adrenaline habit. They enjoy the process of falling in love and will often attempt to keep their entire relationship feeling this way.


ISFPs are extremely internal about their emotions, but when they fall, they fall very hard. The ISFP will find themselves completely wrapped up in their feelings for someone and will often dive in rather deeply. ISFPs may keep these feelings to themselves for a long time, and will find little ways to quietly show the person how they feel. They are fearful to make the first move, but have a knack for drawing people in.


ESFPs bring a sense of excitement to everything that they do and this certainly includes falling in love. They are often very eager about romance and simply want to spend as much time as they can with someone that they feel strongly for. ESFPs want excitement and romantic gestures and will often fall in love with an open heart. They are not fearful of love and they often fall very fast.

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