Little Things That Make Each Myers-Briggs Type Happy

Certain things can just light up someones day with ease. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make you feel truly happy. Here are a list of things that we believe would make each personality type happy (or at least satisfied).


Feeling valued and important to others. Knowing that someone actually cares about their feelings and wants them to be happy. Knowing that they can be themselves around their loved ones; but also feeling like they can provide a safe haven for the people that they care about. Exploring their own inner world and being able to get lost in it. Simple (and quiet) surprises that show them they are loved. Alone time. Reading. And ultimately being able to serve a greater and very real purpose in life.


When they have successfully made their loved ones happy. When they have provided for their family and friends completely. When they feel appreciated by the people around them, and when they feel loved. People who are patient with them, and aren’t overly demanding. When the people they love want to spend quality time with the ENFJ, this makes them happy. When others actively seek the ENFJs affection and approval. When someone truly listens to the ENFJ and allows them to vent and express themselves.


Having people in their lives who will listen to them and allow them to be themselves without judgement. Listening to music or reading for hours. Being allowed to be alone and enjoy being inside their inner minds without interruption. Time spent with people they care for, just enjoying in depth conversations. Sometimes having complete silence with the ones they love. Making people smile. Random acts of kindness. Positive displays of affection. Warm hugs.


Inspiration. The feeling of being truly connected to others on a deep and meaningful level. Bringing positivity to others, and spreading those warm vibes. Being completely comfortable with themselves, and appreciating who they are. Having other people appreciate them as well, and feeling like they aren’t being judged. Sharing honest and sincere dialogue with other people. The possibilities and beauty that the world around them possesses. Reading. Exploration. Coffee. And maybe a little romance.


Being able to reach a new level of understanding. Being allowed to have alone time without being interrupted or bothered. Being allowed to achieve a goal or accomplish a task their own way. Being able to connect with someone who has the same hunger for knowledge that they do. Being around someone who understands them, and appreciates the way that they are. When a well-crafted plan comes together beautifully. Cracking an intellectual puzzle. Good books.


Being noticed for their accomplishments and their intelligence. When they have people who are undeniably loyal to them no matter what. Dominating in an intellectual argument. Being able to passionately express their goals and desires. When a plan unfolds smoothly before their very eyes. Being around friends who they can communicate with on an equal level. Honesty. Personal growth. Success.


Feeling appreciated for who they are and what they do. Feeling like someone understands their intentions and desire for precision. Stimulating and honest conversation. Being able to share their interests with the people they care about without judgement. Being around people who appreciate their sense of humor. Being given space when they need it, being allowed to process their emotions without pressure. The freedom to do what they enjoy. Electronics of varying kinds. Games that are mentally stimulating. Reading. Caffeine.


Being able to have in depth debates with intelligent people. Being able to banter back and forth without the other person becoming offended. Exploring all the new possibilities that the world has to offer. Trying something completely fresh and new. Meeting new people who share similar interests. People who appreciate their unique brand of humor, and who will laugh at their jokes sincerely. Winning. Randomness. Sarcasm.


When they are appreciate for the hard-work that they put into everything they do. When they are noticed for their honesty, dedication and loyalty. Being allowed to have alone time. When others respect their rules and actually listen to them. Gestures and surprises to show they are appreciated. Order. Structure. Honesty.


When people respect their rules and regulations. Being able to share intense and long conversations with others who share the same interests. Being appreciate for what they do and how hard they work for others. People understanding that they aren’t intentionally so harsh, and that they truly care. Efficiency. Television. Having someone else prepare a delicious meal for them.


Knowing that their loved ones are cared for and happy. Being able to provide for the people they love. When the people surrounding them are respectful and mindful of others. Being appreciate for what they do and who they are. Enjoying time with their loved ones. A delicious home cooked meal. Quiet time curled up with a good book. Simple comforts. Traditions. Holidays.


Being able to fully make their loved ones happy. Feeling like the people they love truly appreciate them and want them around. When people confide in them, and express that they trust them. Being told they did something well, and that others are impressed with them. Cooking a delicious meal for others. Taking the pressure off of their loved ones. Making others happy. Being loved unconditionally. Smiling. Love. Compassion.


Being able to be left alone for long periods of time. Having the freedom to do whatever they want to do. Absorbing as much knowledge as they can, and implementing it in the real world. Being relaxed and not feeling pressured to express themselves. Being able to explore new and fun activities. The outdoors. Video games. Really good food.


Feeling truly appreciated for the things that they do. Knowing that others admire them and truly enjoy being around them. Making others laugh, and being made to laugh themselves. Going on adventures. Exploring new and exciting things. Being understood. When people appreciate their knowledge and respect how intelligent they are. Reading. Sex. Time to think.


Being allowed to be themselves freely without judgement. Being appreciate for who they. Being reminded that they are loved. Little surprises and gifts from the people they care about. Feeling carefree. Being with loved ones. The little things that many people take for granted, make the ISFP very happy. Good music. Warm rain. All things nature.


Being appreciate and celebrated. Being able to be themselves completely without feeling judged. Making others smile and enjoy themselves. Seeing the bright side of any situation. Being in good company with loved ones and people who want to have fun. Enjoying life without having to stress about responsibilities. Shared interests. Affection.

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