INTP Intuition: Understanding the INTPs Sense of Intuition

Each personality type has some sort of intuition, it is simply more powerful for some than for others. Not only does the potency of intuition vary from type to type, there are also different types of intuition which are expressed in very different ways. For some there is extraverted intuition, while for others it is introverted which is much stronger and more naturally used. In order to understand how each personality type will respond and experience things, knowing their intuitive strengths and weaknesses is certainly important.

INTPs possess extraverted intuition as their auxiliary (or second) function. While introverted thinking is their dominant function, their intuition still facilitates a lot of how they process the world and make decisions. This is a major part of what makes the INTP a naturally creative and imaginative person. They might use their introverted thinking to analyze and fully process information, but without their intuition the INTP would be able to think outside of the box and see new patterns which most people miss out on. They are certainly analytical people, but their sense of creativity and unique thoughts really helps set them apart.

INTP and Extraverted Intuition

For the INTP their intuition is about seeing patterns around them and in the world. They can see the different connections and ideas in ways which helps them to really visualize potential outcomes. This isn’t something which is viewed in a narrow scope, but rather causes the INTP to be open to so many different ideas and possibilities. This is why INTPs can struggle to stick to one idea, as their minds are constantly running through so many different possible outcomes and paths. It isn’t something which the INTP has to put forth much effort with, instead it is harder for them to stop picturing all of the patterns and possibilities around them. While their introverted thinking is what compiles the facts and information, their extraverted intuition helps them to see the patterns and potential outcomes from all of these facts.

The INTPs intuition also helps them when it comes to creativity and coming up with new ideas. Where other people might be stuck in the things they know and are used to, INTPs enjoy trying out new experiences. This is why they dislike stagnancy, because their minds are almost always a few steps ahead. They want to be able to explore and allow their minds to really go off in different directions in order to come up with unique ideas and patterns. This can help the INTP when it comes to discovering different ways of solving problems, and makes them useful in so many careers which require brainstorming and innovative thoughts. This also helps the INTP when it comes to artistic fields, even if they might not naturally gravitate in this direction. Their intuition combined with their dominant thinking function the INTP can really approach the world from a unique perspective.

Trusting in Their Intuition

For the INTP their intuition is something which flows naturally, but it isn’t always easy for them to let go and trust it. Their minds will constantly sift through different ideas and possibilities, but there is a struggle with settling on just one. Since the INTP can likely spend long periods of time just considering each and every angle, they might have a hard time figuring out when to stop. When they second guess themselves they can start to feel blocked, and unsure of what their next move should actually be. INTPs need to learn to trust in their own knowledge, and also their intuition. They often know the path they should take they just don’t always trust in themselves enough to stop analyzing and move forward. Since the INTP can continue analyzing until they feel stagnant, they often find even more possible outcomes and this can make it hard to really figure out which path they need to take in order to move forward. They can see how things might go wrong, even if they know that isn’t likely to happen. Knowing that each path has the potential for some sort of failure can really be an exhausting realization for the INTP. 

For the INTP trusting in their intuition also means trusting in their ability to adapt to change. They have to learn to rely on themselves and believe that they can overcome whatever might happen. Even if they might struggle with which path to take and have difficulties along the way, INTPs are excellent problem solvers who can often adapt and overcome the issues in front of them. This is why they need to trust in themselves and their intuition and learn to let go of the worry along the way.

Intuitive Weaknesses

Sometimes their ability to see all of the possibilities can cause them to stress about what choices to make. Their can analyze the information so much that they lose sight of the world around them and become locked up inside of their own minds. This is often due to their introverted thinking as well, but combined with the INTPs natural ability to see all of the patterns and possible outcomes, they can find themselves feeling a bit trapped. While being able to hold onto so many ideas at once can be a strength, it can also be a weakness at times. For the INTP this can become draining, since they want to be able to move forward but also struggle with a fear of missing out. When taking one path means letting go of another, the INTP can see all of the things they might be missing with that potential choice.

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