Something That Each Myers-Briggs Type Needs to Let Go Of

We all have mistakes and failures from our past that we need to let go of. Some people have different regrets than others, and we believe that this is partially tied to your personality type. So here is what we believe you need to let go of and forgive yourself for, based on your Myers-Briggs type.


INFJs are often caught up in a powerful sense of perfectionism. They are always striving to be the best version of themselves, which can be a wonderful quality. The problem lies in the fact that the INFJ often feels bad about themselves when they do not live up to their own unbelievably high standards. It is important as an INFJ, that you forgive yourself for your mistakes and minor errors. Remember the things that you have accomplished and learn to accept that you cannot reach the level of perfect that you desire. People will love you regardless of your flaws, you are amazing just the way you are.


ENFJs want to be all things to all people, and this sometimes gets them into trouble. It is important to forgive yourself for the times that you couldn’t accomplish every single task. ENFJs will often attempt to juggle far more than any one person can handle, and for a long time they are capable of keeping all of the balls up in the air. There are times when you ENFJs will drop one or two of these balls, and that is perfectly okay. Learn to let go, and forgive yourself for being unable to take care of everyone and everything around you. You are pretty dang close to being a superhero, but every hero has their weakness.


INFPs have a strong sense of what is right and wrong, but like every human being they have moments where they falter. It is important for INFPs to forgive themselves for those moments where they are weak and do not live up to their high moral standards. As an INFP you will have times where you say things to people that you regret later on, you need to learn to forgive yourself for those mistakes. It is a wonderful thing to care so much about doing the right thing, but no one person can save the world.


ENFPs are constantly curious people, always striving to explore new territory. This insatiable appetite for life sometimes gets them into trouble and causes them to make a few mistakes. ENFPs will often feel regret when they hurt the people around them and dislike bringing emotional harm to anyone. It is important that the ENFP forgives themselves for the times when their personal journey led them to hurting the feelings of others, or leaving them behind in the process. The only way to learn from your mistakes and move on, is to forgive yourself and let go.


INTPs are constantly striving to understand the world around them, and they are often very skilled at perceiving things that other people miss. The INTP has a drive to educate people in order to help them solve their problems. This sometimes leads the INTP towards inadvertently hurting those around them, which is something they will certainly feel bad for. It is important that the INTP learns to let go of their worry and realize that they cannot save everyone from their ignorance. You are only responsible for your own actions and even those cannot be perfect.


ENTPs have a hunger for life and enjoy pushing themselves past their limits. This sometimes leads the ENTP to hurting others or leaving behind people who cannot seem to keep up with them. It is important that as an ENTP you let go of the times you felt like you failed others by moving too fast. Being a strong-willed and curious person is simply part of what makes ENTPs so fantastic. There will be people who can keep up with that excitement and will be more than capable of sticking it out. Finding the people who possess a wild spirit like your own can be challenging, but it is so worth it when it happens.


INTJs strive to understand everything that they can about the world and are always hungry for knowledge. This can often lead to frustration when the INTJ feels like they don’t have everything perfectly figured out. Even the smartest people in the world have made mistakes and have moments of indecision. The INTJ needs to let go of those fears and accept that they can’t have everything perfectly figured out all of the time.


ENTJs strive to accomplish their sometimes massive goals in life. They want to be the person who is sturdy and successful, and they are often very skilled at making things happen. This is a wonderful quality but occasionally leads to them being far too hard on themselves when something goes wrong. The ENTJ needs to remember that there will be times when they cannot live up to their own high expectations. Learn from those small failures and proceed towards letting go of them.


ISFJs are very loyal and caring individuals, always striving to care for those around them. Sometimes the ISFJ can stick around in a bad situation much longer than they should because of their warm hearts. It is important that the ISFJ learns to let go of their regret, and accept that they did everything they could. The fact that they stick around means that they are good people who don’t want to let others down. This is not something to regret or be ashamed of, by any means.


ESFJs are very giving individuals, but this often leads to a burn out that can be hard to come back from. They want to be everything to the people around them and hate feeling like they are failing the people they love. It is important that the ESFJ learns to forgive themselves and let go of the times when they had to be selfish. Remove the guilt that you feel for those moments when you had to take care of yourself. You cannot sustain other people from a well that has completely run dry.


ISTJs are very driven individuals who attempt to live life by a certain set of rules. They want to be sure to get everything done on their checklist, and can sometimes be hard on themselves when things do not go as planned. It is important that ISTJ let’s go of those moments when they did not quite live up to their own standards. No one is capable of walking a perfectly straight line, you need to forgive yourself for those times when you could not dictate the result of every situation.


ESTJs are constantly striving to be hard-working members of society. There are times when the ESTJ may regret moments in their past where they did not seize an opportunity. It is vital that the ESTJ let’s go of these past mistakes and moves on from them, or else they might become stuck. Learn from those errors and accept that you cannot make every decision perfectly. ESTJs are very capable individuals and are often the ones to provide for their loved ones. They should take care to remember their accomplishments, and learn to let go of their failures.


ISTPs are intelligent and adventurous individuals, always striving to be precise. Their desire to be accurate can sometimes lead them to accidentally hurting those that they care for. It is important to let go of those times when you may have been less than tactful. Forgive yourself for the times that you were a bit too harsh and realize that the people around you love you just the way you are. Your intelligence and accuracy is what makes you great.


ESTPs are often very caught up in the present moment, which makes them fun and exciting individuals to be around. This can sometimes lead the ESTP to jumping into a situation too fast or being more reactive than they would like. They might regret these situations later on and continue to hold these errors against themselves. It is important that ESTP let go of the times when they took too many risks, because without those risks they would never have learned the important lessons attached to them.


ISFPs are very caring individuals, always striving to life their lives on a moral high-ground. There are moments when the ISFP lives more inside their minds than they do in the real world. They enjoy adventurous situations, but may hesitate from time to time. It is important that the ISFP lets go of the past and accepts that they cannot take advantage of every opportunity. The ISFP also has moments where they regret not reaching out to certain people when they should have, and they need to remember that the door swings both ways.


ESFPs are fun-loving individuals, who simply want to make everyone around them smile and laugh. They will go out of their way to ensure that everyone is having fun. There are times when the ESFP may take their adventures too far, leaving other people behind when they need them. It is important that the ESFP lets go of the times when they were unable to provide for others. No one is perfect and it is important that the ESFP accepts that they were just doing their best.

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