How To Cheer Up Each Myers-Briggs Type

We all get sad occasionally, and sometimes we need the help of our friends to bring us out of the slump. Each type finds special comfort in different things in order to help them feel happier. Here are the ways in which you can cheer up each Myers-Briggs type when they are feeling a little bit down.


Although they are some of the deepest people you will meet, cheering up an INFJ is actually rather simple. Of course, there are times when the INFJ simply needs their alone time, other times they may need some encouragement because they are feeling down. When this happens simply taking notice of them and showing them that they matter to you, is going to go a long way. Show them a funny picture or video, or share with them an inspiring and uplifting quote. Find a way to bring out their light side and be there to make them smile.


When an ENFJ is feeling down, they need someone to show them emotional support. They need someone to refrain from judgments and let them know that their sadness is acceptable. Show them how much you appreciate everything that they do and continue to give enough verbal affirmations. The ENFJ needs to remember how much they are valued by their loved ones in order to pull out of their sad state of mind. Remind them of their gifts and talents, build them up by telling them just how much you care for them.


Share something personal with them, let them into your world so that they can feel special. Anything shallow or meaningless will only make the INFP more unhappy. You need to dive into their depth with them, allow them to feel the sadness without feeling judged. They may even want to listen to sad music or watch a profoundly dark movie and the best thing you can do is just join them. Show your support and give them time to dwell before pulling them out of their wallowing. Once it is time to break free from the sadness, take your time to remind your INFP how much you value them.


If an ENFP is feeling down, they are probably in a stagnant or utterly bored mood. Find ways to excite them and keep them entertained with your presence. Help them feel comfortable opening up about their sadness and give them a judgment free zone to express themselves. Allow them the chance to be sad and do not pass it off as foolish. It can be rather helpful to give the ENFP validation however you can. Whatever they are insecure about, you should give them positive words to show how much you care about them.


Sometimes INTPs simply need space to figure out what is bothering them and crowding them can make the situation worse. Let them know that you are there for them and you care. Make sure the INTP knows that you are not judging them and are accepting their sadness completely. They want to know that you will be there for them if they need you, more than they actually want you to be there. A kind word can really go a long way for the INTP as well.


Take them on an adventure and allow them to explore however they want to. Be willing to debate with them without getting offended and provide them with an ear when they want to vent. Let them know that it is more than okay that they are feeling down, that they are human and it is a natural part of being alive. Allow them to express themselves without any judgments, but don’t push them to share things when they are not ready.


INTJs often do not want to vent about their emotions and will become more upset if you try to push the matter. The best thing to do for an INTJ is to give them space, but make it clear that you are there for them if they want to talk. Knowing that you care can be helpful, but respecting their space is even more helpful. They are often capable of handling things themselves and will become offended if you do not respect that.


Verbal affirmation can be an excellent way to help an ENTJ feel better. If you push too hard to make them express themselves they may become frustrated. Just provide a judgment free zone and they will share with you if they truly want to. Just remind them of their abilities and how much you care about them. ENTJs simply want to know that their friends are loyal and will stand by them even if they are feeling a bit down.


When an ISFJ is feeling down they probably feel as though they aren’t doing enough to help their loved ones. Show them appreciation and let them know how much you value what they do for you and everyone else. They need to feel loved and sometimes just giving back to them will help them feel better. The ISFJ probably just needs you to sit with them and watch their favorite TV shows, or maybe read a book to them.


When an ESFJ is feeling down they really need positive words of affirmation. Tell them how you feel about them, build them up by explaining how much you appreciate everything that they do. Show them the ways that they aren’t a failure, and let them know why you care so much about them. Help them by taking care of something that is overwhelming them and simply be there to support them emotionally.


Pushing the ISTJ too much can ultimately make them feel worse about their situation. Be supportive and let them know that you will listen to them if and when, they are ready to talk. Giving practical solutions to their problems can actually be a very helpful way to ease the mind of an ISTJ. Words are nice, but only if you are completely sincere about what you are saying. Just being there is the best thing you can do for an ISTJ who is feeling a bit down.


The best way to cheer up an ESTJ is by giving them words of affirmation. Let them know how much you appreciate and care for them. Show an interest in their favorite things and let them vent and talk about whatever they want. ESTJs do best when the people around them show that they believe in them and are confident about their abilities. Pushing them to share their feelings will only make them feel more upset. Allowing them to vent when they are ready is the best solution for them.


The harder you push an ISTP to open up, the more they will close themselves off. It is best to give them their space and allow them time to process what they are going through. Providing practical solutions can be a good way to help them, and possibly giving them a unique perspective can be useful as well. Let them know that you will forgive their mistakes and be supportive of them no matter what.


Allow them to take you on adventures and be completely supportive of them. Don’t tell them things that will only make them more upset, simply let them vent about their problems. Show them that you are there for them and tell them your favorite things about them. Show your support and appreciation towards the ESTP and they will feel much better. They need to know that the people around them will be there no matter what silly mistakes they might make when they are feeling down.


One of the best ways to cheer up and ISFP is simply by doing the things they love most. Quietly sit beside them while they enjoy nature, or listen to their favorite music. Being able to silently sit with them through their sadness, will actually help the ISFP feel much better. If they decide they are ready to talk about what is upsetting them, it is best to provide a non-judgmental ear. The ISFP just needs to feel safe and loved by the people that they care most for.


Take the ESFP on an adventure, even if it is just a shopping trip. Sometimes retail therapy can be a great way to bring the ESFP out of their slump. Watch movies with them, or go for a long drive just listening to their favorite music. They need to be out and about to really pull themselves out of their sadness. Be there for them and allow them the chance to enjoy your company.

Please Note: You should always remember that feeling a bit sad is much different from clinical depression. If you or someone you love is suffering from signs of depression or mental illness, these things will not help them. It is important to seek help from professional doctors as soon as possible.

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