What Makes Each Myers-Briggs Type Unique

The Thing That Makes Each Myers-Briggs Type Unique

Everyone possess qualities that make them special. The quality that we are most insecure about, is often what makes us most unique. We have decided to celebrate each types uniqueness and tell you what we love most about them.

INFJ- Their Heart

INFJs have a unique soul that is deeply capable of compassion and understanding. They have a strong desire to make a difference in the world, which seems to be a sometimes rare quality in this world. They are capable of possessing immense amounts of warmth and love towards even the most misunderstood people. They strive to see the good in others, and often believe that everyone is capable of bettering themselves. They are often guarded but that is only because they care so very deeply. For those people who are let into their heart, they are able to see something very special and unique. Very few people are equipped with the level of compassion and love that the INFJ are.

ENFJ- Their Empathy

ENFJs have a rare ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes. They are capable of feeling deep and powerful empathy towards others. This makes them very capable of consoling people and making them feel completely understood. Even if they haven’t experienced what another person has, they still have the ability to feel their pain very strongly. This often makes them see the best in others and can even empathize with the most misunderstood individuals. They make wonderful therapists, and have a way of making people feel at ease in their presence.

INFP- Their Dreamy Nature

INFPs have an extremely unique inner world and a deep sense of imagination. Their dreamy nature is something that often draws people towards them. INFPs have a way of seeing the best in others and have a strong sense of compassion. Their ability to dream and live inside of their own minds, is something that many of us admire deeply. Their inner world is rich and fulfilling. Not everyone has the ability to feel so very deeply like the INFP. There is something whimsical about the INFP, and that rare essence is something that we adore.

ENFP- Their Passion

ENFPs are very passionate individuals, and that is not a quality that everyone possesses. There is something so beautiful about their ability to stay positive and strive to inspire others. ENFPs feel very deeply and work to make strong connections with people. They have a way of bringing out the passion in others, and always strive to see the best in them. ENFPs love to explore new possibilities and have a way of seeing the world that is very unique. Others are often drawn to their passionate nature and zest for life, and are rarely disappointed by this.

INTJ- Their Understanding

INTJs have a knack for understanding anything they set their mind to. They work hard to see every angle of a situation and strive for deeper understanding. If they are willing the INTJ is very capable of helping others understand a problem in their lives that needs fixing. When people are incapable of stepping outside of their own minds to view something objectively, the INTJ is very skilled at doing that for them. INTJs are capable of learning about things with an objective and understanding mind. They are intelligent and open-minded individuals and that is a rare quality.

ENTJ- Their Strength

ENTJs have an ability to overcome almost anything. Their strength and sheer willpower is a very unique and admirable quality. They can take just about any problem that is thrown at them, and push through it eagerly. They rarely fall apart in the face of struggle and are capable of making it through. This ability stretches out to their team members and loved ones, and they will often be able to stay strong for those around them. Many people crumble in the face of strife, but the ENTJ is often more than willing to remain strong and composed.

INTP- Their Inner Mind

INTPs have a captivation and active inner mind. They are constantly working out a million situations inside their minds, and love exploring new possibilities. There is something very unique about the way in which the INTP thinks. Attempting to explore their inner mind is like watching a million gears turning at once. It is an explosion of thoughts and potential, that makes us drawn towards them. They have a very intense way of seeing the world that is very rare and sometimes misunderstood. Their rich and intelligent inner mind, is something that few people in the world truly possess.

ENTP- Their Potency

ENTPs are very dynamic and intense individuals. Their ability to make a strong impression on others is a very unique quality. They are eager and strong-willed people, who will not back down from a challenge. They push through their fears and actually thrive on exciting and new possibilities. ENTPs have a unique ability to influence others without them even knowing that it is happening. They often use their potent personality to direct situations the way that they want to. The ENTP has a way of intriguing others that is extremely rare and special.

ISTJ- Their Loyalty

ISTJs are very dependable and loyal individuals. Their ability to be the person who you can always depend on is something that is very rare in this world. They dislike the feeling of letting others down, and strive to be someone that others can trust. They stay very loyal to the people around them, and will always fulfill their duty to be dependable. We admire their knack for getting things done and will always trust the ISTJ to be dedicated.

ESTJ- Their Willpower

ESTJs have an ability to withstand hardship. If they feel as though there is something that they need to get done, they will push through to achieve their goal. When the ESTJ sets their mind to something, there is very little that can stand in their way.  There is something extremely unique about the way the ESTJ can use their strength and determination to achieve just about anything. They push through things that many people would be too scared to face.

ISFJ- Their Warmth

ISFJs are extremely compassionate and warm individuals, and it is something to be admired. In an often cold and selfish world, the ISFJs warmth is a very rare quality. They do whatever they can do make others around them feel loved and happy. They hate to see others hurting and feel very sad when they are around uncaring individuals. They want everyone to treat people with kindness and understanding. They strive to be kind and considerate, even if others fail to do so. The world would be a better place if everyone shared that behavior towards each other.

ESFJ- Their Devotion

ESFJs possess a very strong sense of devotion towards those that they love. They will overcome many hardships and personal desires, to make their loved ones happy and cared for. They will devote themselves completely to others needs and that caring is completely unfaltering. They are willing to make sacrifices and often do not put their own needs first. They will be unbelievably loyal and devoted and will fight for others at any cost. ESFJs have a unique ability to be very resolved and passionate when it comes to the needs of others.

ISTP- Their Cool Attitude  

ISTPs have a very uniquely laid-back personality, that most everyone is drawn to. They are often very well-liked because of their cool exterior. ISTPs have natural ability to figure out problems, and often do it in a very relaxed manner. We admire their calm and likable personalities, and enjoy being around that relaxed demeanor.

ESTP- Their Excitement

ESTPs have a very unique excitement and thirst for life. They want to be constantly thrilled and enjoy exploring all that life has to offer. They dislike staying still for too long and want everything to be fun and enjoyable in life. In a world where so many people become apathetic and idle, there is something so refreshing about the exhilarating nature of the ESTP.

ISFP- Their Creativity

ISFPs have a very unique sense of creativity and passion. They are often very artistic and have a way of appreciating the little things in life. Their warm and introspective personalities are very intriguing and often makes people want to be close to them. Most everyone who meets an ISFP cannot help but like them. Their unique and lovable personalities have a very wistful and dreamy sense to them.

ESFP- Their Entertaining Ability

ESTPs are outgoing and fun-loving individuals. They have a way of constantly entertaining others and have a unique ability to make just about any experience a fun one. They know just how to make others have fun and come out of their shells. We admire and cherish the ESFPs ability to truly enjoy life and see just how much beauty that the world has to offer.

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