The Way Each Myers-Briggs Type Feels About Reading

Some people live to read and love feeling engrossed in different magical worlds. Others read purely for the knowledge that they can gain. Some people aren’t really fans of reading at all. Here is how we believe each personality type feels about reading of all kinds.


INFJs are often very passionate about reading. They enjoy all types of reading materials, whether that be an imaginative fantasy story, a serious non-fiction book, or even researching in depth information online. They enjoy the feeling of being engrossed in a good book and love the time alone to take it all in. Books are a big part of the INFJs life, and a big part of who they are. They also love researching new subjects online and absorbing as much knowledge as possible. They love learning, they are very passionate about reaching a deeper understanding.


ENFJs often do enjoy reading, but may not find the time to read as much as they would like. They love to learn and probably spend some time researching new things on the internet. If an ENFJ gets enough alone time they will definitely enjoy curling up with a good book. Reading outside in a nice nature setting is something that the ENFJ would enjoy. They may enjoy reading to others, as a way to make everyone feel included. ENFJs are often very busy individuals, rarely being able to stop and read as much as they would like.


INFPs rarely dislike reading, it is often a big part of their lives. They often enjoy fiction, but INFPs also enjoy being able to read about different subjects that they find interesting. Maybe a biography of someone they admire, or even psychology topics they find interesting. Anything that may help them understand themselves and other people more, is intriguing to the INFP. They may find their time too occupied with other things to be able to read as much as they like. But the INFP often uses the internet to surf around and read about many different things as often as they can.


ENFPs often love reading, but may find they can only stay still long enough to read in short bursts. They love the chance to learn about new things and will often become engrossed in the absorption of knowledge. ENFPs don’t like to stay focused on one thing for too long, so they may jump around from article to article- or book to book. This will keep the ENFP entertained and capable of not becoming too antsy. If the ENFP finds something they truly love, they can often stay focused on it and maybe even find themselves finishing an entire book in one night.


INTJs love to read, as long as it is something they find compelling. They have to be interested and intellectually stimulated for the INTJ to continue reading. They absolutely love learning and will find themselves engrossed in reading about different subjects. If the INTJ doesn’t find the subject interesting they won’t waste their energy and will find themselves easily distracted. They often desire to spend their lives dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, and of course reading is a core help in that. Reading about new subjects and interesting information is very interesting to the INTJ.


ENTJs enjoy gaining new knowledge and because of this they may like to read. The trouble is that the ENTJ is often very busy and focused on the future, which doesn’t always leave a lot of time for reading. They will often enjoy technical reading, and may find themselves reading something so that other people cannot use it against them. They want to be capable and strong individuals and are very focused on reaching a deep level of understanding. ENTJs enjoy the idea of reading and love gaining new important information.


INTPs often love to read and may have stacks of books in their home. The trouble is they become distracted easily, so they have probably only read about 1/3 of those books if they are lucky. They love absorbing new knowledge, and probably spend hours on the internet reading about new subjects. They enjoy being able to understand many different things, and are very capable of doing so. The INTP spends a lot of their time reading, but may get distracted if they don’t find it interesting enough. They often enjoy bouncing from one thing to another in order to stay interested.


ENTPs often enjoy reading quite a bit, but their minds usually wander off. Something in what they are reading will spark a new thought and the ENTP will find themselves distracted by it. They may enjoy reading fiction, but often they prefer to reach for knowledge. They can’t seem to control their thoughts while they read, but that isn’t a bad thing. As the ENTP is reading the new ideas that develop are often exciting and enjoyable for them. This actually makes the reading very worth it, although they have to keep going back to actually finish what they were reading.


ISTJs often do enjoy reading in their spare time. They will enjoy opening a good book at the end of the day and may like subjects like historical fiction, autobiographies or stories with main characters that they can personally connect with. ISTJs enjoy learning, but often spend their days learning about important practical subjects. They also enjoy personal reading time, where they can become engrossed in a story that they feel connected to.


ESTJs often find themselves too preoccupied with other things to actually enjoy reading. They may occasionally enjoy reading an article about something that interests them, but often find themselves easily distracted. The ESTJ will often be thinking of the millions of other things they could be doing instead of reading. There are important jobs to be done and people to be seen, so the ESTJ may find reading to be a waste of their time. ESTJs would often prefer watching some television or spending time with family in their downtime.


ISFJs spend most of their time tending to the needs of others and getting important work done. When the ISFJ gets time to themselves, they often love to read. They may find themselves interested in many different subjects, including exciting fiction or fantasy books. The chance to explore another magical world may be very interesting and exciting to the ISFJ. Their daily lives are so practical that the chance to explore their whimsical side is very enjoyable for them. ISFJs often find themselves connected to the characters more than the story, and love seeing interesting character development.


ESFJs do enjoy reading things that they find interesting, but they may be very picky about their choices. They often enjoy fiction stories and find themselves engrossed in the different imaginative worlds. ESFJs may struggle with actually justifying their time spent reading. To them it is often hard to read when they are thinking about all of the more important things they could be doing. They could be tending to the needs of their loved ones and making sure they are happy, or getting work done that needs to be finished. ESFJs will probably spend most of their reading time studying subjects that their loved ones find interesting.


ISTPs often love learning, but are also very hands on individuals. Reading anything that they can soon apply to a physical activity that they enjoy, is great for the ISTP. They often prefer to read about things that actually occurred, instead of reading about imaginative fantasy stories that could never be. Some ISTPs enjoy fiction when they are younger, but find themselves more interested in non-fiction as they grow up. They may find themselves more intrigued by reading materials like autobiographies, electronics, psychology or anything applicable in the real world.


ESTPs often enjoy learning and absorbing new knowledge. They may find themselves enjoying different research in their spare time. ESTPs probably purchase many books that they find interesting but never find the time to actually read them. They spend their time keeping busy and much prefer to be in the real world being active, than sitting alone reading. They enjoy the aspect of gaining knowledge, but find themselves too easily distracted by the things they could be doing.


ISFPs do enjoy reading from time to time, but are much more interested in exploring the real world around them. They enjoy nature and being around the people they care about. They often enjoy listening to music more than they enjoy reading. ISFPs may find themselves interested in poetry or more whimsical stories. Nothing too practical, they would much rather read words that have been beautifully strewn together into a passionate and poetic story.


ESFPS don’t mind reading here and there, but would much prefer watch the movie version. They are very involved in the real world and hate being separated from it. They want life to be fun and often find that reading can separate them from enjoying the presence of others. They would rather be out with friends and family enjoying life, than they would reading about it.


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