Here’s How Each Personality Type Shows Appreciation

Here’s How Each Personality Type Shows Appreciation

We all show our appreciation in different ways, some more difficult to recognize than others. Here is who each personality type shows their appreciation.


INFJs often show appreciation in many different ways, especially towards the people they care for the most. The INFJ is often very aware of their loved ones, and will try to take notice of their specific needs and desires. They will do whatever it takes to express their love and appreciation, which includes learning everything they can about that person. INFJs will often try to express their appreciation with words of affirmation, and will make sure their loved ones know just how special they are. They also will purchase little gifts, or even hand make presents to show they care. INFJs want to find ways to show their appreciation that will truly resonate with the person they care for.


ENFJs will show their appreciation in many different ways, because they truly want to be sure that their loved ones are aware of their feelings. The ENFJ will try to be verbal in their appreciation, and will make sure to tell that person just how they feel about them. ENFJs can also find little ways such as buying gifts, or even running errands for that person. ENFJs will try hard to understand their loved ones and will do whatever they can to be sure they are loved and feel appreciated.


INFPs try to show their appreciation for others by expressing their feelings with words. This can be difficult for them though, so sometimes it is best for the INFP to write this out. They often have unique ways to express that they care, but this often includes spending plenty of time thinking about that person. People might not always recognize this, but in truth their loved ones occupy the INFPs thoughts quite often. INFPs often show appreciate by making time to listen to that person, and spend sincere quality time with them.


ENFPs definitely want their loved ones to feel appreciated, but sometimes they become distracted. Oftentimes ENFPs consider quality time with someone as a great way to show they care and appreciate them, ENFPs will also try to do things for that person, even small tasks they normally dislike. This is how they show that they appreciate them, because they are removing some stress from their lives. ENFPs also use words as a way to show their appreciation, and will often express this outright.


INTJs often show appreciation by taking time to understand someone, and provide them with assistance in some way. When their loved ones need help, the INTJ will take the time to research what they are going through so that they can assist them in some way. They are skilled problem solvers, and want to find logical ways to show that they care. They aren’t the type of people to buy gifts or use affectionate words to show that they care and appreciate someone. Instead of these means INTJs will take time out of their lives to help their loved ones improve themselves and their situations.


ENTJs show their appreciation by carving out time in their lives for that special someone. ENTJs are often busy people, but they will make time for someone they truly care for. This quality time means that person truly matters, and is their way of showing appreciation. ENTJs also will be sure to help that person in some way, this is usually in a more practical form. ENTJs will try to take care of something for their loved one, especially something they are struggling with.


INTPs are caring people, but they don’t always express their emotions easily or openly. It can be difficult for them to show their loved ones appreciation, at least in the verbal sense. INTPs will show their appreciation by striving to understand and learn about that person as much as they can. They will also try to find ways to help them better their lives, and help them to improve their situation. The INTP will put forth a lot of effort to make the lives of their loved ones better, even if this isn’t as noticeable to others.


ENTPs are not always the most emotionally expressive people, but they do want their loved ones to know that they appreciate them. ENTPs will show their appreciation by lending an ear when their loved ones need someone to lean on. They will be there for them, and will try to help them solve whatever problems they face. ENTPs are good at being supportive, even if they don’t say much in response. They will strive to understand their loved ones, and this is a great way for them to show their appreciation.


ISTJs are not the most emotionally charged people, but they do care deeply for their loved ones. They want to show their appreciation, but they do this in more practical ways. ISTJs will work hard to tend to the needs of their loved ones, and will take on tasks for them in order to show that they appreciate them. When their loved ones are overwhelmed the ISTJ will try to help them and will attempt to solve their problems.


ESTJs are practical people, and do not focus strongly on emotions. ESTJs prefer to find more reasonable ways to help someone, and often struggle when it comes to being emotionally expressive. When the ESTJ wants to show appreciation they will try to solve problems for their loved ones and will run errands for them. They are natural providers and want to do what they can to make sure the people close to them are cared for and comfortable.


ISFJs will often tend to the needs of their loved ones as a way of showing their appreciation. The ISFJ will cook and clean up after people they care for, and will try to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible. They want their loved ones to be happy, and strive to do whatever they can to aid them in their struggles. ISFJs do whatever they can to make their loved ones feel happy and appreciation, and will be there for them in whatever way seems to please that person the most.


ESFJs are considerate people, who strive to care for their loved ones. When they appreciate someone they will go above and beyond to let them know. They aren’t always going to verbally express their appreciation, but will find other ways to ensure that their loved ones know they care. The ESFJ will often take care of the practical needs of their loved ones, and will try to be as emotionally supportive as possible. They also might provide them with gifts, as small tokens of their love and appreciation.


ISTPs do care deeply for their loved ones, but they do not express this openly. They aren’t the most emotionally driven people, so they can struggle to express things in a verbal capacity. When they want to show appreciation the ISTP will often seek to assist their loved ones in some helpful way. They often provide information and will do what they can to help that person better their lives. The ISTP also might find that showing that person a good time, and bringing them along for adventures, is a great way to show their appreciation.


ESTPs definitely want to show their loved ones their appreciation, and will try to find ways to do express themselves. ESTPs will sometimes verbally express that they care and truly appreciate someone, and are capable of being expressive in this way. ESTPs also use gifts as a great way to show that they care for someone and are thankful for their efforts. Just the fact that they are thinking about that person, is a way for the ESTP to show they appreciate them deeply.


ISFPs enjoy being able to show their loved ones appreciation, and will try to openly express their feelings. ISFPs will others know what they appreciation about them, and will often do this verbally or put it in writing. ISFPs can also utilize their artistic abilities as a means of showing they care, and will try to create things for their loved ones. They simply want to find true and sincere ways to show how they feel, and enjoy letting their loved ones know that they are special.


ESFPs want their loved ones to know how much they care for them, so they will try hard to express this in any way they can. ESFPs will find a myriad of ways to show their appreciation, but ultimately they will try to show it verbally. ESFPs want to speak openly about their feelings, and will try to speak about their love for someone. They also express their appreciation by giving gifts, since these are physical representations of their feelings.

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