Something Profound That We Can Learn From Each Myers-Briggs Type

Everyone we meet is capable of teaching us a valuable life lesson, if we just pay attention. Here is what we believe you can learn from each personality type.

INFJ- To Strive To Make a Difference

INFJs have a deep passion for attempting to understand others. They want to make a difference in the world, and hope to achieve some kind of meaning whether big or small. They want to affect the world in a positive way, and will strive to accomplish this goal. They are constantly searching for a way to change someones life for the better and truly will not feel complete until they do this. We can truly learn from this wonderful desire that the INFJ possesses. Learning to search for a way to change the world for the better, even if it is in some small way.

ENFJ- To Fight For Others

ENFJs have a strong sense of compassion and always fight to make the people around them happy. They will do whatever it takes to make sure the people they love are well taken care of. They never give up and seem to be capable of juggling a million things at once. They are perfectionists, but this translates into working their hardest to please others. We can certainly learn to be more like the hard-working and caring ENFJs. Learning to always do whatever it takes to fight for the good of others.

INFP- To Never Give Up On Love

INFPs have a strong sense of commitment, and want very strongly to be able to connect to others. Whether it be romantic or platonic love, INFPs are always searching for something real and meaningful. No matter how hard it is, the INFP always remains hopeful that they can find the people who will make them feel complete. INFPs care very deeply about others, and take their relationships very seriously. They are complex and sensitive individuals with a desire to find meaning in life. Learning to never give up on love no matter how hard it may be, is an important lesson that we can learn from the INFP.

ENFP- To Never Lose Our Childlike Enthusiasm

ENFPs have an often childlike enthusiasm that is both joyful and infectious. They have a way of looking at the world that is unbelievably admirable. ENFPs constantly hunger to learn about the world and the people around them. They are excited by new possibilities and enjoy finding deep connections with others. Being able to stay positive even through struggles is a wonderful skill that the ENFP possess. Learning to always keep that joyful and childlike enthusiasm is something amazing that we can learn from the ENFP, and we know they will be more than willing to teach us.

INTJ- To Always Hunger For Knowledge

INTJs have a strong desire to understand the world around them. They love learning and enjoy being able to open their minds to new ideas. They are on a constant hunt to understand everything and strive to shed ignorance in the world. They are intelligent individuals who often live inside their rich inner mind. The INTJs powerful grasp of knowledge is something we could all strive to appreciate. Learning to never fully be sated by our search for knowledge, is powerful lesson we can learn from the INTJ.

ENTJ- To Go For What We Want

ENTJs are outgoing and intense individuals. They enjoy learning about everything that they can, and have very strategics minds. They never give up once they set their minds to a goal, and will do whatever they must to achieve. Hardworking and strong-willed ENTJs are very capable individuals. Learning to never give up on our goals and to get off our butts and work for something, is a fantastic lesson that the ENTJ can teach us.

INTP- To Always Search For a Deeper Understanding

INTPs are very intelligent and introspective individuals. They are constantly absorbing new ideas and exploring the different possibilities these ideas have to offer. INTPs often do not just settle with the first and most obvious answer that is presented to them, but rather search to understand on a deeper level. They are very open-minded and enjoy mulling over an idea as much as possible until it has been perfected. They use their sense of internal thinking and powerful intuition to explore different possible answers. Learning to open our minds so we can attempt to achieve a deeper understanding, is a powerful skill that we can attempt to learn from the INTPs.

ENTP- To Continuously Be Excited By Possibility

ENTPs are charismatic and outgoing individuals. They are original thinkers and enjoy exploring new possibilities. They are excited by the opportunity to discover something new and are always enthusiastic about learning. They often enjoy debating ideas, and are excited by the opportunity to see different sides to something. ENTPs have gregarious and outspoken personalities, and are always excited by possibilities. Learning to keep our minds open and allow ourselves to be excited by what is new, is something we can gain from the ENTP.

ISTJ- To Be Loyal

ISTJs have a strong sense of duty and work very hard to be reliable. They want to be a valuable member of society and strive to do their best in every aspect of their lives. They believe in doing what is expected of them and are very good at handling their important tasks. They have a strong sense of loyalty and will always be there for others when they are needed. Being a dependable and loyal person is a wonderful trait that we can learn from the ISTJ.

ESTJ- To Be Strong

ESTJs are outgoing and reliable individuals who strive to achieve their goals in life. They want to be able to provide for their loves ones and will often do whatever it takes to get the job done. They are strong and often persevere through many things that others would probably falter with. Once they set their minds to something, they have a willpower that is unbending. Being strong and pushing through no matter what is something that we would do well to learn from the ESTJ.

ISFJ- To Be Kind

ISFJs are very conscious of how their actions will affect others. They are careful not to say or do something that may hurt another person, or often even another animal. They want to care for the needs of the people around them, and put a lot of pressure on themselves to make others happy. ISFJs are very hurt by people’s sometimes cold behaviors and find it important to consciously avoid harming people. Being a kind and caring individuals is something that we definitely need to learn from ISFJs.

ESFJ- To Give Until It Hurts

ESFJs are very giving individuals and often strive to do whatever it takes to please others. They work very hard to tend to the needs of their loved ones, and will go to great lengths to make sure that they are provided for. ESFJs desire to make sure that there is harmony and happiness in their environment, and may become very stressed if this is not acquired. They often have no limits when it comes to what they will give to others, and often leave themselves drained attempting to please the people around them. Learning to give to the people around us even when it seems hard, is something we can gain from the ESFJ.

ISTP- To Allow Yourself To Let Go of Worry

ISTPs are often very laid-back and collected individuals. They enjoy spending a lot of their time inside their own minds, and love figuring out how things work. They are often very aware of their physical surroundings and enjoy exploring new and exciting things. They have a way of taking life as it comes and not stressing about unimportant details. ISTPs have a very live and let live attitude and enjoy their solitude. We can all learn to be as cool and collected as the ISTP, and just let life come at us once in a while.

ESTP- To Be Excited By Life

ESTPs have a drive and exciting way of living their lives. They thrive on intensity and enjoy searching out new thrills to keep them entertained. They see life as an ongoing party, and want to experience everything the world has to offer. They hate staying stagnant and enjoy learning and exploring new things in life. ESTPs are charismatic and fun and really enjoy being around people. We can all learn to be as excited by the prospects of life as the ESTP are.

ISFP- To Appreciate Beauty

ISFPs are sensitive and introspective individuals. They have an ability to notice and take joy in the little things that most people miss in life. They have a strong appreciation for beauty and have a keen eye for observing it. They enjoy soaking up everything that the world has to offer, and are very caring individuals. The ISFPs can offer us insight into the world around us, and we can learn how to full appreciate all of the beauty that it has to offer.

ESFP- To Live Fully in the Present Moment

ESFPs have a way of making everything in life fun and enjoyable. They want to be able to let go of the negative things in life, and open themselves up to the joys that the world has to offer. They are very aware of the physical world around them and live in the present moment. They do not look back and rarely want to stress about the future, they would much prefer to take joy in the present. ESFPs are very capable of entertaining others, and enjoy making people smile. We can all learn to be as fun and alive in the present moment as ESFPs are.


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