What You Should Binge Watch On Netflix According to Your Myers Briggs Type

We have all been there. Scrolling through Netflix relentlessly, unable to find something good to binge watch. Sometimes we spend more time searching for a show than we do actually watching one. So we decided to simplify this decision for you. Here is our list of TV Shows that you should watch according to your Myers Briggs personality type. You are welcome.

INFJ– Greys Anatomy

It may be an emotional ride but it’s perfect if you’re in the mood for sitting at home and diving into a very long series.



If you’re more interested in something less emotional, this awesome show about a group of people with unbelievable (and seemingly supernatural) skill sets is just the one for you.

ENFJ– Once Upon A Time

The perfect TV show for diving into another reality. In this series modern-life and fantasy collide.


Orange is the New Black

It’s the hot new show right now, if you haven’t seen it you absolutely MUST. For someone who needs to keep up with their friends and the people around them, you’ll want to watch this.

INFP– How I Met Your Mother

We wouldn’t dare suggest something shallow for you my friend. It is filled with friendships and romance, and will keep you emotionally connected to the story-line.


Doctor Who

This is definitely a way to dive into an entirely new fantasy world, one that will keep your inner mind satisfied.

ENFP– Gilmore Girls

The strong Ne wit and vibrantly fast paced humor will keep you intrigued and entertained.

INTJ– Bates Motel

This follows a prequel-like setting for serial killer Norman Bates, the character from the book (and film) “Psycho”. It has an eerie but in-depth story-line that will keep you intrigued and on the edge of your seat.


Breaking Bad

The lead character being an INTJ definitely sets the stage for this series and will keep you connected to it.

ENTJ– Spartacus 

The Warrior in you will revel in this shows intensity.



A show about two brothers, one is an FBI agent while the other is a mathematician, and together they make an unstoppable team.

INTP– The IT Crowd

Kind of nerdy, but absolutely hilarious. It fits you.



A show about a widowed woman who decides to start selling Weed. You can’t go wrong here.

ENTP– Archer

This show is downright hilarious, and perfect for your witty personality. It never gets boring, and doesn’t drag on relentlessly about pointless plot-lines. If you don’t enjoy this show, I am not sure you are actually an ENTP.

ISTP– Californication

The main character lives by his own set of (somewhat sleazy) rules. He keeps you entertained with his continuously poor decisions, this is definitely one you won’t want to miss.

ESTP– Scrubs

It’s hilarious and short, so you can rush off to whatever activity you would prefer to be doing instead of watching television.


Family Guy

Since South Park isn’t available on Netflix this is the next best thing.

ISFP Buffy the Vampire Slayer

You can’t go wrong with a bad-ass evil fighting main character like Buffy. You’ll love the touches of humor and the seriously strong friendships, not to mention the awesome fashion.

ESFP– Gossip Girl

About a group of wealthy private school students, who constantly play games and manipulate one another. The story-line is perfect and will keep you constantly entertained. It’s basically the life you want to live (or possible already do live?).

ISTJ– Graceland

A group of DEA, FBI and U.S. Customs agents move into a house together in southern California to pursue their undercover efforts. You can thank us later.

ESTJ– Ghost Whisperer

A show about a woman who has a remarkable ability to speak to the dead. You’ll love the eerie feel of it, along with the emotional story-lines.



It has a similar feel to C.S.I. but isn’t just your regular procedural cop show. You’ll enjoy the unique aspects of it, a long with the cool cop aspects.

ISFJ – Roswell

Four students who are keeping a huge secret (shh they’re aliens) end up becoming friends with fellow high-school students on earth. You’ll love the friendships and romance, and the unique story behind it.

ESFJ– The Vampire Diaries

A young girl finds herself falling for a vampire…so yeah you’ve heard this before but trust me the plot is much thicker than that. The relationships that grow throughout the story will have you connecting to the characters and falling in love with them. Not to mention one of the main characters happens to be an ESFJ as well (Caroline Forbes).



You know all your friends are watching this, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, it is a must see for any ESFJ.

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Feel free to share the recommendations with your friends!


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