Introverted Thinking (Ti) Problems

People with Introverted Thinking struggle with problems that only ones of their kind can truly understand. Stuck in a world of internal and unstoppable thoughts has it’s challenges. Here is our list of struggles that only people with introverted thinking can truly understand.

1. You over-analyze almost everything.

2. Your desire to be precise can be exhausting.

3. You suffer from analysis paralysis.

4. It’s insanely frustrating seeing inefficiencies everywhere at work.

5. The desire to know how everything works can be messy.

6. You over-analyze if you over-analyze too much.

7. People may call you insensitive.

8. But things would be easier if they weren’t so dumb.

9. You give criticism as a way to be helpful.

10. But then you realize they don’t appreciate it. Oops.

11. You try to bite your tongue when someone is having trouble.

12. Your boss appreciates your honest feedback, but not when its interrupting his presentation.

13. You tend to be a perfectionist.

14. And you are a great problem solver.

15. But sometimes you are seen as lazy…

16. But that’s just because you found an easier shortcut.

17. And now, you’re probably going to critique this list 😉

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