ENTP Weaknesses, Flaws & Shortcomings: Where the ENTPs Feel Challenged

Everyone possesses certain weaknesses which can make some tasks more challenging to perform. While for some people these weaknesses don’t prevent them from being successful in their careers, that doesn’t mean these shortcomings can’t make certain areas of their lives a bit more challenging and uncomfortable. Understanding these weaknesses is an important step towards self-discovery and growth. In order to know where we fit best, we need to learn more about our own inner strengths as well as weaknesses. Diving into those imperfections can sometimes be jarring, since it isn’t the most joyful feeling to learn about the things we could be doing better. It shouldn’t be about comparing yourself to others, instead about knowing more about what comes naturally to each person.

ENTPs definitely enjoy working on themselves and finding out how to grow and move forward. They care about being able to find ways to improve and ensure that they can become the best version of themselves. They dislike stagnancy and so keeping busy is something they prefer, which makes them driven to grow and advance. They are often good at doing so, but of course there are certainly weaknesses that can be difficult to accept or dive into. Since ENTPs don’t really enjoy digging into their own emotions, there are some shortcomings they might not be fully conscious of in themselves.

They Like to Push Boundaries

ENTPs enjoy pushing the limits, which can be unsettling for people who don’t want to be pushed around. When they want to uncover more about a person, they usually cross those lines just to see where their boundaries are. ENTPs often learn by poking at people in order to read their responses and behaviors. This is something which is very useful for the ENTP when it comes to learning about people and their environment, but it can be frustrating for those around them. People don’t always take kindly to being pushed or having someone cross their boundaries that they set. While this is something which frustrates people endlesslessy, it really can be useful for the ENTP. It is how they learn and know which lines can and cannot be crossed with certain people.

This can sometimes make those around them feel like they are being tested though and it can certainly cause the ENTP to be frustrating to them. It can sometimes alienate them from certain connections and make people feel uneasy around the ENTP. They are also rather argumentative people, solely for the sake of learning and understanding but that doesn’t change the fact that it can make people around them feel tense and anxious. While this can sometimes cause tension for the ENTP and their loved ones, it is still something which helps them in a lot of ways. Something which is their strength can sometimes be a weakness, and so it is important for them to find the balance with this in their daily lives and close relationships.

Not Great at Time Management

ENTPs find themselves struggling when it comes to schedules and strict organization. While they have their own process and methods for organizing things, ENTPs find themselves struggling to keep time in most situations. They simply don’t like living based on strict timelines and schedules and feel truly drained when they have to do this. It isn’t like they are incapable of it, ENTPs just feel frustrated and overwhelmed when they are obligated to do this. They want to feel like they have room to do their own things and experience a bit of space and freedom. ENTPs do better in careers which allow them this and give them plenty of creative liberties.

Easily Distracted

A big reason they struggle with time management is also because ENTPs are easily distracted. They find themselves inspired by different things and don’t want to feel trapped into one path. When they are excited about something their minds get caught up in, they have a hard time restraining themselves. They follow whatever excites and inspires them and their creativity, and don’t really enjoy having rules places on them. For the ENTP being easily distracted is part of what makes them so capable of exploring new paths and learning, but can also prevent them from getting things done. They aren’t always great at strict deadlines and find themselves having a hard time standing in one place for too long because of it.

Not Great With Emotions

ENTPs have a hard time when it comes to emotions and don’t really like focusing on them much at all. They find it unnerving when they have to deal with their own feelings or the feelings of those around them. This isn’t because ENTPs don’t care, they just have a hard time processing these feelings in a way that other people can relate to. ENTPs actually care deeply for their loved ones, but they express this with humor and sometimes with practical means. When the ENTP cares for someone they try to find ways to improve their lives and solve their problems. When they are asked to express their emotions they can become a bit drained, and don’t really know how to dive into these things.

They want to express themselves but understanding their feelings can be draining. They are more comfortable focusing on facts and logic, as these things are much easier for them to understand. They want to be able to connect but just don’t know how to trust in feelings when they don’t have logical methods of proving or understanding them.


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