ENTJ Weaknesses, Flaws & Shortcomings: Where the ENTJs Feel Challenged

Everyone possesses certain weaknesses, which can make some tasks more challenging to perform. While for some people, these weaknesses don’t prevent them from being successful in their careers, that doesn’t mean these shortcomings can’t make certain areas of their lives a bit more challenging and uncomfortable. Understanding these weaknesses is an important step toward self-discovery and growth. In order to know where we fit best, we need to learn more about our own inner strengths as well as weaknesses. Diving into those imperfections can sometimes be jarring since it isn’t the most joyful feeling to learn about the things we could be doing better. It shouldn’t be about comparing yourself to others but instead about knowing more about what comes naturally to each person.

When it comes to focusing on weaknesses, the ENTJ can become a bit uneasy with this experience. They prefer to focus on being the best at everything they do and want to remain positive and confident. When it comes to having shortcomings, the ENTJ doesn’t really want to accept that they have any and would prefer to push past any challenges they face because of them. For the ENTJ, feeling like they have failed at something really is not an option, and so instead of accepting mistakes, they often find ways to fix them. ENTJs sometimes try to pay attention to mistakes they make to improve, which is why it is important for them to self-reflect.

They Can Be Intimidating

ENTJs are naturally a bit intimidating to others since they are strong-willed and determined people. They don’t allow anything to stand in their way when they see something they want or need. While this is certainly a strength that helps them achieve whatever they need, it can also be a weakness when it is taken too far. ENTJs have a hard time backing down when they want something, and this can be something that makes others feel uneasy around them. Their aggressive nature can be overwhelming and sometimes pushes people away without them meaning to. Not everyone is comfortable around the intensity of the ENTJ, and so this can certainly be something that makes them come off as aggressive and intimidating to certain people.

This isn’t necessarily something the ENTJ should change about themselves since their determination can also get them far in life. They are great at getting things done and won’t give up when they want something. This is something that certainly helps the ENTJ excel in life, but there are times when they might need to dial it back just a bit. It can be viewed as a flaw when the ENTJ becomes so determined that it alienates certain people or even creates the occasional enemy.

They Are Unforgiving

ENTJs can be unforgiving at times since they value efficiency so much in their lives. When they see something is not done accurately, they can be harsh in their corrections. They have high expectations of those around them but even higher expectations of themselves. ENTJs want things to be done perfectly, so they aren’t all that lenient when it comes to accepting errors. They will do whatever it takes to improve and ensure that things are being done to their naturally high standards. When someone around them makes a mistake or is not efficient enough, the ENTJ can be a bit intense about it. They can be harsh around others when they feel like they are being lazy or could be doing better at something. ENTJs are incredibly unforgiving when they are working on something truly important. So they find themselves pushing past boundaries, sometimes making others feel uncomfortable or nervous around them.

Emotions Are a Challenge

For the ENTJ focusing on feelings or inner emotions can be truly challenging at times. They are more focused on practical means and being logical about their choices. When someone tries to get them to open up about their inner emotions, the ENTJ is likely to feel uncomfortable and try to deflect. Expressing emotions is one of the biggest challenges for the ENTJ in life, even when they truly want to express these feelings and connect with someone. When the ENTJ cares for someone, they will go above and beyond for them and do whatever they can to care for them. While they are supportive and giving people, there are times when their relationships might feel strained because they aren’t good at expressing how they feel emotionally. Even when the ENTJ wants to connect and share things, it takes a lot of time for them to feel comfortable even attempting this.

ENTJs also struggle when it comes to the emotions of others and will work to find solutions when someone is upset. Instead of just listening to this person express their feelings, the ENTJ searches for logical answers to those emotions. They want to find ways to make the bad emotions disappear, which can sometimes make them seem unsympathetic and cold. This isn’t the ENTJs intention at all. They just don’t feel comfortable responding to these feelings or by responding with their own inner emotions.

Can’t Accept Failure

ENTJs have a hard time accepting failure or their own mistakes, and this can certainly be a challenge at times. The ENTJ struggles to cope when they make a mistake or don’t follow through perfectly. They don’t know how to handle feeling like they could have done better and often take this very hard. The ENTJ will blame themselves and search for ways to fix the problem, sometimes to their detriment. They prefer to get things perfectly the first time, which puts a lot of pressure on the ENTJ and those around them.

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