INFP Needs: The 5 Most Essential Needs of the INFP Personality

Sometimes uncovering our own personal needs can be challenging, and doesn’t always come naturally. We expect that we will simply know and recognize our own inner needs and desires, but for some people learning about themselves is a process which takes time and reflection. While it might not always be an easy question to ask, learning about our own inner needs is a vital part of being content within ourselves. In order to go after the things we want, as well as make relationships work, we must understand the things we need most from ourselves and from others. 

INFPs believe in self-reflection and feel comfortable diving into their own inner emotions and thoughts. This is something which can really help the INFP to understand and accept their own personal needs and boundaries. Even though the INFP enjoys taking time by themselves to learn about their own inner feelings, that doesn’t mean this happens overnight and is a simple process. It takes time for the INFP to separate what the people around them want, and what their own personal needs truly are. Like anyone else they can become hung up on the expectations of their loved ones when they are younger, and over time they need to learn to trust in themselves and their intuition.

1. Alone Time

One of the most important things for the INFP is alone time, simply because it is part of their introverted personality. Without time to themselves the INFP becomes exhausted and overwhelmed by the world around then. It isn’t that they want to be distanced from people, it is simply that this social interaction causes them to feel emotionally and spiritually drained. Without time to reflect and be by themselves, the INFP becomes like a shell of themselves. In order to really get back to who they are and feel like themselves once again, the INFP requires this time to themselves. When the INFP is alone they reflect on everything they have absorbed throughout their day. They think about all of their encounters and the information they processed, and they allow themselves to really dive into those things on a deeper level. Without this time to reflect and just be alone with their thoughts, the INFPs feels like they are being overloaded by too much all at once. The INFP really needs people around them who understand how important alone time is in their lives, and they need to not feel guilty about needing this. Setting this as an important boundary is certainly one of the biggest needs for the INFP.

2. Inspiration and Newness

INFPs need to search out things which inspire them and bring out their inner passinos. This is why being able to explore new ideas and experiences is definitely something the INFP needs in their lives. Without the new ideas the INFP will feel stagnant and even start to feel trapped. The less inspired the INFP is, the more unhappy they will become. They have such rich and creative inner minds and so being able to explore this part of themselves is definitely a need for them. Without inspiration and passion the INFP will start to feel like retreating inward, and not in a positive way. In order to really connect with the world around them they need inspiration and exciting paths to help keep them moving forward, rather than feeling stuck in the same place. This is why INFPs are sometimes seen bouncing from one project or hobby to the next, since it helps keep them busy and searching for the next thing which will truly spark their souls.

3. Creative Freedoms

INFPs need time and space to be creative, without constant restrictions. This is why certain careers can be rather draining for the INFP, especially ones which stifle their creativity. They have such rich and incredible imaginations, and they need to be able to tap into this often. Without having some sort of creative outlet, the INFP can feel a sense of unease in their lives. It doesn’t have to be stereotypical means of creating, as INFPs can enjoy anything from painting to architectural design. They need to explore many different potential paths in order to find creative outlets which inspire and excite them. For the INFP being able to create something and feel a sense of freedom in the process, is a very fulfilling and rewarding experience.

4. Human Connection

While INFPs need plenty of time alone, that doesn’t mean they don’t crave connection. Having someone they can feel a deep and spiritual bond with, is truly vital for the INFP. They need someone who understands them on a deeper level, not just what they can offer on the surface. They want to feel understood and appreciated for who they are, and they really need a partner in life who can provide this for them. Connecting with hearts and souls of others is definitely a great need for the INFP, and it must go beyond the surface and shallow aspects of meeting people. INFPs need friends and loved ones who they can share themselves with, and talk about their innermost thoughts and desires. They also want people who are willing to open up themselves, as the INFP really enjoy being able to see into someone’s heart and not just their outer shell. 

5. Patience

When it comes to their relationships the INFP really needs people who can offer them patience. They have their own ways of doing things and often look at the world with a unique scope. The INFP cares about their inner morals, and they need people who can respect how important they are. They believe in always striving to do what is right, and have strong beliefs about what this means. The INFP wants to make a difference in the world, and they need people around them who support this. Without having loved ones who are patient with the INFP and their inner needs, they can feel lost and misunderstood.

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