Here's How Enthusiastic You Are According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Enthusiastic You Are, According to Your Personality Type

While some people are rather reserved about their feelings, other people are extremely enthusiastic individuals. Here is how enthusiastic you are, according to your personality type.


INFJs are generally not enthusiastic people, and prefer to keep reserved in most places. They have a way of keeping parts of themselves hidden with most people, until they find the ones who are sincerely special to them. INFJs have a hard time opening up to most people, and don’t feel safe being too vulnerable unless they can trust someone. INFJs can be enthusiastic about things that they find exciting, especially when they are in the presence of someone who makes them feel comfortable. They have an enthusiastic side when it comes to the things they are passionate about, but INFJs do not light up easily in front of people. It simply requires having the right friends in their presence to bring up their mood.


ENFJs are enthusiastic people who enjoy being passionate in their lives. They can become rather eager about certain things, especially when it comes to taking care of their loved ones. The ENFJ wants to make other people feel happy, which is what drives most of their actions. They can be rather expressive people, who enjoy be enthusiastic and supportive. They will rarely hold back when it comes to most situations, and will be expressive and energetic. ENFJs need this sort of go-getter energy in order to push themselves to accomplish the many tasks and goals which they have taken on.


INFPs can be a combination of enthusiastic and a bit cynical, depending entirely on their mood. In some cases the INFP prefers to keep to themselves, so they don’t always feel comfortable expressing their inner desires and emotions to strangers. When the INFP enjoys someone’s company however, they will become rather enthusiastic and excitable people. They will want to share their feelings and their dreams, and dislike any sort of shallow conversation. INFPs love to speak with people who can become excited about their hopes and passions, and want to share that with them.


ENFPs are extremely enthusiastic people, who have a natural zest for life. They enjoy being excited about things, and don’t want to be held back by negativity. ENFPs are enthusiastic when it comes to their passions and when it comes to their loved ones. They enjoy being able to express themselves without feeling like they are being judged by others. ENFPs are always ready to take on some new adventure, because they truly enjoy soaking up all of the possibilities that the world has to offer them. They enjoy newness, and thrive on being able to explore exciting things.


INTJs are generally not the most enthusiastic or expressive people, and often like to keep an outwardly reserved demeanor. They simply don’t feel the need to vomit their emotions onto other people, and are very internal about them. INTJs would rather remain calm so that they can logically assess the situations, before becoming too eager or excited. They enjoy being able to observe their surroundings, and becoming outwardly enthusiastic can be a distraction. INTJs are more internal people, who may not express excitement in an obvious way. They do become enthusiastic about learning and research, it just isn’t something you will clearly see written on their expression.


ENTJs are certainly passionate people, who can become enthusiastic about certain things. When it comes to business endeavors and reaching their goals, the ENTJ can show an impressive level of enthusiasm. They know how to celebrate when things are going good, and want to let the people close to them know they are pleased. ENTJs can also be rather reserved people, but this entirely depends upon the setting. They often know how to balance their excitement, and save it for the proper time and place. When it comes to maintaining focus though, the ENTJ will temper their enthusiasm in order to do what needs to be done.


INTPs are extremely internal people, which means they often keep their emotions to themselves. You will rarely see the INTP becoming emotionally charged or enthusiastic about something in a way that you can clearly visualize. INTPs may even believe they are being much more expressive than they actually are, since these emotions just don’t become clear by their expressions. They are simply very internal people, with both their thoughts and their feelings. They keep these things to themselves, and don’t feel comfortable sharing with most people.


ENTPs are enthusiastic people, especially when it comes to the things they are passionate about. They enjoy being able to follow their own path in life, and want to be free to explore the many possibilities around them. ENTPs can become very excited about certain topics, especially things that help them learn and expand their knowledge. They want to be able to get excited about things, since they are very passionate people. They don’t want to have to hold back, and enjoy being able to feel a sense of freedom in their choices.


ISTJs are generally not openly enthusiastic people, and tend to be more reserved in front of others. They simply are very internal when it comes to their emotions, and prefer to keep things to themselves. ISTJs do not feel comfortable expressing most things to other people, and would rather have their own space. ISTJs might feel a sense of excitement, but don’t usually express that in an obvious way. ISTJs are private people, and do not readily express their enthusiasm towards something. These thoughts are kept to themselves, or shared with someone very close to them.


ESTJs are more reserved people, especially when they are in the workplace. They do however have an expressive side to their personality, especially when they are excited about something. When an ESTJ hears good news it can be hard for them to keep their enthusiasm in check. They will often become very energized and have a hard time holding it in. They will express themselves to the people around them in an open and eager manner. ESTJs can be both reserved and enthusiastic people, entirely depending on their current situation and mood.


ISFJs are generally more reserved and private people, who do not want to share their excitement too much. They would rather keep their calm in order to fully gauge the reactions of the people around them. ISFJs don’t want to seem too eager, and never want to be considered an embarrassment to others. They can be enthusiastic over certain things, but rarely show this outwardly. They simply want to maintain a sense of calm, and don’t feel comfortable being too expressive around others. ISFJs main focus is caring for their loved ones, which often means a lot of responsibility on their part.


ESFJs can be rather enthusiastic people, especially when it comes to their loved ones. They want to share their excitement with them, in hopes that it will rub off a bit. ESFJs can become rather eager about the things they are passionate about, and enjoy being able to share this with others. They also have a reserved side to their personality, but this is usually only when they are trying to keep calm for the sake of other people. ESFJs have certain things that excite them, and while they don’t want to burden others with it, they do have moments of expressing their enthusiasm.


ISTPs are very internal people, who tend to keep their emotions to themselves. They are rarely outwardly expressive around other people, since this just does not come naturally to them. ISTPs do become excited about certain things, especially when it comes to absorbing information or taking part in a new adventure. They are passionate people, they just aren’t the most expressive individuals. ISTPs may even feel like they are being expressive, while to others they are showing little emotion. They have certain things they are enthusiastic about, it just isn’t something they show outwardly.


ESTPs can actually be very enthusiastic people, especially when it comes to the things they are passionate about. They enjoy being able to express their excitement to their loved ones, and don’t want to hold back. ESTPs can be very eager when it comes to the things that excite them, and love taking on new adventures. They enjoy being able to share this with the people close to them, and want to be able to express themselves openly without judgment. ESTPs do have a cynical side to their personality, but they also have a very enthusiastic side.


ISFPs are extremely private and internal people, who like to keep their emotions to themselves in most cases. They don’t express their feelings to strangers, and only do this with those they feel more comfortable with. When the ISFP trusts someone deeply, they can definitely be enthusiastic people. They enjoy becoming excited about the beauty in the world, and love being able to share their passions with people. ISFPs simply do not feel at ease being expressive with everyone, so they can often keep this excitement inside of them.


ESFPs are extremely enthusiastic and excitable people, especially when it comes to something that ignites their passionate side. They are positive individuals who enjoy being open and expressive with others. When the ESFP feels excited about something, they will not be afraid to eagerly show their enthusiasm to others. They don’t hold back their feelings, and simply want to live their lives in the present moment. ESFPs enjoy being excited about things, and don’t like feeling held back in any way.

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