Here’s How Important Sincerity Is To Each personality Type

Here’s How Important Sincerity Is to Each Personality Type

Sincerity is certainly an important value to possess, but some people hold it as more valuable than others. Here is how important sincerity is to each personality type.


INFJs believe in being sincere with everything they do, and dislike any sign of fakeness. They don’t like to pretend, and enjoy focusing on the deeper meaning of things. INFJs are sincere people, who stand by their beliefs and their morals. When INFJs might struggle with being sincere, is when they feel that it might hurt someone else. They dislike hurting people and try hard to avoid causing any harm. When INFJs realize that their words can hurt, they will sometimes tone them down in order to avoid this. For the most part though, INFJs believe in sincerity, and at least strive for it.


ENFJs are focused people who are always trying to do good for others. They strive to be sincere and follow their own inner moral code in life. ENFJs follow what they believe in right, and in most cases they value sincerity. Sometimes ENFJs can avoid being too sincere when they believe it might hurt someone. They will simply hold back a bit, and try to sugar coat their words in order to avoid causing pain. When it comes to how they live their lives the ENFJ wants to be sincere and dislikes any kind of pretend.


INFPs are extremely sincere people, who believe deeply in being honest. Anything fake or pretend is very unappealing for the INFP, especially when they are around people they care for. They want to be honest and upfront about who they are what they believe in. INFPs dislike anything shallow and want to avoid things in life that seem to lack depth or meaning. Sincerity is important for INFPs, and they strive to live every moment of their lives with honesty and openness.


ENFPs are very sincere people, who believe in following their heart. They want to do what is right and be true to themselves sin the process. ENFPs dislike anything that appears fake or insincere, and will avoid people or situations that lack meaning. They are always striving to understand themselves and even others, and believe in following their morals. ENFPs don’t like being around people who aren’t honest with them, and can often sense fakeness a mile away. It is important for ENFPs to seek out meaning in their lives, and they will always strive to be sincere.


INTJs are actually very sincere people, even if they aren’t seen as open individuals. They don’t feel the need to express their feelings to everyone, but they do not take action without intent. INTJs don’t see the point in pretending in life, and actually value things with substance and meaning. For the INTJ it is important to focus on depth and knowledge, and are always striving to understand the world around them. INTJs dislike fake people, and will avoid anyone who seems to lack sincerity in their actions and their words.


ENTJs value sincerity and honesty, especially when it comes to their loved ones. They don’t like to be open with most people, but that does not mean they lack sincerity. ENTJs prefer to focus on things that hold value to them, and are always looking for meaning. They dislike being around fake people, and actually enjoy honesty in those closest to them. While ENTJs might not be expressive people, they want their lives to hold meaning and try hard to be sincere in their words and actions.


INTPs are logical people who value precision and accuracy. While INTPs are more focused on reason than they are emotions, they do value sincerity. They are often searching for a deeper meaning in their actions and even the actions of others. INTPs dislike being around fake people, but sometimes their curiosity gets the better of them. They strive to understand people, even the ones they don’t trust- this is simply because INTPs want to understand everything around them. INTPs do value sincerity, and strive to be honest and good people in their words and actions.


ENTPs are eager and passionate people who strive to understand the world around them. They are always searching for the possibilities around them, and enjoy being able to grow and change. ENTPs do value sincerity, and they know how to be upfront and honest when it matters. ENTPs also have moments where they like to pretend to feel a certain way, simply to see what the result will be. They are always testing the waters and enjoy pushing the limits in life. This can cause them to appear insincere, but in truth they are just searching for true understanding.


ISTJs are definitely sincere people, and also believe in being as honest as possible. They do not do anything with believing in their actions and the choices they make. ISTJs often think through what they say and do beforehand, to ensure that they are making the right choice. This is because ISTJs believe in being sincere in their actions, and do not want to jump into anything without being sure about it. ISTJs are hardworking people, who value meaning and loyalty.


ESTJs definitely believe in being sincere, and dislike doing anything that feels fake. They are hardworking people who value honest and dependability. They certainly strive to be sincere, but sometimes ESTJs lack a sense of openness. They don’t feel comfortable exposing themselves to others, and only do so when they are around people they trust deeply. ESTJs do dislike fake people though and can become extremely frustrated around those types.


ISFJs value sincerity and believe it is important to live their lives with a sense of purpose. While ISFJs believe in being sincere, they can become caught up in appearances. They are often so focused on making their loved ones happy that they can value pleasing others more than being sincere. ISFJs simply want to be perfect for the people they care about and work hard to do what they can for them. ISFJs also dislike saying or doing anything that can hurt someone, which can cause them to appear insincere.


ESFJs do believe in being sincere, and value honesty when it comes to their personal lives. While ESFJs believe in sincerity and value its importance, it can be difficult for them to live up to this. ESFJs value their loved ones above everything and strive to make them happy. In some instances the ESFJ can become caught up in appearances, and might lack sincerity in order to please someone else. This is often something that happens in their younger years, and many ESFJs learn to overcome this as they get older. Deep down they value being sincere and honest, and learn to prioritize this eventually.


ISTPs definitely want to live their lives with sincerity, and don’t see a point in being fake. They dislike pretending for the sake of others, and will rarely allow themselves to do this. While ISTPs aren’t always comfortable being open with others, they won’t pretend for their sake. They won’t hold back themselves or who they are, simply to ensure someone else’s comfort. ISTPs do value sincerity, and dislike being around people who are fake.


ESTPs are logical and intelligent people, who are always pushing themselves forward. While ESTPs strive to be sincere, they can sometimes appear otherwise. The fact that they live so much in the present moment causes the ESTP to do things different than they might vocalize. While the ESTP says one thing, their actions can sometimes contradict this. They also strive to please and impress others, which can cause them to appear insincere sometimes. This is simply because the ESTP cares what people think and wants to be seen as impressive to their loved ones.


ISFPs can be emotional people, which can cause them to jump from one thing to another rather quickly. The fact that ISFPs always follow their hearts can cause them to appear less sincere than they actually are. The ISFP might say one thing and act entirely different, which might upset others. Their behavior may seem flighty but in truth the ISFP is simply following what they feel is right in that present moment. They follow their own desires, instead of focusing on what people expect from them.


ESFPs are open people, which causes them to be sincere in most of their actions. They do have times where they prioritize appearances a bit too much, but they rarely even recognize when they are doing this. ESFPs do strive to be sincere people, and want their lives to focus on enjoying the present moment. Their desire to jump from one new thing to the next can cause the ESFP to appear less sincere to others. They might say one thing and act on another, but this is simply because they are so ruled by their emotions.

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