Here's How Generous You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Generous You Are, According to Your Personality Type

While some people are a bit stingy, others are extremely generous. Balance is an important thing, and some people struggle to find the middle ground. Here is how generous each personality type most likely is.


INFJs are extremely generous people, with their time, their hearts and their energy. They give to others willingly, and without expecting much in return. INFJs want to see other people happy, and will often give much of themselves in order to acquire this. They do not hold back, and will often give the shirt off their backs for the people they love. INFJs dislike withholding from people, and will often feel guilty if they don’t give more than enough. They are generous and loving people, who strive to make a difference in the world.


ENFJs are definitely generous people, who give until they have nothing left. They will do whatever it takes to see others happy, pushing themselves beyond what most people are capable of. ENFJs will not hold back what they have selfishly, and instead will hand over whatever they can to others. They are giving and loving people, with big hearts. ENFJs simply want to make a difference in the world, and enjoy being able to improve the lives of others. While some people become uneasy with giving too much, ENFJs are quite the opposite.


INFPs are definitely giving people, who want to make a difference in the world. At the same time the INFP also knows how to prioritize their own needs. They will definitely give to the people around them though, and enjoy seeing people happy. INFPs are supportive and loving people, but at the same time they need time to themselves. If they are feeling overwhelmed, they simply need to retreat and maintain a sense of space. Without this self-reflection, INFPs will have a hard time being useful to anyone. They know that in order to be generous with others, they also need to be generous with themselves.


ENFPs are warm people, who enjoy seeing other people happy. They are certainly generous when it comes to certain things, and want to do what they can to support people. ENFPs will give in the ways that is truly matters, especially when someone they love is in need. When the ENFP sees that someone truly needs them, they will have a hard time saying “no” to that person. They have certain times when they need to tend to their own needs, and realize where their limits are. When it comes to giving the ENFP tries to maintain a sense of balance, which is actually a healthy way to go about it.


INTJs are intelligent and logical people, who are constantly striving to understand the world around them. Their drive for knowledge can sometimes make them very internally focused people. They do want to make a difference in the world, but their sense of independence can make them less generous with certain things. If their loved ones need them, the INTJ will certainly be there for them- they simply aren’t generous with things they deem unnecessary. INTJs believe in being independent, and feel like most people should handle their problems themselves.


ENTJs are much more caring than they express, and give very much to their loved ones. ENTJs simply do not feel generous towards every person they meet, and prefer to save that for only special individuals. They realize that in order to make a difference and reach their goals, they need to take care of themselves first. ENTJs are entirely different with the people they care deeply for though, and will be extremely generous with them. They often do whatever they can to provide for the ones they love, and will go above and beyond for them.


INTPs are independent and logical people, who can be extremely internal with their thoughts. They spend a lot of time researching and analyzing information, which leaves little room for outward focus. INTPs often believe in being independent and getting things done themselves. They aren’t always aware when people are in need, and have a hard time understanding emotions. When it comes to strangers INTPs can have a hard time being open with them, and prefer to save their generosity. When it comes to their loved ones INTPs do care deeply and want to make them happy. They often save their giving nature for the people who truly matter to them.


ENTPs are giving people, who believe in independence. This sense of self-sufficiency causes ENTPs to believe that most people should handle their own affairs. They certainly care for others, they just don’t want to over indulge them. ENTPs spend their energy focusing on the things they can change, and want to learn as much as they can. ENTPs also realize that they need to prioritize themselves, because no one else will. They take care of their own needs and expect most other people to do the same things. When it comes to the people they love dearly, the ENTP can be much more generous.


ISTJs are independent people, who believe in taking care of themselves. They have a sense of strength that makes the ISTJ focus on taking care of their own needs most of the time. While ISTJs are self-sufficient, they also care deeply for their loved ones. They may not be generous with strangers, but they work hard to care for the people close to them. The ISTJ will save their generosity for the people they know and care for, and will be very giving with them.


ESTJs are strong-willed people, who believe in being independent. They are rarely generous with strangers, simply because they do not have a connection with those people. They prefer to maintain balance in their lives, and realize that their own needs matter as well. When it comes to their loved ones though, ESTJs can be surprisingly generous. They often have a hard time saying “no” to the people they love, and will do anything to care for their needs. ESTJs do have a generous side to their personality, even if they can be a bit intense about it.


ISFJs are certainly generous people, who strive to care for the needs of others. ISFJs can often be so generous that they forget to care for their own needs. They will give until they have nothing left in them to hand over. ISFJs certainly do not withhold from people, and will do whatever it takes to make others happy. They are especially giving with their loved ones, and will go above and beyond to ensure their happiness. ISFJs are very generous and loving people, who see no limits to what they can give.


ESFJs are definitely generous people, who work hard to tend to the needs of others. ESFJs will often feel guilty for caring for themselves, and instead would rather take care of their loved ones. They will be generous with how much they give to others, and will go without simply to ensure their happiness and well-being. ESFJs can often be so generous that they neglect their own needs for the sake of others. This generosity can be rather intense sometimes, and is something the ESFJ needs to work on. They sometimes need to remember to care for themselves as well, in order to properly care for others.


ISTPs are very independent people, who often believe in tending to their own needs. They can be very internally focused, and love researching and absorbing information. They aren’t always aware of the emotions of others, which can make them a bit clueless when someone is in need of help. ISTPs are caring people, they just don’t always believe in generosity to severe degrees. They will certainly help people when they can, but know how to prioritize their own needs when it is important to.


ESTPs can be very generous with their loved ones, especially with certain things. They will enjoy giving to people, and will even spend energy picking out gifts for them. ESTPs want to be generous, but they do have moments where they fail to accomplish this. If the ESTP believes that their own needs are not being met, they will not go above and beyond for someone else. They prioritize themselves, and will have to take a step back in order to take care of themselves.


ISFPs are moral and caring people, who enjoy doing what they can to help others. They will certainly be generous when they can afford to be, and love being able to make others happy. ISFPs simply know how to maintain a sense of balance, and will not go overboard when it comes to giving. They will only give what they can fairly hand over, and won’t sacrifice their own well-being in the process. They are giving people, but they realize that they can only help others if they take care of themselves.


ESFPs are fun and eager people, who love to soak up the joys in life. They will certainly be generous with their loved ones, especially when they have the means to do so. ESFPs actually like being able to care for people, and will often become a bit lavish with their gift giving. They have warm hearts, and are very open people. ESFPs do have times where they need to prioritize their own needs though, and will have to put themselves first in those situations. ESFPs will be generous when they can afford to be, but also know how to take time for themselves.

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