INTP Teachers: How INTPs Respond to Being Teachers

Being a teacher can be a truly challenging but also rewarding career choice, especially for those who are passionate about it. While it can also be a thankless job at times, there are plenty of ways to feel rewarded by helping to change the lives of your students. Teachers are definitely an important part of our lives growing up and even into adulthood, and so they can truly affect how people see the world and how much they believe in themselves. The right teacher has the ability to change the lives of their students and to inspire them to go after their dreams in ways that other people cannot. Some personality types might seem more fitted to this type of job, and are likely to gain something different from the experience.

When it comes to being teachers the INTP might be nervous about this idea at first, but they have a lot of potential to feel rewarded by it. Being a teacher requires someone who can be excited about what they are teaching, and INTPs can certainly do this. They love to learn and enjoy when the people around them are just as eager to absorb knowledge. Being someone who can spread information and help others improve their minds, is going to be a very rewarding choice for the INTP. They can also provide a lot for their students, often surprising people with how understanding and patient they can be in the right environment. When it comes to teaching INTPs might prefer being professors or working with adults rather than with children, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of both.

They Are Passionate

INTPs are passionate people, especially when there is a subject they are truly interested in. This type of passion for what they are teaching is something which can really resonate with students. It becomes boring if a teacher is not personally interested in what they are trying to teach, and is something that people can sense fairly quickly. A lack of excitement is not going to help anyone learn or grow personally interested in the subject themselves. For the INTP learning is an exciting and thrilling part of life, and so they enjoy being able to provide this type of excitement for others as well. When they are teaching something they love and enjoy, it becomes truly exciting to see their students feel the same way. They are passionate about learning and about expanding their minds, and can really get into what they are teaching to their students. The more they see them responding the more thrilled the INTP will get, and this can become a truly rewarding experience for everyone involved. 

They Have a Unique Approach

INTPs are capable of seeing things from many different angles, which makes the process of teaching much more adaptable for them. While some teachers might have one strict way of teaching a subject, INTPs can bounce around and attack from different angles. They can see when a student is not receptive to something, and will be great at finding a different approach for them. They know how to come at things from a new point of view, and this helps the INTP become truly amazing teachers. Instead of allowing a student to feel confused and force them to understand their personal approach, the INTP teacher will search for different ways to connect with them. They even enjoy teaching each class a little differently, which is part of what keeps the spark alive for them. Instead of doing everything in an organized and uniform manner, the INTP might mix things up and change how they deliver certain details. Being capable of adapting and teaching in so many different ways, makes the INTP teacher someone that can connect with all kinds of students. Instead of making their students feel bad because they don’t understand something, the INTP wants to find a way to help them connect with the subject and understand it better. They are good at inspiring people to enjoy learning, and feel like they don’t have to be the same as everyone else in how they do this.

They Want to Do Something Meaningful

INTPs do care about doing something meaningful with their lives, and often feel like they want to serve some sort of bigger purpose. They don’t want to feel like they aren’t known for anything of substance or value, which is why teaching can actually be very rewarding for them. The more they connect with their students and can find a rhythm which suits them, the closer they become to feeling like they are doing something of truly value and meaning. While there might be struggles along the way, INTPs often prefer something which gets them outside of their comfort zone. They want to feel like they can really provide others with something important, and spreading accurate information is a big deal for the INTP. They value knowledge and being able to help others grow and learn, and so teaching can be something incredibly rewarding for them.

The Struggles of the INTP Teacher

Of course being a teacher is not an easy job, and for anyone it will have its specific struggles. INTPs often struggle with being easily distracted, and they can have a hard time keeping focused on certain things. They might find themselves drawn to a different idea, which can make it hard for them to stay on track with a lesson plan. They might find that something else pops into their thoughts and they really want to share with their students, and so staying on track can become a challenge for the INTP teacher. They also don’t love having to be organized and so their desk and environment can get a bit messy or cluttered. This can be a consistent struggle or source of frustration, but doesn’t necessarily hold the INTP back from being a good teacher.


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