Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Pop Culture

Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Pop Culture

Some people are extremely interested in popular culture, while others find it to be exhausting. Here is how each personality type feels about popular culture.


INFJs have a tendency to be all or nothing when it comes to most things in life. INFJs will either be in love with pop culture, or absolutely despise it. Some INFJs truly enjoy the chance to dive into different stories and fun nerd culture. They will often be more drawn to things they can connect with, and enjoy the fantasy element to pop culture. INFJs will likely have a harsh opinion towards certain pop culture, and will dislike seeing how people become so obsessed with reality TV and things similar to it. They often enjoy storytelling, and things like reading, comic book and fiction shows and movie. They things can help the INFJ drift into another reality, and they often enjoy sharing this with their loved ones.


ENFJs are often connected to many things in the world around them, and this includes pop culture. They often enjoy being able to connect with loved ones via different television shows and movies. ENFJs often see this as a way to remain connected to people, and dislike feeling like they are being left out. They will often take time to watch the shows and movies that their loved ones enjoy, and enjoy staying up to date. ENFJs might dislike certain elements of pop culture, especially the more shallow and obnoxious aspects.


INFPs rarely pay much attention to pop culture, and dislike feeling like people are telling them what to enjoy. INFPs might like certain elements to pop culture, like music and different bands. They simply don’t care what people are hyped up about, and want to focus on their own interests. If the INFP likes something that is “outdated” they won’t feel a need to hide this from others. They enjoy being themselves, and will only show interest in pop culture if it is something they personally enjoy.


ENFPs are often the type of people who dance to the beat of their own drum. They will occasionally enjoy certain pop culture elements, but won’t do this just because people think they should. ENFPs enjoy being themselves, and because of this they often become trendsetters. They will not pretend to like something just because other people tell them to, and will likely rebel against this. It takes a lot to hold an ENFPs interest, since they can become bored rather easily by most things and will jump onto something new.


INTJs like researching and understanding their surroundings, and this often includes pop culture. They will often enjoy researching the trends and seeing how they tie into psychology and sociology. INTJs will often see pop culture as a tool to understanding people better, and will enjoy paying attention to those trends. They might enjoy certain pop culture trends themselves, but this is not dictated by what other people enjoy. INTJs are often the people who find something they enjoy, and watch as other people follow. They do not want to be followers, and are naturally more inclined to enjoy their own style which sets them apart from others.


ENTJs often enjoy using pop culture as a way to understand and connect with people. They often realize that following certain trends can keep them connected with the right people in life. They dislike being left unaware and because of this the ENTJ will often be knowledgeable about many different elements of pop culture. They do not pretend to like everything tied to pop culture though, and will be comfortable letting people know their opinions. They simply enjoy knowing the details of what is going on around them, and because of this they will stay up to date with pop culture.


INTPs love researching everything around them, and this includes pop culture. They will often be extremely aware of the more popular, TV shows, movies, music, memes and even sports. INTPs simply enjoy being aware, and dislike feeling like someone else can make them seem foolish. INTPs will often research pop culture and attempt to connect it with different elements of psychology and sociology. INTPs are usually excellent at observing trends, and will often know what is going to become popular before it even does. This ability can often cause INTPs to become interested in topics that aren’t even known yet, causing them to seem odd. In most situations this is because the INTP is actually ahead of their time and people don’t realize this.


ENTPs will often be aware of pop culture, and don’t mind paying attention to trends. They will enjoy being up to date on popular culture, but won’t pretend to like something just because other people do. ENTPs often bounce around from one things to the next, and can become bored rather easily. This can cause the ENTP to discover new things, before they even become popular. This ability to realize trends, sets the ENTP apart from many other types. By the time many things become popular though, the ENTP has already moved onto something new.


ISTJs are often independent people, and enjoy keeping to themselves most of the time. They are surprisingly aware of pop culture, and are often good at keeping up with trends. They usually are aware of the upcoming trends, before they even become mainstream popular. ISTJs are aware that knowing these different trends can actually help them advance in their careers and in life. ISTJs can often create different hobbies or side jobs that help them make profits, simply because they are aware of the trends and what people want.


ESTJs are extremely focused individuals, and often enjoy keeping up with trends. They enjoy feeling connected to their community, and sometimes being aware of pop culture can aid in this. ESTJs rarely pretend to like things though, and will just use pop culture as fodder for discussions. They enjoy being able to connect with loved ones and might dive into a new TV show or movie just because someone close to them enjoys it. ESTJs prefer to work and focus on what needs to be done though, and will put these things above relaxation time.


ISFJs are often great at keeping up with trends and actually enjoy pop culture. They enjoy being able to connect with loved ones via a shared love of different TV show, movies or books. They dislike offending people, so they might have a hard time admitting when they dislike something their loved ones enjoy. ISFJs enjoy keeping the peace, which is a big reason why they prefer to keep up to date with certain popular culture. Being aware of what is going on around them, helps the ISFJ maintain their relationships better.


ESFJs are often very aware of pop culture, and enjoy keeping up with the trends. They do not pretend to like things though, and will often be honest about certain trends that they find foolish. ESFJs often enjoy connecting with their loved ones, and will take an interest in whatever trends the people closest to them enjoy. ESFJs are not shallow people, and rarely enjoy something just because it is popular. They do like being able to connect with others though, and sometimes pop culture can help them do this.


ISTPs often enjoy certain elements of pop culture, but they do not care for being seen as trendy. If they like something, then they will dive into it head on- but ISTPs will never pretend to enjoy something just because it is popular. They can often become irritated by different trends, and will consider certain reality TV shows to be a complete sham. ISTPs enjoy doing their own things, and this rarely has anything to do with focusing on popular culture.


ESTPs are often great at keeping up with popular culture, and might even enjoy being trendy. They often dislike feeling like they are being left behind in any way, which causes the ESTP to remain knowledgeable on pop culture. ESTPs want to be connected with their loved ones, and can often use popular culture to do this. Knowing about the trends and what is going on in the world around them, is important to the ESTP in order to remain connected and important.


ISFPs often enjoy pop culture, but they are not obsessed with it by any means. They enjoy knowing what the trends are, and will pick and choose which ones they want to partake in. ISFPs prefer to live in the moment, which helps them often feel connected to the current popular events and culture. ISFPs enjoy physical things, and enjoy paying attention to things they find beautiful. This can cause ISFP to pay attention to pop culture, but they will not pretend to like something just because it is popular.


ESFPs are often extremely aware of pop culture, and enjoy setting the trends as well. They are connected to the world around them, which makes it natural for them to stay up to date with what is popular. ESFPs enjoy keeping up with trends, and dislike feeling like they are left behind at all. ESFPs will often enjoy being well dressed, and like knowing what is popular. They are constantly keeping current, and can become rather obsessed with knowing about the latest trends.

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