ENTJ Entrepreneurs: The Pros and Cons of Being an ENTJ Entrepreneur

While many people might consider the independence and pride which comes from meaning an entrepreneur. The ability to make your own career choices often seems like a dream, but it also comes with heaps of responsibility and often financial risk. Being the person to take these steps on your own to manage your own business or businesses, is something which not everyone can do just because they think it seems like a good idea. It is something which takes incredible dedication, effort and skill.

ENTJs are hardworking and focused people, which often makes them drawn to entrepreneurial careers. They are naturally independent and prefer to handle things themselves with a rather take charge attitude. This ability to take the lead on things is something which definitely helps the ENTJ fit into the role of entrepreneur or business owner. People often peg them as ideal for these jobs, and while they definitely bring a lot to the table, they have their own struggles just like any other personality type. They have certain qualities which make them a great match as an entrepreneur, but certainly there are things which can make the process a little more difficult for the ENTJ as well.

The Pros of the ENTJ Entrepreneur

ENTJs are very driven people, who believe in taking on a challenge and doing whatever they must to get it done. They don’t back down or quit when something becomes difficult, instead they simply work harder to find the right solutions. ENTJs are not afraid of things becoming hard, they actually enjoy being able to grow and learn how to better themselves. They want to be able to accomplish greatness in their lives, and this drive is something which really can help them in entrepreneurship roles. The ENTJ is often drawn to these positions because they want to be able to reach for their goals and build something they can be sincerely proud of. They aren’t the type of people who quit when things are challenging, and this ability to keep moving forward above all obstacles is truly an asset.

ENTJs are independent people who don’t like having to follow the rules that others set for them. They actually enjoy going out on their own without needing to lean on others or depend on them for things. This sense of independent and personal motivation is something which certainly aids the ENTJ when they want to become an entrepreneur. They aren’t afraid of taking charge and of doing things on their own without having to have the plan or rules laid out for them. ENTJs can come up with their own ideas and their own path, which is why they aren’t afraid of venturing out independently. The ENTJ knows how to motivate themselves which is a very important part of being an entrepreneur and running their own business. Without being able to push themselves to get things done, the business can really fall apart. Their ability to lead others is also something which helps them, since the ENTJ knows how to delegate in the right ways. They are actually good at connecting with people and helping to inspire and motivate them. ENTJs outgoing personalities really help them in these situations, as most people will look up to them and admire their confidence and strength.

ENTJs are also natural problem solvers and are good at looking towards the future. They can see the best course of action for their business, and will strategize how to make this happen. ENTJs have these problem solving skills which they utilize when things go wrong. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the issues, the ENTJ will use their logical minds to get the job done. They don’t believe in allowing emotions to cloud their judgement, instead they focus on things they can use to change the situation and make everything better. Where others might become upset and allow emotions to hold them back, the ENTJ shuts this off and instead uses their sense of intuition and logic to figure out how they can overcome whatever struggle is in front of them.

The Cons of the ENTJ Entrepreneur

While ENTJs can be outgoing people, they aren’t naturally connected to the emotions of others. Sometimes their minds become so focused on the logical answer, and this can disconnect them from certain consumers or customers which pertain to their business. It is important for the ENTJ to take a step back, since there are times when they need to use emotions to figure out the answer to the problem. When they aren’t really connected to their own emotions, the ENTJ might be able to learn from someone else who can give them insight into their consumers. ENTJs are capable of listening to criticism and learning from others, and so sometimes they need to be open to the emotional side of their business, which is often customer service.

ENTJs can sometimes take on too much and become too focused on handling the workload themselves. ENTJs can sometimes exhaust themselves because they become so buried in their work. While they can handle a lot themselves, it is important for the ENTJ to take time to relax and not feel overwhelmed. Even the most efficient and focused person can become drained when they don’t take time to relax and recharge their batteries. The most difficult thing for the ENTJ is finding this balance and learning when it is acceptable to take a break from their constant work and grind. Without taking this time their business might suffer, especially if they become short-tempered and struggle to be forgiving with people around them.

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