INFJ Entrepreneurs: The Pros and Cons of Being an INFJ Entrepreneur

While many people might consider the independence and pride which comes from meaning an entrepreneur. The ability to make your own career choices often seems like a dream, but it also comes with heaps of responsibility and often financial risk. Being the person to take these steps on your own to manage your own business or businesses, is something which not everyone can do just because they think it seems like a good idea. It is something which takes incredible dedication, effort and skill. 

Since INFJs are introverted and often very compassionate people, this can cause them to appear less equipped for the sometimes difficulties of being an entrepreneur. This is definitely a miscommunication, since there are many attributes of the INFJ which can often surprise people. They are organized and focused individuals with so many unique skills and talents. INFJs have amazing intuitive abilities, and can connect with others naturally- these are abilities which can become amazing strengths as a business person or entrepreneur. It is important to analyze the personality type further and really consider how their natural traits can apply to fitting well into roles one might not expect.

The Pros of the INFJ Entrepreneur

INFJs are highly intuitive people, who have a knack for seeing around the corner with most things. They can use their natural intuition as a means of problem solving and planning ahead with their business. As an entrepreneur the INFJ can often see where things might go wrong and can figure out the best ways of avoiding these situations. It helps them to plan ahead and map out a course of action which is much more efficient and smart. Being able to predict future outcomes based on patterns is really an incredible skill, and the more the INFJ trusts in this the better they will be as an entrepreneur. If they rely on their ability to plan ahead and see into the future, the INFJ can come up with useful methods of reaching for their goals and making things work smoothly in their business setting.

INFJs are also good at connecting with people and understanding their needs, which is a truly helpful tool in any business situation. Knowing the needs of their customers or the people they network with, can really help the INFJ excel. In business there are so many times where being able to communicate with someone will ultimately help them achieve their goals. Where others might upset their customers or rub them the wrong way, the INFJ can often predict what they need in order to calm that person down and reach a peaceful answer to whatever the problem might be. This also helps give the INFJ a clearer vision for their business, and helps them to see what people will want from them. Knowing how to give people what they want is definitely an incredible asset for the INFJ entrepreneur. Their ability to draw people in is certainly something which will be a great strength for the INFJ, especially when they need customers in order to make their business work.

INFJs are also very independent people, and so being able to set their own rules and follow something they are passionate about, is really going to satisfy them. They can become drained in so many work settings, especially ones which force them to follow rules they don’t respect. For the INFJ being able to work for themselves and set their own guidelines, is deeply rewarding and fulfilling. If they are doing something they are passionate about the INFJ is likely to excel in ways that will truly surprise people. They are often very intelligent and skilled people, they just don’t do well when they are forced to abide by the rules of others. The INFJ needs to explore a path which helps them feel a sense of personal fulfillment and accomplishment. If their business is helping others in some way, the INFJ is likely to enjoy this even more. The more excited they are about their projects, the better the INFJ will be at what they do. 

The Cons of the INFJ Entrepreneur

If the INFJ has to constantly work face to face with people, this can become draining for them. They will do better running a business behind the scenes, where they can communicate via social media or other more private means. While INFJs are good with people, they simply becomes exhausted with too much direct social interaction and this could wear on them after a while. This is something which can make the role of entrepreneur difficult for the INFJ, depending on their choice of business and the path they take with it.

While being a perfectionist can be a good thing, it also has its downsides in business settings. The INFJ puts so much into everything they do and this certainly causes them to create some incredible results. While at times their perfectionist nature drives them to work hard, other times it can exhaust them and hold them back from ever truly getting things done. The INFJ might come down hard on themselves, feeling as if they aren’t doing good enough and this can cause immense strain on them and their business. When this happens the INFJ needs to take a step back and learn where they need to let go and stop holding onto the situation so tightly. This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t still be passionate and work hard, but there are certainly times when their expectations are far too high.

The most important thing for the INFJ entrepreneur is to choose a business which is rewarding for them. If what they are doing does not line up with their own personal morals, it will eventually fall apart. They need to be sure they are doing something which feels worthwhile, and doesn’t end up leaving them emotionally exhausted after the day is done. INFJs are willing to work hard, they just need to be sure they are passionate about what they are doing, no matter what that is.

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