ENFP In Bed: What the ENFPs Sexual Energy is Like

Sex and sexuality are certainly important parts of being human for most people, and so it is something which can help us understand one another better as well. Whether this be exploring your own sexual desires or understanding your partner on a deeper level, there are certain things which each personality type is more likely to connect with or feel. For some people the idea of casual sex is often unnerving and unpleasant, while for others it can be a great way of self-exploration. Sometimes these specific wants or behaviors can be connected to personality type, while there are also many aspects which aren’t.

For the ENFP one of the most important things is to have a connection or feel comfortable with someone before they have sex with them. They can have a rather playful and adventurous sexual energy, especially with someone they are close to. For the ENFP sex is often an important part of a relationship, as they value having many different kinds of intimacy. ENFPs enjoy being able to experience new things and can have a rather open part of them. They are curious people by nature, and so sex is often important to them in this sense. They want to be able to explore different parts of themselves, as well as different parts of their partner.

ENFP Sexual Energy

Emotions come into play with most things for the ENFP, and sex is part of this as well. They struggle to have sex without some sort of feelings or emotional connection applied to it. For them it is about being able to connect with someone, but also about understanding the feelings and desires of their partner. They often have a very exploratory and sensual energy when it comes to sex, and want to be with someone who is open and helps them feel comfortable with themselves as well. ENFPs don’t want to hold back during sex or feel like they are being restricted, otherwise it leaves them feeling drained and distant from the person they are with. They need to feel a sense of openness with that person, which is why being comfortable with someone and trusting them is so important for the ENFP. They do often feel more satisfied when their sexual partner is someone they love and sincerely care for on a deeper level. Just sharing something casual without any kind of emotions involved, is likely to do the opposite of satisfy the ENFP or make them happy.

If the ENFP has been through negative sexual experiences in the past they might have a hard time really opening up to someone. They might have a more closed off energy, but this is something which can be mended with the right partner. ENFPs remember when they have been hurt, and feel these emotions very deeply. This can make it hard for them to trust someone new if they have endured a painful heartbreak or judgmental sexual experience. They need a partner who will take the time to understand them and who also wants to make the ENFP happy. They are likely to be extremely giving and sensual lovers, but they often want to know that their partner cares about their needs as well. They might take it slow at first, wanting to see how their partner will respond to them and how giving they will be as well. Once the ENFP sees that they are with someone they can trust and who makes them comfortable, there is very little the ENFP wouldn’t do for this person sexually.

ENFP Sexual Intimacy

For the ENFP a sense of intimacy is definitely important, especially when they are connecting with someone they care about. They do have a fun side as well though, and not every encounter has to be entirely about intimacy and taking things slow. For the ENFP it just depends on their partner and how close they are with this person. If they feel comfortable with someone they can explore many different sexual experiences and desires. The ENFP can be open to a wilder side, and don’t necessarily need every moment to be slow and passionate. But ultimately they still feel that sense of intimacy with that person, because it is something which has been nurtured outside of the bedroom. They enjoy feeling comfortable and safe with someone and once they feel this way they are capable of opening up completely. ENFPs just want sex to be about enjoying the present and they like to feel open to exploring with the person they are with. Anyone who judges the ENFP or does not make them feel safe, is going to cause them to close themselves off to being truly intimate when it comes to sex.

ENFP & Casual Sex

ENFPs are passionate and adventurous people, but this does make it hard for them to really enjoy sex outside of their emotional connection. ENFPs might want to experience new things and so they can be open to trying things, which can include more casual encounters. ENFPs don’t like to close themselves off to things and so they might participate in casual sex in hopes of exploring themselves and what they might enjoy. Most of the time though, they will find this rather unfulfilling, as sex without feelings or emotions rarely makes the ENFP very happy. They are much more excited about connecting with people and feeling something beyond the physical. While ENFPs can be truly passionate and sexual people, they rarely find themselves fulfilled by casual sex. They need something beyond the surface, and don’t really like anything which feels shallow and meaningless. This is why casual sex can feel so lackluster for the ENFP, as it doesn’t hold any sort of special meaning or connection which they can hold onto.


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