Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Ignorance

Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Ignorance

Ignorance is something that can truly frustrate and annoy some people. Here is how each personality type feels about ignorance.


INFJs definitely don’t want to be ignorant themselves, and aspire to understand and absorb knowledge. While INFJs dislike feeling ignorant, they aren’t extremely harsh on others who are a bit lacking in information. They simply don’t enjoy judging people, and can be rather easy on others. While the INFJ will try not to hurt others, they sometimes become frustrated with their lack of understanding or knowledge. INFJs simply believe in trying to be fully aware, and dislike the idea of burying your head in the sand out of fear.


ENFJs definitely don’t want to feel ignorant, so they do try to research and understand as much as they can. They enjoy being able to feel fully aware, especially when it comes to group conversations. While ENFJs dislike feeling ignorant, they often try to help others who are lacking information. They try not to appear judgmental, and only do this is in a warm and kind way. ENFJs don’t want to be harsh and enjoy being able to provide a safe place for others to come when they are in need.


INFPs definitely don’t want to be ignorant people, which is why they enjoy research so much. At the same time they don’t want to feel judged or forced to observe things that they want to avoid. INFPs like to have freedom to make their own choices and don’t much care for the obligations that others place on them. They want to be able to form their own beliefs and opinions without other people treating them poorly because of it. INFPs also don’t want to judge others for their choices, but certain levels of ignorance can really get on their nerves.


ENFPs definitely don’t like feeling ignorant and will strive to learn and understand as much as they can. ENFPs want to be well educated people, which is why they spend a lot of time doing research. They are intelligent and observant people, who are always searching out new things to understand and absorb. They can become frustrated with people who are ignorant, especially when they are incapable of opening their minds to information. ENFPs don’t try to control people though, and simply want to feel free to do their own thing.


INTJs honestly despise ignorance, and see it as harmful in many ways. They believe people should always strive to keep learning and absorbing new knowledge. INTJs don’t want to feel ignorant in any situation, which is why they are constantly observing and researching new things. When other people are completely ignorant the INTJ will often try to inform them, but the worst thing is when someone refuses to listen. They will often write off those people, since willful ignorance is one of their biggest pet peeves.


ENTJs definitely don’t enjoy ignorance, and work hard to never be seen this way. They want to be as aware of the world around them as they possibly can, and strive to be well educated people. ENTJs really aren’t fans of being around ignorant people, and will try their best to educate them. If someone is not open to learning the truth, the ENTJ will become extremely frustrated with them. They believe in working hard and trying to be as efficient as possible, which is why being fully aware is important to them.


INTPs definitely don’t enjoy ignorance, which is why they spend most of their time doing research and learning as much as they can. INTPs are intelligent people who love constantly absorbing knowledge and reaching to understand the world around them. INTPs can become frustrated by people who are willfully ignorant, but are understanding with those who are open minded and want to learn. They prefer to maintain their distance from most people though, since they can become easily annoyed by their ignorance.


ENTPs are always trying to remove ignorance in their lives, which is why they are always researching and trying to learn. ENTPs try new things all of the time in order to truly be able to observe and understand information. They often dive into new adventures as a way to fully immerse themselves in the information to reach a new understanding. ENTPs are always trying to explore and push their own limits. ENTPs definitely don’t enjoy people who are completely ignorant, especially when they aren’t willing to keep an open mind.


ISTJs are definitely not fans of ignorance, and prefer to be as educated as possible. They are always trying to research and understand things, in order to be more aware. ISTJs are not fans of people who are willfully ignorant, and can become quickly frustrated by this. They want to be knowledgeable and favor those who also search out the truth. ISTJs enjoy people who can teach them from time to time, and love feeling like they can learn from someone.


ESTJs really don’t enjoy being ignorant, and want to be well aware of what is going on around them. They strive to be as efficient as possible, which often requires absorbing information and being educated. ESTJs strive to get things done in the best way possible, and are truly hardworking people. While ESTJs don’t enjoy being ignorant themselves, they are entirely frustrated by others who are completely unaware. They can become irritated with those people, especially if they will not listen to what the ESTJ has to say.


ISFJs definitely don’t want to feel ignorant, but this isn’t their main motivation in life. They try hard to ensure that their loved ones are happy, and that is what matters most to them. ISFJs don’t want to judge or punish others for being ignorant, and instead would rather be understanding and compassionate. They strive to keep a sense of peace in their environment, and want to make everyone happy around them.


ESFJs believe in keeping a sense of harmony in their environment and want to make their loved ones as happy as possible. They don’t enjoy feeling ignorant and can definitely become frustrated with people who won’t listen to the truth. While ESFJs don’t enjoy being around ignorance, they also don’t maintain this as their main focus. The most important thing to ESFJs is ensuring the happiness of others, they simply want to do what they can to provide for their loved ones.


ISTPs definitely don’t enjoy ignorance, and try hard to absorb as much knowledge as possible. They want to feel fully aware of information that is in front of them. ISTPs will become frustrated if they are surrounded by ignorant people, which is often why they prefer to be alone. They are more than capable of informing others, but they do have moments where they simply want to avoid contact with others entirely.


ESTPs definitely become frustrated by ignorance, especially with people who refuse to listen. ESTPs love absorbing facts and information, and try hard to inform others what they have learned. When they are fully aware of something the ESTP will have a hard time biting their tongue around others. When they witness someone who is completely ignorant and spreading that information, they will likely step in and try to stop it from happening.


ISFPs aren’t obsessed with removing ignorance in others, since they prefer to leave people be. ISFPs aren’t judgmental people, and become frustrated by those who try to push their beliefs onto others. ISFPs certainly don’t want to feel ignorant, but at the same time they enjoy feeling free to explore whatever they want. They would much rather make their own choices in life, and are truly free spirited people.


ESFPs don’t care much for people who are obsessed with pushing their knowledge onto others. They prefer to feel free to make their own choices in life, and want to explore whatever they choose. People who try to control them and make them go down a certain path, are truly frustrating for the ESFP. They don’t enjoy making people feel stupid for lacking information, and will often dislike people who are obsessed with being truthful.


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