Here’s How Each Personality Type Handles Being Micromanaged

Here’s How Each Personality Type Handles Being Micromanaged

While some people can handle being micromanaged, others react very differently. Here is how each personality type handles being micromanaged.


INFJs definitely don’t like being micromanaged, and often feel offended by it. When they are doing their job adequately they don’t want someone hovering over them constantly making adjustments. INFJs are often very capable people who are aware of the places they can improve. They don’t need someone constantly trying to place specific demands on them, and will become extremely frustrated by this. INFJs can certainly suck it up if they have to, but they sincerely don’t like being micromanaged.


ENFJs are natural leaders, and can often handle their own tasks without needing assistance from someone else. ENFJs don’t like feeling controlled by someone else and can become quickly frustrated if they are being micromanaged. They will become easily annoyed if someone is constantly trying to control how they handle things, but will be capable of biting their tongue. ENFJs know that sometimes they have to withstand the criticism, but they certainly don’t enjoy being micromanaged by someone since they have their own way of doing things.


INFPs definitely don’t handle being micromanaged well, and need some room to figure things out on their won. They don’t mind being given instructions, but there needs to be some creative license or else they will feel drained. INFPs become frustrated and anxious if someone is constantly over their shoulders trying to push demands on them. INFPs can become overwhelmed by someone who is constantly micromanaging them, especially if they deliver their demands in a rude tone.


ENFPs don’t handle being micromanaged very well, since they enjoy freedom to process things their own way. ENFPs are often very capable people, but they become quickly frustrated when someone tries to control them. ENFPs need plenty of creative freedom in order to figure things out and need that space to get things done the most effective way possible. They don’t need someone constantly trying to control them or place demands on them, and require the ability to handle things on their own.


INTJs truly don’t handle being micromanaged well, and become frustrated when someone tries to push them around. They know how to take instruction, but need room to find the process that best fits them. INTJs don’t appreciate having to take orders from someone who they know more than, and will become a bit annoyed by this. INTJs often do best in a career where they can handle their own affairs, and don’t constantly have someone hovering over their shoulder.


ENTJs don’t mind taking instruction, and are excellent at being diplomatic. Ultimately ENTJs do best when they are their own bosses, since they don’t really enjoy being bossed around. They do best when they can handle their own affairs and need space in order to figure out the most efficient process possible. ENTJs aren’t incapable of following instruction, but being micromanaged can become extremely frustrating for them.


INTPs certainly don’t handle being micromanaged well, which is why they often do best managing their own businesses. They become frustrated by someone constantly telling them what to do, and need space to handle things their own way. INTPs often have a unique process for figuring things out, which requires plenty of space and freedom. INTPs don’t enjoy having to explain their thought process to someone, and can become frustrated having to recall certain details. They need someone who gives them plenty of creative freedom in order to get things done.


ENTPs definitely don’t enjoy being micromanaged, and prefer to have plenty of creative freedom in their jobs. ENTPs don’t really handle being controlled, and will often do their own thing regardless. They need to be in a career where they have room to grow and figure things out on their own. Being forced into a rigid work environment is extremely frustrating and soul sucking for ENTPs. They don’t handle being micromanaged well, and would prefer someone who can give them space to find their way without menial demands.


ISTJs don’t mind taking instruction, and actually prefer a certain level of detail. When someone places many different demands on them, the ISTJ can often handle this very well. While they might not enjoy being micromanaged, they do enjoy receiving detailed instructions. ISTJs want to be able to perform their tasks perfectly, so having enough instruction given really helps them get things done properly. ISTJs don’t want to feel like someone is hovering too much, but they can figure out how to handle being micromanaged for the most part.


ESTJs are hardworking people, who are excellent at taking instructions. They are good at following the rules and simply want to get things done as efficiently as possible. While ESTJs don’t enjoy being bossed around, they can handle being micromanaged to some extent. They enjoy being given detailed instructions, since having things left out can only lead to mistakes. The more detail the better for ESTJs, since they are excellent at getting things done properly and efficiently. While ESTJs won’t be fans of someone who is bossy, they don’t mind a little micromanaging.


ISFJs don’t mind following instructions, and prefer having plenty of details. When someone is micromanaging them it can be a bit frustrating but ISFJs can often handle it well. They are very diplomatic people who prefer to keep the peace and get things done efficiently. ISFJs can handle being micromanaged and will do their best to follow instructions in the work place. They will also go above and beyond for their loved ones, but being micromanaged at home can start to frustrate them immensely.


ESFJs do enjoy receiving detailed instructions on how to get their job done efficiently, but being micromanaged is a different story. They are peacekeepers and will do their best to withstand frustrations so that they can avoid discord. ESFJs just want to make others happy and work hard to be good at whatever they do. ESFJs can handle following instructions but they don’t enjoy someone constantly hovering over them. When they are being watched it can put them under way too much pressure.


ISTPs really don’t handle being micromanaged well, since they prefer to have plenty of space to make their own choices. Someone constantly pushing them to perform menial tasks is going to cause the ISTP extreme frustration. They need to feel free to make their own choices and don’t enjoy having someone try to control them. Being micromanaged is one of the worst situations for the ISTPs, and they likely won’t handle it well.


ESTPs can handle instructions, especially if they feel like it will help them improve in their career. They don’t enjoy being micromanaged at all, but they won’t let people know this. ESTPs want to impress others, so they will often handle being micromanaged as best they can. They have a way of saying they will follow orders, and will do things their own way when no one is looking. ESTPs are skilled at finding a way around the rules, and know how to do this without getting into much trouble.


ISFPs are free-spirits who truly dislike being micromanaged or controlled by someone else. ISFPs need to feel free to make their own decisions in life, without having someone constantly judging them. ISFPs don’t enjoy being in a situation where someone is trying to micromanage them, and really need to feel more creative freedom than that. ISFPs aren’t into the details, and don’t like being ordered to follow instructions.


ESFPs really don’t like feeling controlled, and would much rather do their own things. When someone tries to micromanage them they can often shut down and will try to avoid that person entirely. ESFPs want to feel free to make their own choices and follow their own path in life. If someone tries to control them the ESFP will become very upset, and will try to break free from their demands.

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