Awkward ENTJ: Why ENTJs Are So Weird

Being called weird or awkward can certainly have negative connections to it, but to some people, it can be endearing and sets people apart from being ordinary. Certain personality types can become pegged for being strange simply because they have unique characteristics which don’t always fit into certain social norms. Of course, these traits aren’t only tied to personality types, as anyone can be seen as different or “weird” to those who don’t understand them or even to those who do. For some, it seems to be a common occurrence, as many people see them as weird, especially if they feel awkward around others and have tendencies that express this outwardly.

ENTJs can be fiercely independent and driven people, but sometimes their way of thinking can certainly be viewed as weird or unusual to others. For the ENTJ, it is important to focus on information and doing the most logical and efficient thing. Sometimes their personal interests are a bit strange to others, especially their hobbies or things which excite them other than work. ENTJs are also passionate people who can sometimes be a bit intense when they are truly focused on something. This can throw people off or make them feel uneasy, and for some, it causes them to view the ENTJ as weird or even a bit awkward. This often comes from misunderstandings or just being more traditional, unlike the ENTJ, who has a less traditional side to their personality.

They Follow Their Own Path

ENTJs are very independent people who believe in dictating their own lives and choices. This makes them stand apart from others, not simply following what is expected or needing to conform. For the ENTJ, certain traditional things can be more appealing to them, but they want to decide this choice for themselves and not because someone else wants them to. They are not afraid of challenging authority when they can spot inaccuracies and ignorance. ENTJs are like this even from a young age, which can certainly cause them to be labeled as weird or different. They simply believe in focusing on the truth and in being logical with their choices. They are highly capable of taking action and going with their natural sense of intuition and reason in order to make these choices. ENTJs are independent because of this and will not be afraid of making decisions that step out from the norm or what people expect. Whenever someone walks their own path in life, it is easy for people to misunderstand them or see them as weird because of it. Instead, the ENTJ continues to live life on their own terms and strives to follow their own sense of direction. Their way of processing and responding to the world can certainly be unique, but this is what helps create that drive and ability to get things done for the ENTJ. They are forward-thinking people who look around the corner towards the best possible future.

They Have Rich Inner Minds

ENTJs have incredibly rich and complex inner minds, which is tied to their introverted intuition. This helps the ENTJ process information and come up with the most likely outcomes or conclusions from what they gather. This also makes their inner mind a rather vivid and rich place and can cause the ENTJ to think of things in a more dream-like state of mind. While they balance this by being highly logical, this still creates a rich inner mind where the ENTJ can get caught up in their own thoughts and world. They see things from their own perspective, capable of uncovering information and reading beyond the surface of things. While most people simply see what is obvious and in front of them, this causes the ENTJ to see things on a deeper level. They want to be efficient and accurate about things, and this means seeing beyond what people want them to see.

They Are a Bit Aggressive

ENTJs can be a bit aggressive and even intense at times, which can certainly cause people to see them as strange. They go after what they want with a sense of focus and drive and don’t believe in hesitating or holding back. ENTJs don’t do things halfway. Instead, they give it their all and want to ensure they are doing what they can to make it happen. When they truly want something, they are not afraid of taking risks or of being a bit aggressive in their pursuits. This is something that can intimidate people at times and cause them to misunderstand the ENTJ. They might see them as a bit weird since their intensity is too much to handle for some. ENTJs aren’t necessarily afraid of being seen this way. They are much more focused on making things happen and pursuing their goals without allowing people to stand in their way. This driven nature is certainly an asset for the ENTJ, and many people appreciate their strength and sense of determination- this is why they are not afraid of being themselves and are willing to wait for connections that help nurture this part of themselves.

The Awkward ENTJ

ENTJs can be a bit awkward or appear awkward when they are dealing with emotional situations or people. They have a hard time connecting to the feelings of others and can become uneasy around them. While they do care deeply about their loved ones, it doesn’t make it easier for them to really process or deal with their feelings. Because of this, the ENTJ can feel and behave awkwardly around someone who is very emotional, especially when that person is asking for some sort of support or emotional response. ENTJs just don’t really know how to respond. Usually, their focus is to find a logical way to solve the problem at hand. If someone is upset, the ENTJ wants to reason with them and find a way to make it better by taking action, rather than tending to the feelings directly.


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