Here's How Each Personality Type Feels About Fashion

Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Fashion

While some people have little care about fashion, others truly enjoy putting together a nice look. Here is how each personality type feels about fashion.



INFJs often have a very personal sense of fashion, which doesn’t always include what others find appealing. They don’t base what they wear on what they believe other people will like, and prefer to express themselves through fashion. INFJs often have a slightly quirky and unique fashion sense, which can surprise people. INFJs are the type of people who are either obsessive about their appearance, or don’t seem to care at all. It is just another part of their interesting of their somewhat contradicting personalities.


ENFJs do care about their physical appearance, and might take an interest in fashion. They often have a trendy sense of fashion, with a little creative flair mixed in. ENFJs are good at appealing to others when it comes to their actions and appearance. They enjoy being able to express themselves, and don’t mind taking pride in their appearance. ENFJs do have times where they don’t want to expend too much energy on their fashion though, and can become drained by having to work too hard.


INFPs don’t care about fashion in a shallow way, but might enjoy being able to express themselves. They don’t much care about trends, and would rather focus on the things they enjoy. If INFPs like a certain article of clothing, they will be fine wearing it regardless of what other people think or suggest. They might have a quirky sense of fashion sometimes, but people often enjoy this about them. INFPs just don’t become interested in fashion because of an image, and dislike anything so shallow as that. They do have some days where they just don’t care about their outward appearance at all.


ENFPs often have a fun sense of fashion, which most people really enjoy. They are often trendsetters, without trying to be at all. They aren’t afraid to step out and wear something that they personally enjoy, even if it seems a bit odd at first. ENFPs aren’t interested in fashion in a shallow sense, but enjoy being able to express themselves. They are open people who thrive on challenges and anything new and exciting. ENFPs fashion sense of often unique and possess a little bit of flare, but it isn’t always the most obvious or over the tope style.



INTJs often enjoy comfortable clothing when it comes to their daily lives, but understand the importance of proper business attire. When it comes to dressing appropriately they will likely utilize the help of others and will do research in order to put themselves together appropriately. When it comes to their personal style INTJs often enjoy a lot of black and comfortable clothing which makes them feel at ease. They aren’t obsessed with fashion by any means, and prefer to focus on something that interests them.


ENTJs often have a relaxed sense of personal fashion, and dislike focusing too much on what they are wearing. They like have an organized closet though, and understand the importance of proper business attire. ENTJs are good at figuring out the best way to dress to impress others, especially when they research and observe. They often have a more clean sense of fashion when it comes to work wear, but enjoy relaxed and comfortable clothing when they are at home or with friends. ENTJs like to look nice though, and want people to feel impressed by them.


INTPs often have a quirky sense of fashion, but they do have a way of observing trends on occasion. They often recognize what is going to become popular well before most people, which is often surprising to others. INTPs often have little quirky interests when it comes to fashion, but it works well for them. They do enjoy feeling comfortable though, and would much rather clothing that doesn’t make them feel awkward or uneasy. They want something that they feel good wearing, and also that is relaxed.


ENTPs are charismatic people, who often have a unique sense of fashion. While they enjoy putting a little flare into their wardrobe, they also like comfortable clothing. ENTPs don’t want to wear anything that makes them feel awkward or uncomfortable. ENTPs aren’t afraid to be themselves, and sometimes like taking risks in their lives, which can include their sense of fashion. For the most part though ENTPs simply like to be comfortable, and often have a simple sense of fashion.


ISTJs are focused and hardworking people, and their sense of fashion often reflects their work environment. They want to look nice and presentable, but also enjoy comfort at the same time. ISTJs are rarely obsessed with fashion in general, but they do want to look nice. They aren’t always the loudest dressers, and enjoy simpler and classier looks to represent them. ISTJs do take pride in their appearance and work hard to ensure that they are presented properly.


ESTJs often have a very clean and simple sense of fashion, but it is very likable. They are charismatic people who enjoy being perceived the right way by others. ESTJs enjoy looking nice for others, especially when it comes to their romantic interests. They likely don’t enjoy fashion that is too over the top, and will stick to calmer colors and quality fabrics. While ESTJs might not have a stand out fashion sense, they always know how to look nice.


ISFJs often have a modest but stylish sense of fashion, which is well received by most people. They certainly know how to make themselves look nice, and enjoy being able to impress their loved ones. ISFJs do value appearances to some extent, and dislike feeling outdated or like they aren’t putting themselves out there correctly. ISFJs often have very well crafted sense of fashion and are capable of looking nice in front of others.


ESFJs often enjoy fashion, and are aware of the current trends. They might not follow all of them though, and especially enjoy focusing on their own personal fashion sense when they get older. ESFJs often like fashion that is stylish and functional, since they dislike feeling to bound up. They enjoy looking nice during certain events though, or when it comes to going out with their romantic interests. They want to look nice in order to impress their loved ones and making them happy.



ISTPs often have a more laid back and comfortable sense of fashion. They enjoy looking nice but that often includes a simpler look. ISTPs don’t obsess over fashion but they are good at putting together a nice outfit. Their sense of fashion is often cool and fun, and they are good at standing out without trying too hard.


ESTPs enjoy looking nice and often have a fun sense of fashion. They are also somewhat busy people, so they don’t want to obsess over their appearance. While ESTPs do enjoy looking nice, they don’t always have the time to put extra energy into their appearance. They do want to present themselves a certain way, and often like being able to go shopping for new clothes that represent their personal sense of style.


ISFPs often enjoy things that are aesthetically pleasing, which is why they often like fashion. ISFPs enjoy being able to express themselves through their wardrobe, and often throw in some surprising pieces. They like to have fun and often use fashion as a way to spice up their day. ISFPs have a strong sense of fashion and enjoy following trends from time to time. They are also the type of people who are capable of setting the trends and finding new and creative looks.


ESFPs often have a very creative and trendy fashion sense. They usually take pride in what they wear and like presenting themselves a certain way. ESFPs have a fun fashion sense and are often prevalent in the industry itself. They know how to set exciting new trends because they aren’t afraid to stand out. ESFPs also have a great eye for what looks aesthetically pleasing and know how to get noticed. Fashion often comes naturally for ESFPs, and is something they truly enjoy.

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