Here’s How Observant You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Observant You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Some people are naturally skilled at observing their surroundings, while others can miss certain things. Here is who observant you are, according to your personality type.


INFJs are extremely observant and perceptive people when it comes to certain things. They have this subconscious ability to pick up on information, and will process it to come to helpful conclusions. This is something that INFJs don’t always recognize, because it occurs subconsciously and helps them figure out which path to choose or what will likely happen in the future. This sometimes causes the INFJ to feel less observant than they actually are, since they might not consciously be aware of certain things. Their minds work in rather intriguing and mysterious ways, which the INFJ doesn’t always understand themselves.


ENFJs are very future focused people, who are observant when it comes to other people. They pay attention to their loved ones and what they need. Their ability to read people and situations is often done subconsciously, which makes the ENFJ more observant than they might realize. They can often read situations naturally, which helps them figure out helpful conclusions for the future. ENFJs may not be as observant about themselves, but they are extremely perceptive when it comes to other people, especially those they care for.


INFPs are big picture people, who enjoy focusing on the true meaning of things. This connection to the depth of things, makes INFPs less observant about the smaller things in life. They simply don’t have a desire to draw attention to those little things, and might become bored by them. INFPs are observant people, they just choose to interest themselves in more important facts and pieces of information. INFPs don’t enjoy anything that is shallow, and are deeply connected to their emotions and their inner morals.


ENFPs are definitely observant people, and will notice the things that most other people don’t recognize. They do become easily distracted though, especially when what is going on in front of them is seemingly boring to the ENFP. They prefer to focus on the big picture, and are very drawn to things that possess a deeper meaning to them. While ENFPs are more interested in big picture, they are capable of recognizing the details. ENFPs often have surprisingly good memories, and will be capable of perceiving the details that most other people will miss.


INTJs are extremely observant people, who enjoy paying close attention to the details around them. They don’t want to miss things that are happening, and see it as an opportunity to learn more. INTJs utilize every opportunity to observe their surroundings, and to observe the information around them. Even when people think the INTJ is being silent, they are likely picking up on the smallest details of what is going on. This makes them both observant and aware people, who are skilled at understanding most situations.


ENTJs are hardworking and focused people, and are observant when it comes to things that matter to them. They value knowledge and are always working to pick up information that can help them in the future. ENTJs have a natural ability to store information and will subconsciously analyze it in order to come to helpful conclusions. ENTJs are more focused on the big picture and making a plan to reach their future goals. They will observe what seems valuable to them, and don’t like to pay close attention to pointless details.


INTPs are extremely observant people, even when others don’t think they are paying attention. INTPs are often silent observers, who prefer to watch what is going on. They don’t always participate and are not the most vocal people, they actually enjoy being able to observe. INTPs analyze the information they pick up, and come to conclusions about it over time. They don’t like to miss things which makes the INTP pay closer attention to their surroundings. While some people might not always recognize certain actions, INTPs are always one step ahead.


ENTPs are definitely observant people, and enjoy paying attention to their surroundings. ENTPs like to be aware of things, especially when it comes to people. They will often observe the information, but they also enjoy pushing boundaries to collect their own knowledge. ENTPs are very perceptive people, who often pick up on things that most others will miss. They don’t like to feel ignorant or unaware, which causes the ENTP to keep their wits about them in most situations. They can become easily bored and distracted though, and will move on from a situation that bores them.


ISTJs are very perceptive people, especially when it comes to paying attention to details. They are very detail oriented people, and don’t like to miss anything going on around them. ISTJs are also somewhat reserved people, and aren’t always likely to interject. They will often sit back and pay attention to their surroundings, which makes them skilled at perceiving their surroundings. ISTJs are the type of people who pay attention to the details, and dislike being left unaware.


ESTJs can be observant people, especially when it comes to the details they find important. If ESTJs aren’t interested in something though, they are likely to miss certain pieces of information. They are only perceptive with things that they value, or with information that can help them in some way. They are always working hard to build a positive future, especially in order to make their loved ones happy and feel provided for.


ISFJs are very focused on caring for their loved ones, and are skilled at picking up on the details of the people they care for. While ISFJs are capable of observing the emotions of others, they aren’t always observant when it comes to certain situations. They might not recognize their surroundings in a more physically present way, since their minds are often so focused on other people. ISFJs simply want to be sure to uphold their responsibilities, and care deeply about tending to the needs of others. This desire to make sure their loved ones are happy, can sometimes distract the ISFJ from other less significant details.


ESFJs are observant when it comes to people, and pay close attention to individuals. When it comes to certain details in their present, ESFJs can miss out and not pay attention to them. They care deeply about their loved ones, and want to do what they can to make others happy. ESFJs can often recognize how someone else is feeling, and area skilled at picking up on those details. They are observant with their loved ones, but not so much when it comes to their surroundings.


ISTPs are actually very skilled at observing their surroundings and analyzing the information they see. ISTPs live actively in the present moment and are very aware of the physical world. They are skilled at understanding and recognizing details around them, making them fairly perceptive people. ISTPs are analytical people, but they also enjoy living in the moment and having fun. They have an adventurous streak in them, and are always willing to take on something new.


ESTPs are generally observant people, especially when it comes to their present surroundings. They live very much in the physical world, and will recognize small details and when they change. While ESTPs can be observant when it comes to the present, they aren’t always great at observing changes in people. They definitely care about their loved ones, but can miss certain details without meaning to. ESTPs are much better at analyzing facts and information, than they are with focusing on emotions.


ISFPs can be seen as somewhat flighty people, who are caught up in their own thoughts. They can bounce from one idea to the next rather quickly, and dislike being held back. ISFPs enjoy living in the present moment, and follow their emotions in order to make choices. The fact that ISFP follow their hearts, can sometimes cause them to miss out on someone else’s actions or details that are going on around them.


ESFPs are observant when it comes to the present moment and paying attention to their surroundings. They are perceptive when it comes to certain details, and are good at realizing certain things in the moment. ESFPs might not be observant when it comes to more future oriented things, and can miss out on certain facts. ESFPs are only observant with physical details, which makes them capable of recognizing a change in their loved ones.

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