INTJ Boyfriend: How to Understand Your INTJ Significant Other

Most people don’t fully understand the INTJ and their intentions when it comes to relationships and being a good boyfriend. This is partly because they are not the most expressive people and focus much more on facts and logic than emotions. That does not mean they are emotionless or incapable of loving someone deeply, so it is important to understand your partner on a deeper level. When it comes to being a boyfriend and being in a committed relationship, INTJs actually invest a lot of themselves into this and growing their bond. This is why it is so important to understand what is beyond the surface. Your INTJ partner most likely spends a lot of time and energy learning about you, so you should definitely return the favor by seeking to understand them.

They Are Fiercely Loyal

INTJs are extremely loyal once they commit to someone and care about them. Once they become someone’s significant other, this is a commitment they take seriously and don’t enter into lightly. When they care for someone, the INTJ becomes extremely loyal to that person and their relationship. They can also be protective, wanting to stand by them no matter what comes their way. Being with someone they trust is truly vital for the INTJ, and they believe in giving that trust in return. They would not be with someone who they don’t trust and sincerely know they can rely on. This is why they take time before they enter into a relationship. They want to be sure about someone before taking this step, so it really means a lot once they do. INTJ boyfriends are going to stand by their connection and the commitment they have made to them. When they care about someone, they don’t believe in betraying their trust, so they are protective of the relationship and what they have together. You would not want to come against someone the INTJ loves since they can be fierce when it comes to protecting those people. They can become rather intense when they feel like someone they love is being threatened since this threatens their own future as well.

They Are Protective of Your Dream

INTJs are protective of their partner but also of their goals and dreams. They believe in doing whatever they can to help their loved ones grow and achieve their goals. When the INTJ becomes connected to someone in this way, their goals and dreams also become part of them. They take on their desires and their plans for the future, and it becomes truly important to them. This is something most people don’t realize about the INTJ since they often view them as cold and determined to only accomplish their own goals. This is definitely an incorrect assumption since INTJs can be deeply loving and caring people, especially towards their significant others. When the INTJ becomes close to someone, they want to learn about them and who they are, so they become aware of their inner desires and goals. They take the time to research their partner and learn about all of the things they want out of life. They don’t just become focused on achieving their own goals but want to help their SO achieve their dreams as well. They also want to plan together and work towards building a future that makes sense and can last. INTJs want to help their partner accomplish their goals, and they are great at problem-solving in order to do this. They are natural strategic planners who know how to figure out the best path to take, and they enjoy having a significant other who is willing to make this plan together.

They Aren’t Stereotypical Romantics

INTJs are not stereotypical romantics, so you should not expect lavish gifts and signs of affection from your INTJ boyfriend. While they might not do things like the more emotional and feely types, that does not mean they don’t have plenty of ways in which they show they care. The INTJ will go above and beyond to help their partner find the things they need and want from life. They also remember the smallest of details, from birthdays to things their partner likes to do. They spend so much time researching them and wanting to understand what is happening inside their SO. INTJs just aren’t big on gift-giving as a means of showing affection. Instead, you will need to recognize the little things. They set aside time for you and will listen when you struggle. The INTJ boyfriend is great at showing support. They just don’t do this with a big smile and empathy in the way you would expect. Instead, they try to help you solve your problems and will stand by you no matter how big of a struggle you are facing.

Alone Time is a Necessity

This is a given, but that doesn’t make it any less important when understanding your INTJ boyfriend. They require time alone, and they require a lot of this time. It should not be taken personally since the INTJ is often thinking about their partner during this time as well. Without time to themselves and space to be on their own, the INTJ becomes exhausted and unlike themselves. They need to be able to use this time and space to sift through their inner thoughts and feelings. It is truly vital that their significant other recognizes this need for space and independence and does not take it personally. They need to be trusted by the people they love and care for, or this can harm the relationship. They are loyal and believe that they have certainly earned trust from their partner, so they need someone who gives them this fully. They won’t do anything to betray this, so having time to themselves is not something they want to be challenged on or feel guilty about.

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