INTP Boyfriend: How to Understand Your INTP Significant Other

Understanding your significant other is truly an important step toward building a lasting relationship. People will behave differently in relationships and also need different things from their partner. As boyfriends, the INTP has their own needs, as well as their own unique qualities they bring to the relationship. Most people view the INTP as cold when in reality, it comes from not truly understanding them or what is happening beyond the surface. In order to get a better understanding of your INTP significant other, it is important to dig deeper and know what makes them who they are as your special someone.

They Want to See You Succeed

A wonderful thing about your INTP boyfriend is how sincerely they want to see you succeed. When they are with someone and care for them, the INTP really wants to see their loved ones reach their dreams and goals. INTPs might be logical people who love facts and information but are also dreamers with rich inner minds. They enjoy being able to help their partner explore their possibilities and achieve their dreams and goals. They search for ways to better understand their significant other and help analyze the potential paths which would make them happiest and most fulfilled. They will invest their own thoughts and energy into helping their partner, especially if they are receptive to this. They are excellent problem solvers and are great at finding ways to improve the situation and help the people around them move forward. Not only do they sincerely want to help their significant other succeed, but they are also amazing at helping them do so. This is something most people don’t fully realize about the INTP. They care deeply for their loved ones and want to make a difference in their lives. The stereotype that they are emotionless is one of the furthest things from being accurate to who they actually are. They think about the people they love often, even if they don’t express this verbally or in emotional ways. Just because they don’t find it easy to express emotions doesn’t mean they don’t feel them and care very much.

They Are Great Listeners

INTPs are actually great listeners, even if they don’t always appear to be focused on what you are saying. Even when their thoughts seem elsewhere, they are likely to remember everything you have said. When they care about someone and are close to them, the INTP spends a lot of time trying to understand that person better. As a boyfriend, the INTP often listens to everything their partner says, especially when they don’t appear to be doing so. This is because they care and want to understand their significant other better, so listening is a big part of this. They don’t only listen to words but also actions and more subtle expressions. They pay attention and analyze what they have seen and heard in hopes of understanding people better. This is something the INTP does as a means of getting closer to someone but also of understanding what their goals and motivations actually are. When they decide to let someone into their lives, the INTP is genuinely curious about them and what makes them tick. They want to explore the minds and inner thoughts of the person they care about, wanting to learn and grow alongside them. While they might not always express this openly, they actually do find their partner interesting and think about them fairly often when they are in love with someone.

They Do Need Space

Your INTP boyfriend needs space and time alone, no matter how enamored they are by you. They require this time to recharge and process their inner thoughts and feelings. Without this time to themselves, the INTP becomes mentally and emotionally exhausted, which is just something they cannot live without. Being introverted means that the INTP requires this time alone, and so they need a significant other who understands and appreciates this about them. Having someone constantly pressuring them or on their back about their need for alone time will damage the relationship over time. INTPs don’t want to feel guilty because they need this distance since, in reality, it doesn’t mean they are actually disconnected from their SO. They often think about the person they are with and have them in their thoughts even when they are apart. This time to themselves helps them analyze the relationship and develop better ways to improve things. When they care about someone, this time away makes them feel closer, which is important to understand about the INTP boyfriend. While they might not be great at expressing all of those feelings, when they are by themselves, they actually do process and think about them.

They Have a Warm Gooey Center

It’s true. The INTP boyfriend is often much softer on the inside than anyone can ever see or realize. While they aren’t expressive people and have a hard time fully processing emotions, they still feel things very deeply. When they love someone, this can actually be a very consuming emotion and is something that is much stronger than it seems. While they might not verbalize those feelings easily and might not be great at expressing them to their partner, it doesn’t mean they don’t still feel it in their bones. INTPs do sometimes struggle with vulnerability and being fearful of getting hurt or feeling rejected for expressing those feelings. This is why it can be hard for them to open up and show what is going on inside of them, as it can feel foolish to them when they try to. Just because they aren’t naturals when it comes to expressing or understanding emotions doesn’t mean they are cold or emotionless at all. When the INTP loves someone, this is a big deal to them and is something that is a major part of their lives.

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