Here’s What You Should Be Thankful For, Based On Your Personality Type

Here’s What You Should Be Thankful For, Based On Your Personality Type

While sometimes it can be easy to be hard on ourselves, and to judge our own mistakes- we should strive to be thankful for some of our skills. Here is what you should be thankful for, based on your personality type.


INFJs are intuitive and complex people, with incredibly active inner minds. INFJs should be thankful for their ability to see past the lies and into the truth of things. They have such intuitive minds, which helps the INFJ come to conclusions about the future. They are also skilled at understanding people and what their true intentions are. This is certainly something to be thankful for, and is not an ability everyone is lucky enough to possess. Their intuition is something that the INFJ sometimes takes for granted, but should always be cherished and trusted.


ENFJs are caring and giving people, with big and loving hearts. They are always hoping to help others, and care deeply for their loved ones. ENFJs should be thankful for their ability to keep their loved ones surrounding them. They are capable of juggling so many things at once, when other people would likely fall short. This ability to keep their loved ones close, and their tasks all tended to, is truly something that makes the ENFJ rare and special. They should certainly be thankful for these incredible abilities, which makes them strong and dependable people.


INFPs are warm and creative people, with sensitive souls. They should certainly be thankful for their unique view of the world. They are capable of seeing the good in everyone, and are naturally sensitive to the world around them. Their sensitivity is actually a gift, and something for the INFP to be grateful that they possess. Without this view of the world the INFP wouldn’t be destined for such great things in life. They are also much more capable of understanding their own emotions, which makes them better suited to navigate situations that other people might struggle with.


ENFPs are fun and enthusiastic people, with incredible imaginations. They certainly have many things to be thankful for, one of those would be their natural charm. People often take to ENFPs when they meet them, and seem to fall in love with their whimsical and creative personalities. Not everyone has the natural ability to become popular like the ENFP does, and it is definitely something they should be thankful for. They also have incredibly active and imaginative inner minds, which is a gift that they should appreciate.


INTJs are intelligent people, who are always hoping to learn and understand more about the world. INTJs should be deeply thankful for their incredible capacity to learn and absorb information. Not everyone has a mind that can continue to expand and comprehend information in the way that INTJs do, and this is certainly a gift. They are always hungry for more knowledge and will push themselves to understand even the most difficult subjects. This is a skill that the INTJ should be grateful for, and should never forget how special it truly is.


ENTJs are motivated and intelligent people, who value hard work and efficiency. They should be thankful for their ability to motivate themselves, and to persevere through any trial. While to the ENTJs this effort and dedication comes naturally, it is a constant struggle for many. They should value their strength and determination, and learn to appreciate their own natural abilities. Many people do not have the ability to push through and figure things out the way that ENTJs do, which makes them truly fortunate people.


INTPs have incredible rich and active inner minds, which is part of what makes them so unique. They should be thankful for their complex inner minds, and their deep and compassionate hearts. INTPs are definitely logical people, but at the same time they care deeply for others. This isn’t something that is openly shown, but it is true nonetheless. This combination of caring and logic, makes the INTP unique and awe-inspiring. They should certainly be thankful for the way their minds work, and their ability to see things in an entirely different way.


ENTPs have an ability to take on new things, without being overcome by fear. When some of us are frightened to take chances in life, the ENTP is excited by the challenge. They should be thankful for their wanderlust, and their ability to explore possibilities without fail. They are always absorbing new information, and are eager to push the limits and boundaries in front of them. This is something that not everyone is capable of, and makes the ENTP both unique and incredible.


ISTJs are hardworking and focused people, who always strive to be responsible. ISTJs should be thankful for their ability to push through their struggles, and somehow overcome. They have organized minds and an ability to absorb and retain facts. Being able to motivated themselves to get things done, is something that the ISTJs is more than capable of, and is not something everyone else can really live up to. This is something the ISTJ should appreciate in themselves, and be truly thankful for.


ESTJs are motivated and efficient people, who have a knack for seeing the best way to get things done. While others can sometimes fumble and take the long way, ESTJs can see the most effective path ahead of them. This is something they should certainly be thankful for, since it truly helps them move forward in life. ESTJs are motivated people, who are capable of taking care of themselves, and this is something they should be grateful for.


ISFJs are loving and warm people, who truly value their family. ISFJs should be thankful for their ability to always care for others even when it is difficult. This strength is something many people do not fully recognize in the ISFJ, and it is was makes them such wonderful people. They can persevere even when things become difficult around them, and always strive to ensure that their loved ones are happy. They have a talented for bringing harmony to their environment, which is something to be grateful for.


ESFJs are warm and compassionate people, who are always capable of seeing the good in others. The ESFJs ability to empathize with others is a gift they should truly be thankful for. Without people like them to stand up for others, the world would be a darker place. ESFJs are deeply caring people, who always seem to have their loved ones around them. They should be grateful for their ability to give love to others, and to bring people together in a warm place.


ISTPs are laid back and intelligent individuals, who have incredibly analytical minds. ISTPs are natural problem solvers, which is a skill they should certainly be thankful for. ISTPs should also be grateful for their ability to take life as it comes at them. They have a very go with the flow attitude, and know how to let things slide off their backs. ISTPs face struggles just like anyone else, but they try to always work their way through these things without panic.


ESTPs have adventurous and passionate spirits, which makes them fun people to be around. They should certainly be thankful for their sense of adventure, which truly excites people. ESTPs never want to be bored, and are always striving to take on new and exciting possibilities. They want life to be entertaining and enjoyable, and will jump into things unafraid. This sense of bravery is both amazing and rare, which is something that ESTPs possess in abundance.


ISFPs are warm and free-spirited individuals, who enjoy being able to live life in the moment. ISFPs should be thankful for their ability to see beauty in the world around them. They can see wonder in almost anything, which is not something that many people are capable of. This is certainly a wonderful quality, and is something that ISFPs should appreciate within themselves.


ESFPs are fun-loving and eager people, who want to make life enjoyable for themselves and others. Their sense of fun and their ability to entertain is something to be thankful for. ESFPs have a natural ability to make other people smile, and are always ready to meet new people. Many would be nervous to walk up to strangers, but ESFPs are rarely afraid of any social encounters. This ability to meet people, even notable or famous people without fear is something that makes the ESFP rather impressive.

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