Written By Kirsten Moodie

Here’s How You Feel About Spoilers, Based on Your Personality Type

While nobody appreciates spoilers before actually getting a chance to experience something themselves, each person will respond to it in their own way. Here is how you most likely feel about spoilers, based on your personality type.



INFJs usually try to avoid spoilers when it comes to movies and shows they are eager to watch. Spoilers won’t always ruin things for them though, since they don’t really mind knowing certain details ahead of time. If there is something the INFJ truly doesn’t want spoiled, they will do their best to experience it before someone can ruin the story for them. INFJs try not to become too upset by spoilers but ultimately it can become frustrating for them. They don’t mind having a lack of surprise with some things though, since they are pretty good at enjoying the process without having to be shocked by the ending.


ENFJs often attempt to avoid spoilers by being the first one aware of everything. They try to see the popular films, or read the upcoming books, before anyone gets a chance to spoil it for them. They don’t like being behind on things so they try their best to keep up. ENFJs also dislike having everyone else discussing something while they have to be left out of the situation. They often use this as a way to connect with people and communicate with them about their interests. So instead of allowing things to be spoiled for them, the ENFJ tries to be ahead of things in order to avoid this.


INFPs can become a little bit annoyed with spoilers, especially if have had other things preoccupying their time. They like to be surprised and often want to experience things firsthand. Having other people come in and ruin the excitement can be truly frustrating. INFPs often find this to be rude if someone doesn’t even consider that they could be spoiling other people’s enjoyment. They do their best to avoid these spoilers, but sometimes they can fail to do so. INFPs don’t like feeling behind on these things, but sometimes they simply have other things occupying their thoughts.


ENFPs can actually become truly annoyed with spoilers, especially when they are excited about something. If there is something they really want to enjoy firsthand and someone else decides to ruin the plot or the details, it can be very frustrating for the ENFP. They want to be able to really experience things and want to be surprised by what occurs, having someone take that away from them can really ruin the entire experience for the ENFP. To them spreading spoilers without giving people a chance to witness something themselves, is just obnoxious.



INTJs often try to avoid spoilers by being the first ones aware of just about everything. They would rather know the information well before anyone else can spoil it for them. They spend so much of their time and energy researching and learning about new subjects so that they can avoid feeling ignorant of anything. Spoilers are extremely frustrating for INTJs, and they try to avoid allowing them to occur at all costs. They can sometimes feel a bit like they have failed if someone is capable of spoiling something for them, and so they work hard to make sure they are informed.


ENTJs definitely don’t enjoy spoilers and often try to be informed enough to avoid them. They often want to be ahead of things and don’t like seeing people discuss a subject that they are ignorant to. Instead of giving people the chance to spoil new things for them, ENTJs want to be able to see firsthand for themselves. They often like being knowledgeable and will certainly try to do research, or see the new movie, or read the new books, before anyone else can ruin this for them.


INTPs don’t like spoilers because they dislike feeling as though other people have beat them to the information. They try to uncover information themselves and like to feel like they are ahead of things. INTPs are usually good at keeping themselves informed as well as avoiding any spoilers. They are often the ones who know things before most everyone else, they just like to keep it to themselves most of the time. INTPs can become annoyed when spoilers slip in, but they can still find a way to get past this. They will simply try to keep an open mind and now allow the information to cloud their judgement.


ENTPs usually try to avoid spoilers by being the first ones to uncover information. They don’t like being behind others and so they do their best to keep themselves in the know. When they do encounter spoilers the ENTP will try not to let this bother them much, and will simply accept it as their own fault for being a bit behind. If they do have something they were sincerely excited about and it is spoiled for them, they might become a little upset but they often won’t let it show.



ISTJs usually try to avoid spoilers, and will keep away from anyone who might ruin it for them. They can sometimes become too busy to stay completely up to date with things like their favorite books or movies, and so they really don’t want it to be ruined for them. The ISTJ doesn’t like being around someone who has zero respect for spoilers, and they often find this to be rather rude. They simply don’t like when they can’t really experience something themselves, and might become a bit agitated with spoilers.


ESTJs don’t mind when some things are spoiled, but will become upset if it is something they are really interested in. If someone spoils a TV show or movies that they enjoy, it can definitely anger the ESTJ. They are often busy people who have a lot of things going on in their lives, and so they don’t always have time to watch or experience things right when it comes out. If someone does not respect this it will definitely be something they perceive as rude.


ISFJs can become annoyed with certain spoilers, since they can sometimes be too busy to experience something right away. ISFJs understand that some things are going to be spoiled for them, but they can become a bit upset when something they really enjoy becomes spoiled. They want to be able to experience things with their loved ones and don’t want to walk in without being able to enjoy themselves. ISFJs might ask for spoilers sometimes, especially if they are afraid that the ending might be upsetting in some ways.


ESFJs usually really dislike spoilers and can become angered by people who don’t respect that. While they don’t mind spoilers with some things, they would rather request them than have them forced. If someone simply starts blabbing about a spoiler it will certainly be perceived as rude by the ESFJ. There might be some stories that they want to know details about before watching or reading, since they often dislike painful endings. ESFJs simply want to have the option to see spoilers, instead of having them forced upon them.



ISTPs don’t usually enjoy spoilers, but they try to avoid them as much as they can. They usually keep to themselves and will try not to follow anything that might spoil something for them. ISTPs would rather experience things themselves and enjoy being surprised in the moment. Having the endings or important pieces of information spoiled is definitely going to make the experience much less thrilling for the ISTP.


ESTPs can actually become extremely annoyed with spoilers, and try to avoid them as much as they can. They often let people know what they don’t want things to be spoiled, since they want to enjoy it firsthand. When people do not respect their wishes it can be seen as rudeness to the ESTP, and they will become rather unhappy about this. They want to be able to experience things firsthand and want to feel surprised when they learn more information.


ISFPs can become annoyed with some spoilers, especially when they are awaiting something exciting. They want to be able to experience things themselves without having people try to spoil it for them. ISFPs live in the moment and they believe that it is important to really dive into things and be surprised. While they might request spoilers sometimes, they want this to be their choices instead of having people ruin it for them.


ESFPs can go back and forth when it comes to spoilers, sometimes feeling upset and other times wanting to hear them. If they are afraid that the ending might be upsetting or bad, then they will likely want to know before experiencing it for themselves. ESFPs can be sensitive to certain things and so they try to prepare themselves beforehand. When they are waiting for something that they are truly excited for, the ESFP doesn’t want people to spoil it for them. It entirely depends on their mood and they want to be able to request these spoilers themselves.

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