ESTP Strengths, Talents and Skills: How ESTPs Excel

When it comes to finding your own natural strengths it can be challenging at times to recognize these things. We all possess certain skills and natural abilities which can help us excel in different areas of life. For some these things are easy to spot, while for others it can be a processing of working towards understanding themselves in order to find where they fit best. Each person possess individual skills and strengths, but some of these abilities can be tied to their personality type. While it isn’t the only answer to figuring yourself out, there are certainly important traits and skills which can be discovered by learning a little more about your personality type.

ESTPs are seen as outgoing and adventurous people, but there are plenty of other strengths which can help them excel in life as well. They possess different qualities which might be surprising to people who don’t know them all that well. These abilities can also be surprising for the ESTP themselves, since they don’t always recognize their own natural abilities or inner desires, and can become more focused outwardly rather than on the idea of self-discovery.  

They Are Charismatic and Social

ESTPs are naturally outgoing people who enjoy being able to socialize and get to know other people. They have a knack for drawing others in and also have a somewhat mysterious attitude which makes people even more intrigued by them. ESTPs are not afraid of stepping into the spotlight and drawing in the attention, especially if it is only for a short time. This charisma and charm is something which can really help them when it comes to social and work settings. When they need to make people like them in order to advance or move forward, this is something the ESTP is often great at doing when they want to be. This isn’t a trait that all ESTPs know how to tap into, but once they learn this about themselves, it is certainly a great strength.

ESTPs don’t feel afraid of diving into a social setting and actually want to get to know new people. This often helps them make connections which can build a great career, or simply make relationships which are important to them. ESTPs can be amazing in any type of career or position which requires a bit of charm and social skills, since they know how to make people like them and find them rather irresistible. With this natural charm and ability to connect with people ESTPs can be a strong force when it comes to performing, politics, or higher positions which require those types of networking connections and abilities. 

They Remember Details

ESTPs are great at remembering facts and important details, often more than people realize. When they absorb information the ESTP can remember these things for a long time, without tripping up when it comes time to deliver the details. This helps them understand information better and often makes it so ESTPs are capable of excelling in school, or any career which requires them to recall details and memorize information. This also helps the ESTP when it comes to debating subjects with other people, since they know the little facts to back up their arguments where others might struggle with this. For the ESTP being able to absorb this information is something which comes naturally, and so they might not even realize how impressive this skill is. They need to take time to self-reflect and really take notice of how useful this natural talent can be in their lives and their futures. 

The way the ESTP can absorb so much information and recall all of these details, big or small, is something which can really make a difference in their careers and lives. They are good at picking up on small changes around them as well, and will notice when something is not going as planned. This helps the ESTP to recognize when something needs to be fixed before it becomes a major issue or causes a more severe problem in their environment. 

Problem Solving Skills

ESTPs have natural problem solving skills which comes from their eye for facts and details. They can use the information in their minds in order to come up with the most logical path to take. ESTPs are naturals when it comes to problem solving and finding the more reasonable solutions to what is in front of them. While ESTPs might not always focus on the future or even the past, they can pay close attention to what is going on in the present in order to figure out the best way to solve their problems. These strengths can really help the ESTP to excel in any type of situation where they need to think quickly and come up with intelligent solutions to their problems. This also makes them excellent at keeping their calm when others are likely panicking at the stress of it all.

Willing to Take Risks

ESTPs might be logical and confident people, but that doesn’t mean they are completely reserved. ESTPs really don’t like stagnancy in their lives and because of this they strive to really enjoy living in the present. This causes the ESTP to be more willing and open to take risks when the opportunity arises. If they are excited or inspired by something then they will certainly jump into this headfirst without allowing fear or hesitation to hold them back. Their sense of passion and willingness to take a few risks is definitely a strength, since it opens so many more doors for the ESTP.