ENFP Boyfriend: How to Understand Your ENFP Significant Other

ENFPs are known to be bubbly and outgoing people, but there is so much more to them than this. They also can be stereotyped as having trouble with commitment, which is just another incorrect assumption which doesn’t actually represent who they are. ENFPs boyfriends can certainly offer a lot to their significant other, but just like anyone they need certain things in return in order to feel fulfilled. It is important to understand your partner better in order to make your relationship thrive, and a great tool can be understanding their personality type better. When it comes to relationships the ENFP boyfriend might enjoy exploring new things and finding ways to keep their minds busy, but that doesn’t mean they cannot commit to someone they care for deeply.

They Know How to Have Fun

When you are in a relationship with an ENFP you will certainly never be bored. They not only search out adventures and fun things to keep themselves busy, but their minds are unbelievably active places. The ENFP can make things entertaining for their partner simply relaxing with a movie. They often have a great sense of humor and enjoy being able to make those around them smile. It is hard not to have a good time when you are around your ENFP partner, especially if you take enjoyment from their sometimes silly and funny behaviors. Your ENFP boyfriend is likely the furthest thing from ordinary, and this is just part of who they are naturally. They aren’t like everyone else, instead they have their own unique way of thinking and of seeing the world around them. There are times when they will certainly surprise you and keep you guessing, and that is all part of the fun.

ENFPs also enjoy being able to keep themselves busy, and so they dislike when things become stagnant. If you spend too much time doing the same activity, this can become exhausting for them. Most of the time they are good at coming up with fun new things to do or explore, but it is nice when their significant other can offer ideas as well. If they seem like they are getting stuck in a more stagnant way of behaving and thinking, they might need your help to break them out of this. For the ENFP to have a significant other who actually helps inspire and excite them to do new things, this is deeply rewarding for them. If you can come up with something different to try or some new experience to dive into, it can really be a great way to bond and connect with your ENFP boyfriend. Since they are so great at providing you with entertainment and passion, it really makes them happy to receive this in return. They need to have things shaken up every once in a while, and don’t like feeling as if they can always predict what you are going to say or do.

They Love Deeply

ENFPs do feel their emotions very deeply, which means they love with incredible force. For the ENFP boyfriend this might not be quite as obvious or easily expressed as it is for female ENFPs. This isn’t because they don’t want to show their feelings, it is because this can be difficult for them in a world which judges them for it. Since there is such a harsh stigma against men who show their feelings and are not “tough”, the ENFP male can develop some fears of being vulnerable. While most ENFPs walk their own path in life and as they mature they recognize how to challenge what others expect from them, when they are younger this can still be hard for them. This is especially challenging if they have been raised in a household where they were expected to always be a certain way and not to show their emotions outwardly. For an ENFP who has endured this, they might not be naturals when it comes to expressing the depth of their emotions. 

While it might not be easy for them to express these feelings, they do still experience them on a powerful level. ENFPs have so many inner thoughts and emotions running through them all at once, and so it isn’t always easy to explain what is going on inside. They might not always verbalize how they feel to you, unless they are feeling completely safe and comfortable expressing themselves in that moment. When they are capable of showing those inner feelings the ENFP can really surprise their loved ones with just how deep they can go. When they love someone this is not some fleeting thing, it is something which becomes part of their soul in a very meaningful way. They care for their significant other and they because of that they are actually very capable of commitment. Some stereotypes against the ENFP makes them seem incapable of settling down, but that is not the case at all. They only want to wait for the right person, someone who they know they can share something truly special with. When the ENFP is truly in love with their partner and knows they can spend their life with them, they can be extremely loyal and committed in this relationship.

They Hate Discord

ENFPs naturally struggle with discord, and so they might have a hard time when the conversation turns into an argument. While they don’t mind debating topics with certain people, they really don’t like when things are sincerely heated. When their partner is upset with them and needing to express that, it can leave the ENFP boyfriend feeling very on edge. They might try to come up with any means possible in order to change the subject and make the arguing stop. They often feel like something bad is going to happen if the conversation continues to get more towards an argument, and their fear can cause them to avoid this at all costs. This can be frustrating sometimes for their significant other, since arguing is simply a necessary part of life and relationships sometimes.


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