The Enneagram 217 tritype represents a personality that primarily identifies as Type 2, with significant traits from Types 1 and 7 as well. Here’s a brief explanation of each type within this tritype:

  • Type 2 (The Helper): Type 2s are empathetic, warm-hearted, and caring. They’re driven by their love to help others and a desire to feel appreciated. They tend to put others before themselves, often associating their value with their helpful actions.
  • Type 1 (The Perfectionist): Type 1 individuals uphold high standards for themselves and others. They are often driven by a desire to make the world a better place. They value integrity, strive to avoid being immoral, and fear being seen as defective.
  • Type 7 (The Enthusiast): Type 7s are known for their spontaneous, versatile, and optimistic nature. They seek new experiences and fear being deprived. They desire to be happy and satisfied but try to avoid pain or discomfort.

When combining these types into the 217 tritype, you get an individual who leans towards being compassionate, caring, and willing to assist others (2); has a strong moral compass and strives for righteousness (1); and also harbors a love for new experiences, optimism, and a vibrant lifestyle (7).

The strengths of this tritype can be seen in their energetic helpfulness, their undertone of morality, and an infectious enthusiasm that often inspires those around them. They are caring, principled enthusiasts who strive to better the world around them in an optimistic and upbeat way.

The challenges for the 217 tritype can include overextending themselves in their eagerness to help, struggling with self-criticism arising from their perfectionist tendencies, and the potential to become restless or unsatisfied due to their desire for varied experiences and fear of missing out.

In summary, the Enneagram 217 tritype is characterized by individuals who exhibit vibrancy and cheer in their helpfulness, maintain a stern conscience to act righteously, and thrive on optimism while enthusiastically embracing life’s manifold experiences. They strive to make a significant and upbeat impact, ensuring that those around them feel valued and joyous. Their vibrant and principled approach to serving others makes them both unique and impactful.


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