Introvert Problems

As an introvert, you constantly have problems that come up in every day life.

We’re here to sympathize with y’all.

1. You don’t hate people, but sometimes you just wish none were around 😛

2. You constantly get asked “what’s wrong” when you simply don’t feel like going out or socializing.

3. You can easily go days without talking to anyone.

4. Some days, having to go out to the grocery store sounds like a living hell.

5. People say you’re quiet, but your close friends know that’s definitely NOT true!

6. Sometimes you get overly excited about cancelled plans.

7. On the first day of school, when you walk in and the teacher asks every classmate to stand up and give and introduction about themselves, you panic.

8. You screen your calls before deciding if you want to pick up.

9. You’re a good listener, but that’s not always an invitation someone to gab on and on about their day.

10. You’ve daydreamed about an upcoming social interaction in your head, and ran through scenarios of what to say “just in case.”

11. You’ve realized, sometimes your best company is yourself.

Because let’s face it…being you…is pretty awesome!

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