Ways You Know You’re An INFJ…

1. You’ve been told more than once you can see into someone’s soul.

2. You constantly get caught up in other peoples emotions

3. But you have a hard time recognizing your own feels…

4. You sometimes just wanna shut off the rest of the world

5. Because your own inner world is usually more exciting than the outside one


6. Even though you think ahead, you also have times where you live in the moment and act on impulse

7. You feel like you give way more than you get

8. And sometimes find yourself hanging onto a bad relationship or friendship

9. But once its over with that person, it’s over.

10. You’re very persuasive, but you try to use those skills to help

11. You’ve been told more than once you’re too hard on yourself

12. But that’s what helps you reach your goals

13. And that’s what makes you the rarest (and probably the most awesome) Myers Briggs type!


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