ENTJ Growth

For the ENTJ to grow, they must develop their secondary function of Introverted Intuition. Their Introverted Intuition will allow the ENTJ to trust their own gut feelings and help them to make the correct decisions. The ENTJ is naturally adept at understanding the world logically. In order for them to grow, the ENTJ should take time to look inward and understand which visions and goals are important to them. The ENTJ should ask questions like “What is really going on here?” “What does this mean?” and “How can I use this information to plan and accomplish future goals.”

The ENTJ should also develop their tertiary function of Extraverted Sensing. An ENTJ with developed Se can react well in the present moment. They can pay attention to body language, tone, and other clues to help size up a situation in real time. Development of this function will allow an ENTJ to think on their feet more quickly and achieve their objectives quicker. This function can also allow them stop being so goal oriented and just enjoy the finer things in life, whether it’s traveling somewhere new, enjoying some fine dining, or doing something that gets their adrenaline pumping (ex. Skydiving).

ENTJ Careers and Jobs

ENTJs would do best in a career that takes advantage of their great management and organizational skills. The ENTJ wants to organize their external environment. It’s just in their nature. A skilled ENTJ is good at recognizing where everyone and everything fits well, and will take steps toward accomplishing this. This makes ENTJs very suitable in a management type role.

The ENTJ differs slightly from ESTJ when it comes to organization. The ESTJ is very process oriented, and has a tendency to micromanage occurs to make sure the steps are being executed correctly.

The ENTJ looks more toward competence in the individual. The ENTJ wants to know the person in the role is capable of doing the job well, and once proven, will trust them in their role. They have less of a desire to directly watch over employees.

The ENTJ is also skilled at motivating others and helping them to develop to their full potential. ENTJs see potential in most people and like to see them reach their goals. An ENTJ may use a bit more of “tough love” than say an ENFJ would, but they are still very skilled at getting others motivated and getting an end result. In fact, the phrase “the ends justify the means” is a mantra that most ENTJs are likely to agree with.

So essentially, any career or role that allows the ENTJ to have a level of control and responsibility placed on them will be satisfying for the ENTJ. Something that has a distinct vision or goal will also keep the ENTJ inspired and focused on advancing toward it.

Suitable ENTJ Careers




Financial Planner