INTJ Growth

For an INTJ to grow, they need to make sure they are actively involved in the outside world and developing their Extraverted Thinking. The INTJs primary function of Introverted Intuition is only as good as the data it receives from the external world. Without it, the INTJ is just making baseless assumptions.

The INTJ would also do well to develop their tertiary function of Introverted Feeling. This will help the INTJ to develop a better sense of purpose in their life and to focus on goals that are fulfilling to them. Development of Fi can also allow the INTJ to express themselves more creatively. Whether it is through music, writing, or creating art, the INTJ can use this as a means to escape their typically analytical mindset.

INTJ Careers and Jobs

The INTJ would best be suited in a career that plays to both their organized, analytical nature as well as something that is moving toward a particular vision or goal.

The INTJ is good at sizing up a situation and figuring out what would be the best steps to achieve a desired outcome. This is why they work well in management consultant roles. The INTJ can see what processes need improved, which parts are inefficient, and can map a solution with the necessary steps to become more efficient.

The INTJ is also skilled at research. The INTJ can be put in a position where they have to sort through data to come up with conclusions. A career in the sciences or engineering would be suitable.

INTJs are also found in many software development positions. Their Intuitive mindset can help them to create programs that work effectively and their Extraverted Thinking makes sure they are well thought out and documented.

Suitable INTJ Careers


Management Consultant

Project Manager


Research Analyst