ESFP Weight Loss & Dieting: How to Burn Fat

Dealing with weight loss and healthy dieting is a struggle for so many people, and so we are often looking for tools and ways to make this easier. Sometimes finding more personal means of becoming healthier is the best way to be successful in your approach. So many diets and methods are not personalized and they end up being more of a struggle for people than they are a help. This is why diving deeper into your personality type can actually be a helpful tool in uncovering better steps towards a healthy lifestyle and weight loss plan. While it sometimes requires more professional assistance, there are some important things to learn about which might be beneficial for each personality type.

For ESFPs the biggest part of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is ensuring that they do not become bored with it. They don’t like anything too strict or scheduled and become stressed when they feel this type of pressure on them. This is why so many diet and exercise plans can become draining for them, because they start to feel like they are being controlled and might be missing out on something more exciting. ESFPs dislike stagnancy and so anything which becomes far too routine can become boring and they find themselves exploring other options and becoming distracted from their end goal. ESFPs do often care about being in good shape, since they are very physical people who want to feel energetic and healthy.

Best Type of Exercise

For the ESFP exercise needs to be fun and even a bit of an adventure in order for them to really stick to it. They need to be able to mix things up and take part in exercise which doesn’t really feel like a chore or something they are required to do. They might enjoy certain things like dancing, biking, different app challenges or really anything which gets them out with friends. For the ESFP having a group of friends who enjoy working out together can keep them motivated and excited to keep going. If they can turn this into something social then it will push them to keep up with it and even motivate them in and their competitive side. While ESFPs might not appear like competitive people, they simply do this in a more subtle and less aggressive way. They want to impress those around them, especially when it comes to people they really like or care for. When they have a situation where they need to keep up with others in order to seem competent or impressive, then the ESFP really wants to push to improve.

On days when they are working out alone, they might enjoy listening to an audiobook or podcast during their workout. ESFPs don’t like feeling stagnant and if they are bored during their workout they are likely to give up. This is why having other things to keep their minds busy can help them maintain this. ESFPs need to be able to mix up their workouts, ranging from going hiking or mountain climbing, or doing some steps challenges with a group of friends. Anything which gives them some sort of inspiration and allows them to really change things up in the moment. Some of these workouts can be done spontaneously, especially if they have an exercise buddy who will be just as eager to go do things last minute. Having a friend who they can do these things with really helps the ESFP, as they are social people who really enjoy being around people they can have a good time with.

ESFP Diet Plan

For ESFPs it is important to keep healthy snacks around at all times, or else they might splurge on something unhealthy. They are spontaneous people who are very connected to their physical selves, which can make it easy to cheat on their diets. ESFPs want to be able to take part in everything that brings them joy and excitement, and sometimes food is a big part of this. This is why finding meals and snacks which are both healthy and delicious, are truly vital for the ESFP. They cannot just deal with diets which are boring and simple, or else they become sick of this and are likely to cheat. They can benefit from using apps which help them track their meals and even figure out good choices at their favorite restaurants. Knowing what they can safely enjoy when they go out with friends will help the ESFP stay on track. Cutting out these places is going to be challenging for them, especially if it keeps them from enjoying time with friends. Just finding the right foods they can enjoy when they are out, helps them feel like they aren’t actually missing out on anything.

The Struggles for the ESFP Diet

For ESFPs one of the biggest struggles is remaining on track and keeping focus on their plans. They are spontaneous people who enjoy living in the present, and don’t want to feel like they have to follow strict rules. This is why ensuring that they are prepared for those in the moment choices can help the ESFP stay on track. If they don’t feel like they are giving up on things or missing out on living their lives, the ESFP can really enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When the ESFP starts to recognize themselves feeling and looking better, they will really love the changes they have made. ESFPs are connected to the physical world and so this is something which is often very important to them, they just need to find better tools to keep themselves on track. When they make their exercise and dieting fun, then they start to find it easier to keep up with this. The biggest struggle is often their dieting, but ESFPs are capable of sticking to this when they find foods they really love. They also need to learn to give themselves some credit for their accomplishments, and to celebrate what they have been able to do. They can be hard on themselves when they don’t see instant gratification, and so learning to take things one step at a time can be a challenge for the ESFP.


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