What Each Myers-Briggs Type Is Like At Their Best

Everyone behaves differently to different situations. When you are in your most well-suited environment, certain positive traits shine through. Here is how we believe each personality will be when they are at their very best.


INFJs at their best are caring and compassionate individuals. They want to do their best to help others and are skilled at finding ways to do this. The INFJ has an intense knowledge of future outcomes and can use this knowledge to help guide others down their destined path. INFJs at their best are taking actions that provides something wonderful for the world around them. They strive to make a difference and do something that is meaningful for others. When the INFJ is a part of something bigger than themselves, they are truly at their best.


ENFJs at their best are giving and empathetic. They are best when they are tending to the needs of others and making their loved ones happy. The ENFJ has a strong sense of other people’s emotions, making them skilled at reading others. They can sense when someone is upset and work to find ways to fix this problem. They use their strong sense of emotion along with their powerful intuition, to help others make the most out of their lives. At their best the ENFJ is keeping their loved ones happy and making a powerful difference in their lives.


INFPs at their best are warm and imaginative individuals. They have a strong understanding of right and wrong and do their best to make the right choices. The INFP believes in making a difference and the world and strives to use their creativity to do so. They enjoy being able to freely express themselves and are happiest when they see others being able to do this as well. INFPs have very warm hearts that they wish to share with the people closest to them. INFPs at their best are surrounded by other caring people, who they can share deep and meaningful connections with.


ENFPs at their best are enthusiastic, warm and creative individuals. They enjoy being able to explore new possibilities and love feeling like they are free to do so. ENFPs want to bring light and positivity to those around them, and enjoy being able to share their passions with others. They are social and fun people, who love being able to bounce ideas off of others. ENFPs are at their best when they are free to be themselves and use their imaginations to achieve understanding in their environment.


INTJs at their best are intelligent and confident individuals. INTJs enjoy absorbing knowledge like the brainy sponges that they are. They thrive in an environment that allows them to explore new ideas. The INTJ does best when they can use their strong sense of intuition along with their powerful reasoning skills to decipher the best strategic outcomes. They are good at noticing a problem and implementing well-crafted plans to solving it. INTJs at their best are completely free to explore their passion for knowledge, without being held back by other means.


ENTJs at their best strategic and gregarious individuals. They enjoy finding intelligent solutions to problems and make for fantastic natural leaders. The ENTJ does their best when they are capable of being heard clearly by others who they share a mutual respect with. They prefer to have loyal individuals around them, people who they feel they can be open with. They are very intelligent and skilled at devising strategic plans for achieving their goals. They enjoy being able to work with a team and are extremely open-minded. ENTJs at their best are free to seek out the smartest intuitive and strategic plans for achieving their goals, without being held back by others.


INTPs at their best are wise and independent individuals. They enjoy being free to make their own choices and often dislike being held back by rules and limitations. INTPs thrive in an environment where they are free to explore new possibilities and challenges. They seek to absorb as much knowledge as they can and enjoy being able to understand things on a deeper level. They are skilled at learning new things, which makes them excellent problem solvers. At their best the INTP is in an environment where they are free to use their skills and strengths, as well as work on building up their weaknesses.


ENTPs at their best are creative and outgoing. They enjoy being able to debate interesting topics and tear them apart until they achieve a deeper understanding. Being able to share their passions with others and bounce ideas off of one another is a natural skill of the ENTP. They thrive on being able to express their opinions and discover new possibilities. ENTPs seek out knowledge and enjoy being able to share that knowledge with others. At their best the ENTP is free and able to discover many new possibilities and ideas, without being held back or forced to stay stagnant.


ISTJs at their best are loyal and dutiful. They have many goals that they take very seriously and strive to implement in very successful ways. They believe that their place in society is important and will not let others down. They are loyal to those around them, making them trustworthy workers and friends. They are intelligent and pragmatic individuals, who do their best to never give up. They see the problems at hand and can figure out how to get them done, no matter what it takes. At their best the ISTJ is a vital and valued member of society, capable of upholding their duties.


ESTJs at their best are outgoing and hard-working individuals. They are important and valuable members of society, and constantly strive to make sure their family’s needs are met. They know how to provide for others and work their hardest to make sure they do so. They are smart and often very outgoing people, who thrive in social settings. They are practical and smart individuals, very capable of achieving their goals. At their best ESTJs are making sure that everything around them is running like a well-oiled machine, one that they control and command.


ISFJs at their best are warm and nurturing individuals. They naturally are good at seeing what needs to be done to help others and work to carry out those needs. The ISFJ has an understanding of others emotions and are capable of avoiding hurting others. They are very conscious of how their actions are affecting the people around them and work to avoid causing harm. The ISFJs are happiest when they are surrounded by loved ones, whose needs are all well met. Making others happy, makes the ISFJ feel like they are fulfilling their duties. At their best the ISFJ is in a harmonious and joyful environment, where they can tend to the needs of others.


ESFJs at their best are conscientious and affectionate individuals. They are social, outgoing people who thrive when they are in a positive environment. They are hard-working and giving, constantly striving to make sure that others are happy. They are acutely aware of other people’s emotions, which makes them try their best to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. ESFJs enjoy positive environments, where they can be sure that everyone is cared for. At their best ESFJs are capable of protecting everyone that they love, making them all happy and loved.


ISTPs at their best are rational and confident individuals. They enjoy being able to look at a problem and figure out the best ways to solve it. They have a natural understanding of how things work, making them skilled at problem solving. They often are very good at working with their hands, being that they are acutely aware of their physical surroundings. They are logical and intelligent individuals, who thrive in an environment that allows them freedom and independence. At their best the ISTP is free to make their own choices and logically understand the world around them.


ESTPs at their best are charismatic and exciting individuals. They are very good at exploring new environments and bringing life and excitement to others. The ESTP are often brave people who seek out new and exciting thrills in their lives. They are hard-working and are very good at achieving whatever goals that they set for themselves. At their best ESTPs are able to keep themselves excited by new things, along with the help of their friends.


ISFPs at their best are introspective and kind individuals. They are happiest in a peaceful environment, where they can explore their minds and enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer. They care very much about others and are often very aware of their environment. Even though the ISFPs can be somewhat timid, they are extremely likable and observant people. At their best the ISFP is in an environment where they are free to be themselves, and share their passions with the person they care about most.


ESFPS at their best are fun-loving and encouraging individuals. They are very good at entertaining others and bringing them into the fun. The ESFP prefers to see the positivity and joy in life, making them caring and fun people. They are often very observant and capable of taking chances in their lives that others might be fearful of. At their best the ESFP is in an environment where they can be the life of the party and bring a smile to everyone’s face.


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