Ne-Fi Dom: The First Two Functions of the ENFP

Each personality type has an order in which their functions operate and are used most. It is important to understand that the combination and placement of these functions greatly affects how that person perceives and responds to information. This is how they take in the world around them, as well as their own inner world and thoughts. This is also how each person responds to the outside world, and how they problem solve and come up with the answers. The entire stack plays an important role, but the first two definitely bounce off on another to make someone behave in certain ways and respond to other people and situations. Knowing those first two functions better and how they work together can help to understand a person a bit better.

The ENFP dominant function is their Ne (extraverted intuition), while their auxiliary or second function is their Fi (introverted feeling). While these functions play a major role for the ENFP on their own, they also work together to adjust the way the ENFP processes and responds to the world around them. When these two functions work together it helps the ENFP behave in their own unique ways, rather than if their Ne were combined with a different function. Being a NeFi user causes the ENFP to be more focused on morals and principals, and possible outcomes which pertain to those beliefs. Where as for someone who doesn’t have Fi, this would be entirely different for them. 

What is Ne

The ENFP uses their Ne (extraverted intuition) in order to find and uncover patterns around them. They are open to possibilities, and want to explore different ideas without feeling restrained. This can sometimes cause the ENFP to have a somewhat daydreamy attitude, and people can feel like they are constantly thinking about something else. Their minds can go off in so many different directions, with so many new ideas and exciting theories. It sometimes appears like the ENFP doesn’t have much restraint with these things, and might seem like they aren’t always that focused on logic or reality. Instead the ENFP wants to be able to imagine many different scenarios and ideas, constantly running through different things inside of their heads. For the ENFP their Ne is definitely their priority function, and the rest of their stack simply helps to aid in this goal. They are very much focused on ideas, and one seeing future potential and possibilities. The ENFP can naturally make connections from what they observe, seeing patterns and the way these things come together. This does help them to connect with people as well, capable of understanding and seeing the potential in their relationships.

What is Fi

For the ENFP their Fi (introverted feeling) function is extremely important to how they make decisions. Without this the ENFP would not have an internal moral compass, which helps to guide their choices in the right direction. This is what helps the ENFP to judge their own choices, as well as the behavior of others and determine whether they believe it to be right or wrong. This is why ENFPs have strong beliefs, ones which they don’t easily find themselves deviating from. They don’t enjoy when people try and push them or cause them to change their minds, since those beliefs are deeply rooted in who they are. For the ENFP it is important to stand by their sense of morals, and be capable of making choices which back up what they believe in and care most about. The ENFPs use of Fi helps them to understand who they are, and follow a path which lines up with this. They believe in doing what is right and striving to be good, rather than doing things which go against those core beliefs. It can certainly cause the ENFP to be stubborn at times, since they don’t appreciate when people disrespect those inner morals and values which are so very important to them and who they are.

The ENFPs NeFi Drive 

When the ENFPs functions are combined, their Ne and Fi causes them to be much more abstract thinkers. Instead of focusing on proven methods or things which appear more logical, the ENFPe enjoys imagining things which go fat outside of the box. This can cause them to appear random to others, since their thoughts don’t always follow a structure which people easily comprehend. The ENFP might not appear to have some sort of pattern or path in their way of thinking, when in reality it definitely does. Just because an outside person cannot easily see the web and patterns inside of the ENFPs brain, doesn’t mean there isn’t a clear path to getting to the thoughts they have arrived at. They simply don’t view things in a narrow way, instead they imagine things in different sets of possibilities and unusual patterns. 

Their Fi is what helps the ENFP judge those ideas, and helps them to decide if they match up with their own values. It can help them to come to conclusions about people as well, trying to understand their motives in a way which is more connected to a sense of right and wrong. While ENFPs don’t seek to judge, their Fi does cause them to make judgements about people based on their sense of moral code and how they treat those around them as well. NeFi can see the possible choices and outcomes of a situation, and see the connections between a person’s behavior and what type of person they are likely to be. This does cause the ENFP to make assumptions and judgements, but it comes from how they perceive people based on those moral choices and ideals. ENFPs don’t do this in a harsh way, and often try to keep thoughts to themselves. There are times when it can be hard to refrain though, especially when the ENFP is already worked up into thinking things through inside of their minds.


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