Ne-Ti Dom: The First Two Functions of the ENTP

Each personality type has an order in which their functions operate and are used most. It is important to understand that the combination and placement of these functions greatly affects how that person perceives and responds to information. This is how they take in the world around them, as well as their own inner world and thoughts. This is also how each person responds to the outside world, and how they problem solve and come up with the answers. The entire stack plays an important role, but the first two definitely bounce off on another to make someone behave in certain ways and respond to other people and situations. Knowing those first two functions better and how they work together can help to understand a person a bit better.

The ENTPs first two functions are their dominant Ne (extraverted intuition) and auxiliary or secondary Ti (introverted thinking). These functions both play strong roles on their own, but work together to make the ENTP respond to the world in a unique way. It causes these functions to bounce off one another and operate in sync, in a way which can be extremely useful for the ENTP personality type. Their dominant Ne is how they observe the world and what gives them the ability to see so many possibilities around them, while their Ti is what helps them analyze all of these ideas in order to come up with logical conclusions. Without the combination the ENTP wouldn’t operate and express things in the way they do.

What is Ne

The ENTPs Ne or extraverted intuition is how they collect information and pick up on different patterns around them. This is what helps them to see the world in terms of possibilities, and an almost endless stream of imagination. This function becomes caught up in potential and possibilities, and how many different ways that things could be done. It helps the ENTP keep a rather open mind, always eager to learn about new things and excited to explore their options. It can be what keeps them from wanting to stand still for too long, since their minds are always racing off in different directions. It is also what makes the ENTP so eager and passionate, often having a thirst for life and knowledge. They enjoy being able to consider many different sides to something, and different options which other people are likely to neglect. Instead of seeing things how they are, the ENTP can see them how they could be. Their minds capable of figuring out different paths and potential ways that things could be changed or shaken up a bit.

What is Ti

Ti or introverted thinking deals with analysis, wanting things to make sense in some sort of logical fashion. It is a very inward function, dealing inside of the mind of the ENTP and using the information they gather to analyze and process their data. They spend time sifting through this information and need to be able to really analyze what they have gathered in order to problem solve and come up with the most logical conclusions. This is what helps the ENTP to see the most reasonable answers, the logic behind all of the information and ideas they gather. This sense of logic is something which comes from inside, and isn’t necessary gauged based on outside views or proven methods. Instead this is from an inner framework of information, constantly taking things in and updating what they see or know to be true. This is why some types who possess strong Ti can spend so much time inside of their own minds and thoughts, without often needing to communicate to others or express what is going on inside.

The ENTPs NeTi Drive 

These functions when combined are what helps to create the ENTP drive and thirst for knowledge. They want to understand things better, but they also want to be able to use their own analysis in order to figure out the answers. The ENTP Ne works together with their Ti in order to make them curious about information and knowledge, always wanting to explore new things and work to understand them better. Working to find patterns and possibilities, and then using their Ti to sift through all of these ideas and uncover which one makes the most sense in a logical way. Without this combination the ENTP could go off on tangents and find themselves never really making choices, spending too much time looking at the various possibilities and not uncovering which one works best. While the ENTPs Ne is what operates dominantly and is often what is most expressed to the outside world, their Ti is always working in the background helping to support those ideas and help the ENTP move forward.

Without this combination the ENTP would lack the sense of balance and confidence that they often possess. Constantly running through new ideas and seemingly plucking them out of nowhere, and using that internalized thinking in order to figure out which ideas are the right ones. ENTPs do this in a way which can set them apart from others, often thinking and behaving as a unique spirit. They are willing to take risks in order to uncover their answers, not afraid to push boundaries and cross lines when it seems like the right choice. Their Ti does help them remain in balance, giving them analysis which helps the ENTP to uncover the truth behind all of those many ideas which excite them. ENTPs really love ideas and being able to come up with new things to explore and experience, thriving on ideas and being able to experiment with them. This combination is what makes the ENTP so capable of out of the box thinking, instead of only following the proven methods that others might find themselves drawn to. They might enjoy facts and details, but at the same time they are not afraid of exploring things that haven’t been uncovered yet.


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