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Here’s How You Feel About Collecting, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people might feel like it is a waste of time, others truly enjoy collecting. Being a collector means striving to find and collect certain items that truly feel rewarding to you. There are many different types of collectors, and different things to enjoy collecting. Here is how you feel about collecting, based on your personality type.



INFJs often enjoy collecting, and might see it as a useful distraction when they are feeling frustrated. INFJs usually have a bit of a geeky side, and enjoy certain subjects or even games that they can become a bit obsessive over. When the INFJ is interested in something like this, they might even enjoy collecting related items or figures that connect to these subjects. INFJs aren’t really materialistic people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the experience of collecting. For them it is simply something to represent their interests and feel connected to their favorite hobbies.


ENFJs often enjoy collecting, mostly because they can be rather obsessive over the things they love. If the ENFJ is drawn to a certain things they will definitely enjoy collecting merchandise that is tied to it. Whether it is figures from their favorite movies, video games, or even collecting their favorite artwork. For ENFJs it is about finding items that represent them, and searching to uncover the harder to find collectibles. It can be nice having items that express their interests to others, especially since they do have a rather obsessive side.


INFPs often collect things for sentimental value, and enjoy having items that can bring back nostalgic and positive feelings. They might collect items tied to a game or movie that they love, and something that they feel represents their inner self. Sometimes collecting can be a way for the INFP to express themselves and their personal interests, and it often feels like a small representation of who they are. INFPs can become obsessive over the things they feel connected to, and sometimes they have a rather nerdy side when it comes to their collections.


ENFPs often collect things that hold a sentimental value for them, but also the things that they feel are interesting. They might enjoy collecting games, not always wanted to play them but simply enjoying the idea of having a large collection they can be proud of. If there are certain movies or things they enjoyed as a kid, it can be exciting for them to collect items that are tied to this. ENFPs might start collecting one things but then after a while switch to something new that catches their attention.



INTJs might be less prone to collecting things, especially if they see no value in them. They might collect certain gadgets though, especially if they feel like they can get some sort of use out of them. INTJs also might start collecting items that they believe will increase in value over time. For them collecting can be a bit boring if they aren’t doing it for some sort of logical reason, especially since they don’t like the idea of creating pointless clutter in their surroundings. They do collect things that they can be proud of, or items that require some sort of skill to actually obtain.


ENTJs might not be all that interested in collecting, since it can feel like a waste of their time and energy. They want to be sure that anything they are doing serves an actual purpose and so sometimes collecting can feel a bit foolish. If the ENTJ does collect something it is likely because they believe they can actually make some money off of this hobby. They would want to be sure they are doing something that makes logical sense and is going to help them advance in some way. They might also collect items that represent a sense of accomplishment, and that show they have really moved up in the world.


INTPs are often avid collectors, but they usually bounce around and enjoy collecting different things. In some instances the INTP will collect things that they believe will someday be valuable, but for them it is more about being able to logically figure out which items this will be. They also might collect things like books or even figures that hold a certain nostalgic feeling for them. INTPs often collect many different things, even though they can become bored with certain collections after a while and end up with a bit of clutter in their homes because of it.


ENTPs often enjoy collecting, sometimes just for the entertainment and excitement of it. They like being able to figure out which items will increase in value and are actually rarer than people realize. This can be fun for the ENTP since it helps them utilize their intuition and logical thinking skills. They also might enjoy collecting items that remind them of certain times in their life, possibly when they were kids. ENTPs do enjoy collecting most of the time, even though they might jump around and find themselves wanting to collect different things.



ISTJs might enjoy collecting for the sentimental value, and like feeling connected to the past in some way. They will likely collect things that remind them of a time in their life, or of a special person who they shared this hobby with. ISTJs aren’t always avid collectors, but they often dabble in it a bit. They might not become obsessive over their collections, and simply enjoy picking up things here and there to fit into their collecting hobby.


The ESTJ collectors often does this for more sentimental reasons, wanting to collect items that remind them of the past in some way. These might be items that remind them of their childhood, or of someone they shared this interest with at some point. Most ESTJs don’t like spending too much energy wasted on their collecting hobby, but they will certainly like to dabble in their spare time. They are often more interested in efficiency, and sometimes collecting can stand in the way of this.


The ISFJ collector often enjoy collecting for sentimental reasons, wanting to have items that remind them of the past. They might collect something that a family member enjoyed, wanting to carry on this hobby for that individual. ISFJs enjoy having items that remind them of certain times in their life, and so collecting can often do this for them. Whether it is based on a movie, book or simply a certain time in their lives, collecting can be a rewarding and even relaxing hobby for the ISFJ.


ESFJs are often interested in collecting, often more than people in their life might realize. They usually do this for sentimental reasons, enjoying having items that remind them of something or someone they love. They might collect items from a movie or show that they truly enjoyed as a child, or something that they shared with someone they love. Collecting for the ESFJ is often an enjoyable hobby, one that helps them feel a sense of accomplishment when they snag that item they have truly wanted for a while.



The ISTP collectors often likes to collect items that they find personally interesting or attractive. They like to collect things that are cool to them, and rarely care what other people see in those items. While they might enjoy dabbling in this hobby, ISTPs can become distracted by other things. They don’t usually become obsessive over their collections, and might even become a little bit bored of them after a while and want to move on to something else.


ESTPs often collect things that they find interesting and personally appealing. They can become bored of this after a while though, and become distracted by something else. They might like collecting but ESTPs can struggle to really remain committed to whatever they are collecting. They are more likely to dabble in these hobbies, and will come back to them later on when they feel pulled back into it. They simply don’t like become stuck in one thing and often like venturing off in different directions.


ISFPs often collect things that they find beautiful and appealing to them. They enjoy having nice things in their life and so collecting is often a way to make their environment feel attractive. When the ISFP truly likes something they might become a bit obsessive over it, wanting to find as much of that item as they can. They certainly enjoy collecting for this reason, and like being able to find the more rare items that pertain to their collections.


For the ESFP collecting is often based on the beauty of the items they are gathering. They can be somewhat cluttered at times, wanting to collect as much of something as they can. ESFPs can be a bit obsessive over the things they truly enjoy in life, and this also makes them rather obsessive collectors. When they find something they truly like and find beautiful, the ESFP will become very excited searching for more of this special item.

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