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Here’s How Eclectic Your Taste Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people seem to have a rather broad range of interests, others can be more specific with their taste. Here is how eclectic your taste can be, based on your personality type.



INFJs can often have very eclectic tastes, with interests that seem to go all over the place. They might find themselves interested in sciences, but at the same time they enjoy reading fantasy novels. INFJs don’t like feeling trapped into one thought or idea, and often can be rather unique in their curiosities. This part of the INFJ is not always obvious to others, and they can even appear a bit reserved with what they are into. This is simply because they don’t always feel at ease sharing their rather eclectic passions with everyone, and would rather save this for the people they trust.


ENFJs can certainly express a rather eclectic taste in various things- things like their music, hobbies and even the movies they watch. They might not express every single passion of theirs to others, since they don’t want to appear scattered. ENFJs are complex people, with minds that can be intrigued by so many different subjects. They have both logical and emotional sides to their personality, which means they can be intrigued by in depth learning subjects and at the same time be drawn to entertainment that connects to their sensitive side.


INFPs often have a truly eclectic taste in many things, including music, movies, books and even their hobbies. INFPs like to try new things and can become bored with the same subjects after a while. For the INFP being able to broaden their interests and dive into something new, is often rewarding. While they might not end up taking on all of these interests as something they are passionate about, they still enjoy being able to experience and learn more about what is out there.


ENFPs definitely have eclectic tastes and interests, celebrating a very wide range of passions. ENFPs often develop many different interests since they can become bored of the same things after a while. When the ENFP starts to become bored with a hobby or project, they might want to dive into something brand new. This can cause them to amass a rather large range of hobbies and interests throughout a short amount of time. While they might not take on all of these new things as their major passions in life, they still enjoy being able to experience them.



INTJs do enjoy having a rather eclectic knowledge base, but that doesn’t mean they are sincerely interested in everything. INTJs don’t like being ignorant about anything, which often means spending a lot of time keeping themselves informed. They often seek out new subjects and hobbies in order to learn and develop their mental acuity. While they do dive into many different things, they don’t find themselves truly excited all that easily. INTJs can have a more specific set of tastes and interests, especially when it comes to their personal passions.


ENTJs do like being knowledgeable about all lot of different things, and in some ways this causes their taste to appear more eclectic. While they do like dabbling in many different subjects, the ones that truly excite the ENTJ might be more specific. They can find themselves losing interest when it comes to most things, and only find themselves sincerely excited about a more narrow range of subjects. The ENTJ needs to feel truly challenged in order to feel themselves becoming passionate about something, and this is not an easy task.


INTPs definitely appear to have an eclectic range of interest and hobbies, especially since they love being able to try new things. They can become bored fairly easily, and want to be able to experience something entirely different without a moment’s notice. INTPs find themselves interested in so many subjects, and this might bounce from one direction to an entirely different one. They might be interested in metal music, yet find themselves completely enraptured by a good symphony. Of course, these are example of what they might like, since INTPs have very unique and personal interests.


ENTPs are definitely eclectic people, with a rather broad range of interests. They might find themselves diving into an in depth science discovery, yet the next moment they are completely passionate about art and literature. ENTPs don’t like feeling boxed into one narrow view, and truly love being able to explore many different avenues. They are likely to be interested in rather different types of music, books and movies, wanting to experience the spectrum of things without feeling held back and trapped in one genre.



ISTJs can actually be much less eclectic when it comes to their personal interests, and can even be a bit picky. They do like looking into things and love being able to learn as much as they can, but that doesn’t mean they find themselves passionate about a lot of things. ISTJs can be rather particular about what truly excited and interests them, having a much less eclectic range of tastes and interests.


ESTJs might not have a completely eclectic interest in things, and can be much more particular about what they like. While ESTJs do enjoy researching and being knowledgeable about different things, this is simply so that they can feel prepared. When it comes to the things they are interested in, the ESTJ can be rather specific and even picky with what they actually like. They aren’t usually all that eclectic, instead they would rather stick to what they know feels rewarding for them.


ISFJs aren’t usually the most eclectic people, at least not with their personal interests. They will find themselves learning about new subjects in order to please their loved ones, but this is rarely for the ISFJ. They often know what they like and are excited about, and don’t really want to branch out all that much. They would rather stick to the specific hobbies and genres that they enjoy most, instead of constantly bouncing around to different things.


ESFJs can have a somewhat eclectic interest in things, but at the same time they like sticking to what they know they enjoy most. Where ESFJ branch out is often where their loved ones are concerned, since they strive to make them happy. They might find themselves diving into a new hobby, because someone they love is passionate about it. When it comes to their personal interests the ESFJ often knows exactly what they like, and can become obsessive about these specific things.



ISTPs do enjoy trying new things, which can make their interests seem a bit more eclectic than they actually are. The ISTP simply doesn’t like feeling stuck, and so they want to feel free to try different options and explore what is out there. While they might spend a lot of time taking on new hobbies, they can also be particular about which things they actually like and feel passionate about. This is simply because ISTPs like to explore before deciding what they enjoy and want to hold onto.


ESTPs often do have a rather eclectic range of interests, mostly because they enjoy trying new things. When the ESTP becomes bored they want to find something new to dive into and explore. While they might not hold onto every experience as something they are passionate about, they do like being able to search out different options. The ESTP can also find themselves diving into something simply because a loved ones is passionate about, and this does broaden their range of interests as well.


ISFPs do often have an eclectic range of interests, enjoying the chance to explore different options. This usually leads them to finding their passions, which can wind up being rather unique. This makes the ISFP someone that others go to in order to explore something new, or learn about a genre that they otherwise wouldn’t know about. ISFPs often find themselves with a rather unique and eclectic taste in music, books and even art.


ESFPs truly hate stagnancy and because of this they often develop a rather eclectic range of interests. When it comes to their music taste, books, movies and even the hobbies they enjoy- the ESFPs simply want to be open to new things. They find themselves diving into something new simply because the old seems to become boring after a while. ESFPs usually have a very eclectic taste in things, and this can make them rather exciting people.

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