INFJ Post-Breakup: Dealing With The End of a Relationship

Enduring heartbreak is something most everyone has to go through at some point in our lives. While it is a part of life and a very common human experience, that doesn’t make it any easier to get through it. Each person has their own process and needs to go through their breakup in certain ways in order to move on and really cope with what is going on inside of them. It is important to understand ourselves better so that we can figure out the best way to heal from heartbreak. 

When it comes to emotions and heartbreak the INFJ definitely feels the experience deeply. They might not always be outwardly expressive about their feelings, but everything they go through runs through them in a deep and meaningful way. When the INFJ loves someone they love with all of their heart, which can make the breakup rather difficult for them. They can struggle to overcome these feelings at first, especially since INFJs aren’t fans of having to let go of the things they love and care for most in the world.

How They Cope

INFJs sometimes find themselves pushing aside their emotions because they don’t want to prioritize themselves. They prefer to focus on the needs of others and this can make it hard for them to dive into their own feelings and personal needs. The INFJ feels things very deeply but even still they have a tendency to try and neglect those emotions. They don’t want to appear weak or like they aren’t in control. While they do this because they don’t want to be selfish, the INFJ can cause themselves more trouble later on. Neglecting their own emotions can cause the INFJ to become more stressed out later on and even feel overwhelmed by their inability to really move on. It is important for the INFJ to push aside this natural desire to neglect their own emotions after a break-up, instead they need to focus on dealing with those feelings so that they can properly move on and really heal.

Letting Go

Since the INFJ has a tendency to neglect their feelings they do sometimes find it hard to let go. They hold onto things without fully realizing it and don’t feel comfortable with the idea of change. This makes break-ups more challenging for the INFJ, since they really don’t want to have to let go of this person. It takes a lot of effort and pain for the INFJ to finally let go of someone, and might even require reaching the point where they have to doorslam them completely. The INFJ will certainly do better to process their emotions so that they can let go easier. For them change is not an easy thing and takes a lot of time and pain for them to become accepting of it. They want to hold onto their relationships and will often fight for them with everything they have.

Best Ways to Heal

For the INFJ healing and moving on is often a long process, and so it is important for them to really absorb this experience and not try to skip ahead. The most important thing for the INFJ is to accept and really feel their pain, instead of trying to bury it. It can feel overwhelming at first and so they might attempt to neglect those emotions and find ways to distract themselves from them. For the INFJ it can be difficult to process their feelings, since they can be intense and powerful for them. While it might not be an easy step, this is something they need to focus on in order to properly heal and move on. For the INFJ taking this time to feel their emotions and process the pain of it all, is important and something they need to allow time for. This often means spending some time completely alone for a while, without the stress of the outside world. While processing their feelings is vital, the INFJ does need to learn when to take a step back. They need to spend a little while sulking, but not so long that they lose sight of the world around them. Once they have really felt their pain, the INFJ needs to find other means of moving forward.

The INFJ can also benefits from researching and connecting with other people who have gone through similar emotions with their breakups. Learning about other INFJs and people like them is a great way for the INFJ to feel a sense of connection. It helps them realize that there is nothing wrong with how they are feeling and gives them hope that they can move forward and heal from the experience. The INFJ can get caught up in feeling different and separated from others, and so researching and understanding themselves and why they feel a certain way can be truly beneficial for them.

The INFJ also needs to spend time with loved ones and people they can trust. They need people around them who will support them and not make them feel bad about their emotions. The INFJ does best with people who are not judgemental and instead just want to be there to show their love and understanding. After some time has passed they will do best if they connect with these people and find ways to focus on the physical world a bit more than they usually do. Whether this be going out into nature and focusing on the beauty around them, or just diving into a hobby which makes them feel a sense of positivity and joy. The INFJ really need to look towards the future and set certain goals which they can achieve. Little by little these goals will help them connect with their passionate and confident inner self, and ultimately help them to let go of their past relationship.

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