Fi-Ne Dom: The First Two Functions of the INFP

Each personality type has an order in which their functions operate and are used most. It is important to understand that the combination and placement of these functions greatly affects how that person perceives and responds to information. This is how they take in the world around them, as well as their own inner world and thoughts. This is also how each person responds to the outside world, and how they problem solve and come up with the answers. The entire stack plays an important role, but the first two definitely bounce off on another to make someone behave in certain ways and respond to other people and situations. Knowing those first two functions better and how they work together can help to understand a person a bit better.

The INFPs dominant function is their introverted feeling (Fi) and their auxiliary or second function is their extraverted intuition (Ne). Alone these functions have a certain way of perceiving and responding to the outside world, but combined they work together to create a sense of balance in the INFP. Without their auxiliary function to support their dominant Fi, the INFP would not be a balanced individual and might end up so caught up inside of their own world and beliefs that they lose sight of what matters to others as well. It is important to have these other functions to support their dominant introverted feeling, since this helps the INFP reach a more well-rounded state of mind. They will always be dreamers, but that doesn’t make them incapable of seeing reason.

What is Fi

For the INFP their Fi is their internal moral compass, something which helps guide their choices and sense of right and wrong. They hold rather strong inner ideals, and do not want to turn to others in order to make choices based on what they believe to be right or honest. This does take a lot of self-reflection and time alone for the INFP to develop a strength and confidence in their sense of morals, but it is important to them to do so. This is part of why the INFP can spend so much time inside of their own thoughts, without needing to interact with others for a while. They have rich inner minds, but INFPs also spend a lot of time and energy thinking over things and their own feelings and beliefs. They need to work hard to develop their sense of morals and ideals, as this gives them courage of conviction. Once the INFP has worked through things and has a firm belief in themselves and what they know, it makes it much easier for them to stand against people who constantly challenge them. INFPs don’t want to waver simply because someone is pushing them, they want to be able to stand by what they know to be right, regardless of the pressure applied by others.

What is Ne

The INFPs Ne plays a big role in how they perceive the world and how they take in information. It helps them to see different patterns around them, and to figure out the best way to process and respond to these different patterns. This is what gives the INFP their creative drive and inspiration, and makes them so curious about new things. Their Ne makes them want to explore and see different options, always wanting to keep an open mind. INFPs are capable of imagining different possibilities, seeing things beyond what can be seen from the surface. They are dreamers by nature, and don’t like feeling like they have to be trapped in one narrow way of thinking. Their Ne gives them the drive to consider the different patterns and potential in a situation or person, rather than what is proven or what people expect them to observe. They find themselves truly curious about how things work, and want to be able to analyze and understand this information. This is what connects the INFP back to the outside world, searching for patterns and inspiration from what or who is around them. Where their introverted functions can keep them inside of their thoughts, this can pull them back to connecting with the world.

The INFP Fi-Ne Drive 

The FiNe combination is something which helps the INFP explore many different possibilities, but use their internal values to decide what is right or wrong. They consider all of the different options and scenarios, and work to figure out which one is the most moral choice or path. This also helps the INFP to understand the best way to respond to people with a sense of kindness and courtesy. They try to connect with that person and consider what would be the best way to approach them, weighing this against what they would personally be happy with as well. INFPs care about ensuring that they do not harm others, always wanting to be considerate before taking action or saying the wrong thing. This also makes the INFP have a strong desire to make connections and things which will last, rather than fleeting friendships. Their sense of morals and inner desires makes them want to connect with people long-term, as it isn’t always easy to let people in in the first place. The INFP wants to be sure of what they have with someone before opening up, as they have a deep inner world which can be hard for people to fully grasp. They are connected to possibilities, but also in ensuring that they follow the right ideas down a path which is moral and sincere. INFPs are focused on their own internal feelings and beliefs, rather than searching outwardly to gauge their choices and feelings based on what others think. Their combination of FiNe is the reason why they operate this way, and why they are so deeply connected to their own possibilities and belief system. It is another reason why they care so much about their inner circles and will be wildly protective of these bonds and relationships.