Ni-Fe Dom: The First Two Functions of the INFJ

Each personality type has an order in which their functions operate and are used most. It is important to understand that the combination and placement of these functions greatly affects how that person perceives and responds to information. This is how they take in the world around them, as well as their own inner world and thoughts. This is also how each person responds to the outside world, and how they problem solve and come up with the answers. The entire stack plays an important role, but the first two definitely bounce off on another to make someone behave in certain ways and respond to other people and situations. Knowing those first two functions better and how they work together can help to understand a person a bit better.

The INFJ’s dominant function is their introverted intuition and their auxiliary or second function is their extraverted feeling. These functions each serve their own purpose and respond to the world in their own way, but together they certainly affect how the INFJ perceives and absorbs information and the world around them. Their dominant function is the leader, and the one in control, but their other functions help to support their Ni and make it more functional and well-rounded. Their Fe is also important and helps to determine how the INFJ responds to the outside world, since their dominant Ni is a very introverted and internal function. With the combination of the two the INFJ might be very different, and so it can be rather useful to know how they functions blend together.

What is Ni

Introverted intuition is what affects the INFJs inner world, making a rich and complex place. This is how they process information, and what they use to understand patterns and different changes around them. For the INFJ introverted intuition plays a big role in how they see and predict the future, and helps them decide what is right. This is how they make choices and understand how things should or could be, as well as what most likely will be. This can help the INFJ predict the future in a lot of ways, which is something most people don’t understand and can find rather strange. This might seem like a sixth sense, when it reality it is simply the way the INFJ processes information and sees patterns which will lead to the most likely outcome. Their internal mind might seem distracted, but they are constantly picking up information and filtering it through this Ni. This does make the INFJ seem rather dreamy at times, with rich inner worlds which can take them away for long periods of time. They can get stuck inside their thoughts, envision so many different things that they become caught up in this world rather than the outside one. INFJs can spend so much time absorbed in this rich inner world, because it is so vivid and filled with promise and imagination.

What is Fe

While the INFJs dominant function is their strongest, they still focus very much on their extraverted feeling (Fe) function. For them this is how they respond to people and how they connect with others and their needs and emotions. The INFJ is amazing at understanding what people are going through and can empathize with them quickly. This makes people open up to the INFJ, often without them having to coerce them or do much to inspire this type of response. They are deeply connected with how their actions and words will affect others, caring about making sure that people are happy in their presence. This plays a major role in how the INFJ responds to people and how they perceive them as well. They are deeply connected to ensuring that their actions don’t harm others, and so they are consciously aware of what they say and do and how this makes people feel. They need to be able to connect with people, and this is often how they perceive the world and can alter their own sense of self-worth as well. While alone this function is focused on the needs and emotions of others, when combined with the INFJs Ni it can have other uses which go beyond that.

The INFJ Ni-Fe Drive 

For the INFJ their NiFe is what causes them to constantly be focused on future outcomes, but also be focused on the needs of others as well. Alone these functions serve a purpose but together it causes the INFJ to be capable of understanding people on a level beyond what seems natural or normal. They can see beyond the lies, beyond the shields that people portray and deep into the heart of the matter. INFJs are very difficult to lie to, since they almost always recognize when someone is being insincere with them. They also know how to navigate people, understanding what they need and what they are expecting from the INFJ. This helps them to work well with just about anyone, or at least it makes them capable of doing so. INFJs can also coerce people somewhat easily, since they can predict their actions and their deepest desires without much struggle at all. The INFJ with a strong grasp on their NiFe, becomes hyper aware of how to best help those around them. They can tell the most choices this person needs to make in order build the future they want. Their ability to predict these outcomes but also understand people’s needs, makes them amazing at helping people navigate their path and their lives.


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