What Each Myers-Briggs Type Is Actually Searching For

Everyone has different goals in life, but those are the things we easily share with others. What we are truly searching for on a deeper level, can be much more complex. Here is what we believe each Myers-Briggs type is actually searching for in their lives.


INFJs are searching for a greater purpose in life, because of their deep propensity for caring. They strive to be someone who can make a difference and often fear they will not be able to live up to their full potential. Most INFJs hold the internal belief that they are meant for a bigger purpose, which makes them search for this purpose however they possibly can. INFJs possess both a dark and light side, and are often battling internally with both. Most INFJs hope to achieve a positive purpose in life though, and simply desire to find a way to spread their light to the world.


ENFJs are often in search of companionship and connection with those around them. They want people to appreciate everything that they do, and may struggle with a perfectionist image. ENFJs care very much what people think of them and simply want to be able to show how much they truly care to others. They are constantly doing their best to tend to the needs of everyone around them and are very strong and capable individuals. They are often searching for a way to show people how much they care, as well as how hard they work.


INFPs are often searching for something as simple as to experience love. This doesn’t just mean love in a romantic way, but in every way possible. They want to experience the beauty in life and the depth that is has to offer. INFPs may struggle with discovering what they truly “want” from life, but deep down it is simply to experience warmth and love. They are subconsciously searching for ways to love themselves and for others who will love them as well. They often want to spread that love to others in every way possible, since INFPs simply want to be good people.


ENFPs are usually searching for passion in every single aspect of their lives. They are looking to dive in and take a big chunk out of life. They do not want to do things halfway, and are only looking for rich experiences. They want to find joy and excitement, which means they are often searching for it in many different ways. ENFPs want to get the most out of life, and are not content with just sitting back and waiting for things to happen to them. They are searching for a fulfilling and rich life, one that makes them look back and smile because they know they truly lived.


INTPs are often searching for a lot and yet very little at the same time. Their lives are often a constant search to discover what will ignite a spark within themselves. They are very intelligent individuals, but are often struggling to find their greater purpose in life. INTPs are often content to sit on their own and live within their complex inner minds. They enjoy dissecting information so that they can discover a deeper understanding of everything around them. More than anything though, INTPs are searching for ways to be understood by those around them.


ENTPs can sometimes get caught up on searching for excitement and adventure in life. They want to be free to do what they want, but may not know exactly what their greater purpose is. ENTPs are often searching for anything that they feel passionate about, which can he somewhat of a struggle. They often find themselves excited by many different things, which can lead them to bounce around a lot. ENTPs don’t want to be held back, so that they can continue their search for something that truly helps them feel fulfilled.


INTJs thrive on knowledge and understanding, because of this they are constantly searching for ways to understand their world. INTJs are searching for a way to provide value, since they do not want to be seen as worthless. They are constantly working to make themselves someone who can really make a difference in the world and work to prevent ignorance in others. More than anything INTJs despise ignorance, so to avoid this outcome for themselves is very important to them.


ENTJs are searching for success in their lives and want to accomplish all of their goals. They have a passion for life and want to live everyday with intent. ENTJs may strive to be successful, but one of the most surprising things they are searching for is loyalty. ENTJs want to know that the people in their lives are going to stick around and be there for them, because they plan to give the same in return. On some level they may convince others that they are searching purely for world domination, but secretly they just want dependability.


More than anything ISFJs are searching for connection and security. They strive to be there for their loved ones and most of them simply want to build a family bond. They enjoy having the people they love around them and strive to build a wonderful home for them to dwell within. ISFJs simply want to feel loved and spread love to those closest to them.


More than anything ESFJs are searching for love, in all it’s capacities. They want to be someone who is supportive and helpful to the people that they love most. ESFJs are searching for connection and hope to find people who will remain in their lives permanently. They dislike short term relationships and simply want the people they choose to be there for good. ESFJs often have very big hearts and are simply searching for the right people to share that love with. Many ESFJs believe deeply in romantic relationships and take those bonds very seriously.


ISTJs search for security and reliability in their lives and the lives of those around them. They want to create a solid foundation in which they can build a life on. ISTJs often have many goals and are extremely capable of accomplishing those goals. They have a well crafted plan for their lives and are simply searching for the smartest ways to follow that plan. They are intelligent and driven individuals, which makes finding what they are looking for much easier for them.


ESTJs are often searching for a sense of community and family in their lives. They want to build a connection with the people around them and be a rock for those people. ESTJs work very hard to be someone that their loved ones can rely on and are constantly striving to be successful to those people. They want to be reliable and an integral part of their community, whether that is their friends group or their family unit.


More than anything most ISTPs are searching for a sense of peace in their lives. They enjoy their space and favor being able to think analytical about things for long periods of time. ISTPs are extremely independent individuals and because of this they enjoy being able to do things for themselves. They are very capable of discovering hobbies they will like and make decisions on their own. Ultimately, the ISTP will be happiest when they find people who respect their need for space and let them be themselves.


ESTPs are often searching for a way to become beloved by others. They want to be seen as hard-working and caring individuals, and simply want to be seen clearly by people around them. ESTPs have a competitive streak, because of this they strive to be someone who can withstand many challenges. ESTPs want loyal individuals in their lives and are often searching for people who will fit into their world with ease.


ISFPs are searching for joy and beauty in their worlds. They want to make the world a better place and are always looking for the best in people. ISFPs are warm individuals and are very capable of seeing beauty in even the darkest places. ISFPs want to find love and compassion and are searching for ways to make the world a better place. Whether that is with love, kindness or even art- ISFPs are great at finding joy in their world.


ESFPs are very upfront individuals, who are sincerely just searching for a way to make the world around them fun and enjoyable. They often do not have a deep rooted desire for something complex, and simply want to find happiness in their lives. ESFPs are skilled at making everything an adventure and enjoy being around people who love them. ESFPs are truly searching for joy and fun in their lives, which often brings light to the world around them.